5 Best air cooler under 10000 in India (December 2022)

 5 Best air cooler under 10000 in India (December 2022)

Summers in India can be rough. Keeping yourself cool and avoiding heat waves are therefore very important. It is true that air conditioners dominate the market, but air coolers offer the best portability and affordability for people who want their cooling devices to be portable and affordable. The reason we have listed some of the best air cooler under 10000 in India in this blog is to help you find the best one for your needs. The fact that leading electronics brands manufacture avant-garde air coolers simply proves that the demand for them is not dead. You can easily survive a hot day with an air cooler and they’re cheap to buy, so you can save money on your electric bill.

In regions where summers are hot and dry, air coolers are an excellent cooling option. Besides being cost-effective, they’re also eco-friendly. The process of selecting the right air cooler, however, can be a little confusing. Air coolers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit any home. You can choose a small 22L air cooler for medium or average spaces and a large 55L or 70L air cooler for large homes.

List of some of the best air cooler under 10000 in India 2022

Following is the list of the Best air cooler under 10000 in India

01. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler-The Symphony Personal Tower Air Cooler is probably one of the best air cooler under 10,000 INR, and it’s a wonderful way to cool off in unbearably hot weather. A mosquito net is included with the cooler to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. You can choose from a number of settings that are ergonomically positioned to provide you with a pleasant and safe cooling experience

Key features

  • Ideal for rooms up to 12 square meters, suitable for different climatic zones all year round
  • Equipped with a highly effective cooling pad and cool flow dispenser to ensure excellent cooling
  •  Equipped with IPure technology
  •  An indicator of the water level is included.
  • Air throw distance of 30 feet.
  • Compatible with inverter air coolers.
  • Multi-stage air filter system.
  • Uses very little power.
  • Cool flow dispenser function for water distribution.
  • Insufficient storage tank capacity.
Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home

02. Bajaj MD 2020 54L Window Air Cooler

Bajaj MD 2020 54L Window Air Cooler

Bajaj MD 2020 54 Liter Air Cooler- The product is high quality and includes many amazing features. With the fan’s powerful blower, air can be blown up to 70 feet away, allowing a large area to be cooled quickly. It is very effective in cooling the entire room since wood wool is very absorbent.

Key features

  • The product is suitable for any climate or coastal region
  • Strong air throw
  • Max cool technology
  • Typhoon blower technology.
  • Wood wool cooling medium for effective cooling.
  • For effective cooling, wood wool media is used.
  • 3-step control to adapt airflow to requirements.
  •  Powerful air jet covers a wider area, ensuring efficient cooling.
  • High airflow for faster cooling.
  • The drain is at the bottom of the cool box, which makes draining very difficult when full.
Bajaj MD 2020 54L Window Air Cooler

03. Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler 75L

People who cannot tolerate a hot and humid climate can benefit from the Crompton Ozone Air Cooler. The energy-efficient design keeps you cool while lowering your electricity bill. In addition, there are mosquito nets, an everlasting pump, and a large, easy-to-clean ice chamber

Key features

  • Cooling pads are made of honeycomb.
  • Adjustable Air Speed.
  • Air coolers can be moved easily from one place to another without much difficulty.
  • Fibers protect it from rust and prevent watermarks.
  • The fiber frame maintains it freed from rusts and watermarks.
  • You can effortlessly smooth and wipe it.
  • During energy outages, you could effortlessly join the cooler to the inverter.
  • Motorized Louver characteristic for 4-manner air deflection.
  • Ice chamber for a greater severe cooling experience.
  • The power wire period may be very short.
Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

04. HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

HAVAI Bullet 20 L Tower Air Cooler- In addition to its 20-liter capacity, the Havai Tower Air Cooler offers a large coverage area. The cooler uses honeycomb cooling media on both sides of the cooler to ensure high-speed cooling. Nets cover the sides to keep bugs and dust out. In addition, the motors are completely safe from overheating.

