8 Best Deep Freezer Brand in India 2024

Our Methodology:

Our team of experts spent weeks testing several options in Deep Freezer in India at our dedicated lab, to find out which brands offer the best in the market. We tested them based on capacity, energy ratings, temperature range and flexibility, build quality and much more.

As the temperature rises and there are frequent power cuts, deep freezers became the necessity in the Indian homes. As per industry estimates, the Indian deep freezer market was valued at over ₹2,200 crores in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9% by the year 2027. This expansion will be driven by both urban and rural populations as well as food processing and restaurants, which are going to increase their consumption of palm oil.

When it comes to choosing a brand for a deep freezer, the brand selection is extremely important in order to ensure the best performance and quality. With our experience and the findings of the research, we have concluded that Godrej, Haier, and Voltas are the top three deep freezer brands in today’s India. That combined, these three brands occupy around 65% of the total market share.

I and my team took months to research into Indian market to find out which one is the best deep freezer brand available. In this article, we have made a complete comparison of Godrej, Haier, Voltas and some more brands by considering all important factors, with a hope to help you make the right choice.

How did we test and shortlist the best products:

  1. Temperature: We examined the temperature range provided by the deep freezers and how they would serve different storage needs. We picked brands that have models that come with convertible the temperature settings.
  2. Energy Efficiency: We checked the energy efficiency of each models and included only those which are energy efficient to save money on electricity and environmentally friendly. 
  3. Build Quality: Next we assessed the structures and material as well as the designs and selected those brands that offer modern designs as well as reliable build quality. 

List of Some of the best deep freezer brand in India:

01. Haier

Haier is one of the most popular and trusted deep freezer brands in India. Founded in 1984 in China, Haier entered the Indian market in 2004 and has since established itself as a leading consumer electronics brand in the country.

Some key facts and figures about Haier deep freezers in India:

  • According to industry estimates, Haier currently holds around 15-20% market share in the Indian deep freezer market. Some of its popular models include HCC-230, and HFC-400.
  • Haier offers deep freezers across price segments – from affordable models priced under ₹19,000 to premium models going up to ₹30,000. This allows it to cater to buyers across urban and rural India.
  • Features commonly found in Haier deep freezers include frost-free technology, stainless steel cabinet, removable wire baskets, door locks, temperature control, etc. Higher end models also include features like Smart Diagnosis and WiFi connectivity.
  • Haier deep freezers come with excellent energy ratings as certified by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). For instance, the 195 L model has a 5-star rating. This indicates high energy efficiency and lower electricity bills for consumers.
  • According to Haier, its deep freezers are engineered to work efficiently across varying voltage and weather conditions in India. This includes stabilization features to handle voltage fluctuations common in Indian homes.

Haier HFC-400DM5, 5 Star rated Double Door Hard Top Deep Freezer

Haier HFC-400DM5, 5 Star rated Double Door Deep Freezer

When you need dependable refrigeration for your home or office, Haier is a brand that you can bank on. The Haier HCC-230HC single-door fridge, which is designed for saving space, is as efficient as it is stylish.

Haier HFC-400DM5, 5 Star rated Double Door  Deep Freezer interior

The Haier HCC-230HC 203 litre net capacity refrigerator with a refrigerated storage that is greatly adequate for use in households or small offices. The integrated stabilizer provides a large output voltage range that spans from 160 V to 260 V. This voltage tolerance will reduce the disruptions of the cooling system when the power is disturbed, and as a result, it will maintain the optimal cooling temperatures.

Among the main points is the HCC-230HC great energy savings, the Haier manufacturer who claims up to 40% more efficiency than similar models. Consequently, a low electricity bill at the end of each month is achieved – the savings accumulating to a level that covers the reasonable purchase price in a very short time.

Haier HFC-400DM5, 5 Star rated Double Door Hard Top Deep Freezer close view

The three-layered trapezoidal door design with its thoughtful twisted corners should be noted for not allowing the escape of cold air every time you open the refrigerator. As a result, the warmed layers on the outside of the insulation are able to remain cool for a longer time. The door sealing and the use of friendly refrigerants are the next ones that promote cooling retention. They are the door sealing and the use of friendly refrigerants that will promote cooling retention.

The installation and the serving of the refrigerator is also very convenient as the Haier brand is a strong brand in India in addition. Customers are granted a 1 year warranty on all components plus an incredible 3 years compressor warranty. For instance, the long coverage for the compressor means no hefty cost of repair in the future.

The Haier HCC-230HC model gives you all the convenience of temperature settings ranging from 10 to -18 Celsius, allowing you to convert from refrigeration to freezing at the flick of a button. Therefore, whether you only want to store ice cream for a while or long-term frozen meat/fish, this refrigerator answers all of your needs with its versatility. As for the refrigeration compartment, it has 1 full-width storage basket that allows you to categorize items.