Key features

  • This latest cooler has high-quality mesh on both sides to prevent dust from getting into the product.
  • Equipped with the largest fan that provides high performance.
  • Equipped with a thermal overload protection device that maintains the health of the model.
  • Lightly covers 150170 square feet.
  • Portable options.
  • The intelligent AutoValve mechanism reduces water waste.
  • Energy saving model.
  • Fresh and clean air.
  • Makes loud noises.
  • The product is too tall.
HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

05. Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Having always been a pioneer in product innovation, Havells introduces yet another unique product range with Breatheezee Technology. The Havel’s Desert Cooler’s excellent features, compact design, and air conditioning system make it one of the best coolers in India in the summer.

Key features

  • Holds up to 18 litres of water, ideal for indoor use.
  • Includes 3-sided dust filter mesh, ice compartment, and 3-sided honeycomb cooling pad.
  • Dust and insects are kept out of the cooler by a dust filter and honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Designed for low-noise cooling with an innovative fan design.
  • Continuous cooling compatibility with inverters.
  • Instant air cooling with an ice chamber.
  • Continuous water supply with auto-fill setup.
  • Humidity cannot be controlled.
Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

What exactly is an Air Cooler?

While air conditioners are likely to be your first choice for cooling, many individuals choose air coolers for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that air coolers do not give the same level of ambient cooling as air conditioners, they will keep you cool and dry in the summer. Air coolers have several advantages over air conditioners, including ease of maintenance, low cost, and portability. We will go through the many types of air coolers available in India for less than 10,000 INR, as well as their technical qualities, benefits and drawbacks, and more in this blog

What are the types of air coolers?

You may want to consider an air cooler as an alternative to air conditioning. Desert, window, and tower air coolers are all different types of air coolers on the market.

Desert air coolers: These air coolers are evaporative coolers that use water evaporation to cool the air. As a result of evaporation, the air becomes cooler as heat is removed from it. Due to their reliance on evaporation, desert air coolers work best when the air conditions are dry and low in humidity. Due to the already saturated air and the low evaporation rate, desert air coolers are less effective in humid climates. The desert air cooler is also more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioners. Consequently, desert air coolers are gaining popularity in both commercial and residential settings.

Window air cooler: Small evaporative air coolers are called window air coolers. The air cooler is intended to be placed in an open window. Through the unit’s evaporative pad, hot dry air is drawn into the room and cooled before being returned. If you don’t want to run ducts through your home to cool a room, window air coolers are a great option. Portable, quiet, and inexpensive, window air coolers are good options for hot climates. They do not perform as well as other types of air coolers and are not suitable for cooling large areas.

Tower air cooler: Tower air coolers are designed to be tall and narrow, taking up less space than traditional desert coolers. There are usually three or more speed settings on tower air coolers, and they often come with remote controls. In comparison to traditional coolers, tower air coolers have the advantage of evenly circulating air throughout a room. Finally, a tower air cooler often comes with a built-in timer that you can set to run for a certain amount of time before automatically shutting off. A tower air cooler is a great choice if you want to create a cool breeze in your living room or bedroom

Some tips to make your air coolers work better this summer

We must also take proper care of coolers to ensure they last for a long time, as well as keep our summers cool! Follow these tips to keep your cooler working effectively this summer!

  • Make sure the room is well ventilated- To evaporate hot air, air coolers require open spaces instead of air conditioners. It works effectively by allowing the air to flow freely.
  • Put ice in the water- Add ice to the tank of water to increase cooling efficiency. The pads and air in some coolers will be cooler because they have ice compartments.
  • The air cooler should be well-maintained- In the summer, make sure the air coolers are in good working order. Clean the pads regularly as dust and pollen accumulate on them. Also, the cooler should be serviced to increase cooling.
  • Cooling pads should be pre-saturated- Use the cooler only after the cooling pads have soaked in water for a few minutes. When you turn the cooler on, the pads immediately begin to cool.
  • Your air-cooler should be placed near the window- It works by evaporating water. You can adjust the air-cooler to provide better cooling by positioning it near a window.

Best air coolers in India: Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that air coolers offer once we have examined the various types of air coolers available on the market.

  • As air coolers use less energy and require less maintenance, they are more economical to operate.
  • To maintain a sufficient level of fresh air, the air coolers operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Keeping the air cool can help to maintain moisture, without which your skin and eyes can suffer disastrous effects.
  • A cooler of any type uses less electricity and emits less carbon dioxide, so their carbon footprint and environmental impact are reduced.

Difference between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner

It is crucial to beat the heat with an appliance to maintain healthy living conditions in the rising temperatures. Perhaps you are wondering whether you need to invest in an air conditioner and a cooler. These are the top 3 reasons why buying an air cooler is a better choice –

  • Affordability- Due to the high cost of an AC, it remains a luxury. For most households, an AC is not affordable whereas air-coolers are affordable and also comes in less price.
  • Electricity Consumption – An AC of 1.5 tons consumes on average 1.2-1.5 units of electricity per hour whereas coolers typically consume just 0.2 units at most. The result is that air conditioners consume nearly 85% more energy than air coolers.
  • Air quality- There is no doubt that air coolers produce better air quality than air conditioners for your room. This is due to the fact that AC systems circulate the internal air repeatedly, hence the air dries out. However, air coolers draw fresh air from outside, therefore maintaining better air quality

All in all, air coolers are affordable, energy-efficient, and offer better air quality. Is there anything more we can ask for? Oh, yeah, it beats the heat in summer.

Best way to pick an air cooler for you: Buying Guide

Have you wondered how we selected our list of the top air cooler under 10000 in India for 2022? In order to narrow down the best air cooler models for our trusted readers, we looked at the following main factors:

1. Capacity of the water tank

An air cooler’s efficiency depends on the size of the water tank. A personal air cooler’s water tank capacity should be between 25 and 35 liters, while the capacity of a desert cooler’s water tank is between 35 and 65 liters.

2. Air Delivery

Air coolers should be selected based on their ability to cool the hot air effectively and their ability to distribute air throughout a room efficiently. Furthermore, air coolers come with a speed regulator or automatically moving louvers to ensure that the airflow is uninterrupted.

3. Efficiency of cooling pads

In an air cooler, cooling pads directly contribute to the cooling effect. In order to absorb water effectively and allow fresh air to pass through, we have chosen only the products with cooling pads which is made of aspen or cellulose material.

4. Movability and Design

The air coolers we picked are sleek and stylish, so they won’t take up many spaces in your room. To make it easier for our readers to move around the house, we recommend our readers purchase an air cooler with wheels.

5. Durability/ Safety

We prefer models that have certain safety features such as no water level alarm, thermal overload protection, voltage fluctuation protection, etc.

6. Complaints & Reviews Verified by Customers

We have also researched real-life experiences from users who have written reviews about different attributes of a product on different online platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying an Air Cooler

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about buying an air cooler under 10000 in India.

Do air coolers without water tanks exist?

Air coolers without water tanks aren’t available. Cool air is generated and circulated using water in an air cooler.

What is the maximum temperature that the air cooler can reduce?

The air cooler reduces the temperature by using water and air. The temperature can only be lowered by 5 to 8 degrees.

Is an air conditioner better than a cooler?

Air conditioners are expensive investments that are used indoors only. Air coolers, on the other hand, can be used anywhere and are cost-effective. The system circulates fresh and filtered air while being environmentally friendly. In order to save money, a family should always choose an air cooler over an air conditioner.

Is it true that air coolers use more electricity than fans?

Fans consume less electricity than air coolers because they use water motors. Water circulated throughout makes cooling pads wet, providing a great cooling experience.

Are air coolers effective in enclosed spaces?

Proper ventilation is the most effective way to use an air cooler. A space with a closed door will not make an air cooler effective.

My Air Cooler doesn’t blow cold air. How can I fix this?

Add ice to your air cooler to make it blow cold air. When you need a blast of cool air, this can come in handy. If the air cooler comes with an ice chamber, it is even better.

Do Air Coolers cause rooms to become humid?

In order to release cool air, air coolers use an evaporation process that increases humidity levels. Keeping windows and doors open will ensure proper ventilation and eliminate the problem.


Air coolers are therefore an affordable method to cope with dry summers. You can find information on the purchase and maintenance of air cooler under 10000 in India in this blog. With their fresh, filtered air, these air coolers help you beat the heat. These air coolers are among the best under Rs. 10,000 in India, based on our suggestions above. If you’re going shopping, you need to consider the additional features of the product and clarify what you need. So, which model of the above caught your eye? The products on our unbiased list have been rigorously analysed, thoroughly researched, and thoroughly compared. Before purchasing any of the products above, make sure you double-check the specifications.

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