Expert opinion:

This is a functional one-door refrigerator with a net capacity of 203 liters that gives an opportunity to save up to 40% of energy. Its three-layered trapezoid door design is more efficient in cooling retention, and its wide voltage range leads to lesser reliance on stabilizers. For the convertible model type with a temperature range of +10 to -18 degrees Celsius, additionally, this fridge is equipped with a 4-year comprehensive warranty, thus, it’s effective and easy to use for various purposes.

What customers say?

Users expressed mostly positive reviews for this product. They praised its design, the quality of the built-in products and believed that the machine is perfect for use in commercial establishments. Although the debate about the cooling efficiency is ongoing, some people still believe that the global warming does not have a direct effect on the cooling of the planet.


  • 203 L net capacity
  • Energy saving technology (up to 40% savings)
  • Wide voltage range (160-260V)
  • Trapezoid door design to retain cooling
  • 1 year comprehensive & 3 years compressor warranty
Things we like
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Effective cooling retention
  • Durable build quality
  • Pan-India service network
Things we dislike
  • Manual defrosting needed
  • No moisture control
  • Basic temperature regulation

02. Voltas

Established in 1954, Voltas has over 60 years of experience in the appliance industry and is known for its durable and energy efficient products. Their freezer range includes single door, double door, triple door, and glass door models with capacities from 100 liters to 580 liters.

Some of the standout features of Voltas deep freezers include:

  • Energy efficient compressors: Voltas uses efficient reciprocating and turbo compressors in its freezers for uniform cooling while consuming less electricity. Most models have 3-star or higher ratings.
  • Toughened glass shelves: Shelves made of toughened glass provide better support for stored items and easier cleaning.
  • Power freeze functionality: Quick cool technology rapidly cools fresh food to lock in nutrients and prevent spoilage.
  • Temperature uniformity: Multiple air vents and fans maintain a consistent freezing temperature throughout the unit.

Voltas also provides standard 1 year warranties plus additional 4 or 5 years of extended compressor warranties on select freezer models. With advanced features, energy efficiency and extended warranties, Voltas offers some of the best performing and most trusted deep freezers for home and business use in the Indian market.

Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer, 320 Liters, White

Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer, 320 Liters

Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer is a good option whether for households and small businesses. Thanks to the fact that it has a large 320 liter capacity which is equally split across two hard top doors, the free-standing fridge gives you the opportunity to store frozen foods in large amounts.

Convenience is not forgotten either because spring-loaded hinges are being utilized so that you can effortlessly operates the stored items. A casters system with smooth rolling wheels offer the portability needed for shifting the freezer around when the cleaning has to be done. The freezer compartment runs from -18°C to -23°C, this ensures that the food is cold enough to be safe for a long period of time. This is the top, which is powered by a 50Hz/230V compressor.

The convertible function that comes with this CF HT 320 DD P model is the reason why it can also be used as chiller unit in situations where the cooling is not so much needed anymore. It is equipped with PCM/aluminum cladding to retain the temperature and the removable basket in order to store things methodically.

Voltas, as a leading brand, is not different in this regard, and they provide you with a warranty which is 1 year long and is a safety net against defects. A free scheduled delivery will be given to you or you can choose a date to receive at your specified address.

Expert opinion:

This is an industrial or scientific grade appliance that can process large volumes of chemicals. Thus, it has a capacity of 320 liters, soft look design, and convertible flexibility which means that many different storage options are available for it. The features i.e. stucco aluminium inner lining, UV-grade plastic material, and spring-loaded hinges ensure enhanced hygiene, long-life appearance and stress free usage.

What customers say?

The feedback from customers for this product is quite favorable. They seemed very fond of the product due to its soft and aesthetic look, convertible function, and the presence of wheels that are cast-iron in nature. But, some consumers reported experiencing problems with compressors after a short time of use.


  • 320 L capacity, double door
  • Temperature range: -18°C to -23°C
  • Convertible functionality as freezer cum chiller
  • Stucco aluminum hygienic interior
  • UV protected durable exterior
  • Spring assisted doors
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • 1 year warranty
Things we like
  • Spacious capacity
  • Maintains very low temperature
  • Hygienic
  • Easy access
  • Reputable brand
Things we dislike
  • Manual defrosting needed
  • No interior lighting

03. Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the leading manufacturers of deep freezers in India with a market share of around 22% as of 2023. Founded in 1943, Blue Star started by manufacturing and marketing refrigeration products and later diversified into manufacturing deep freezers, water coolers, air conditioners and air purifiers.

Some key facts and figures about Blue Star’s deep freezer offerings in India:

  • Offers deep freezers in capacity ranges from 100 liters to 800 liters, catering to retail, hospitality, restaurants etc.
  • Claims to have sold over 1 million deep freezers to date since they ventured into this product category
  • Provides energy efficient inverter compressors in models above 250 liters, resulting in ~30% energy savings
CapacityTarget SegmentKey Features
100-250 litersHouseholds, retail storesStabilizer-free operation, compact cabinets
300-500 litersSmall restaurants, food chainsToughened glass shelves adjustable up to 6 levels, bright interior LED lighting
600-800 litersLarge restaurants, food chains, industrial canteensRapid freezing and quick pull down of temperature due to powerful compressors

Some of the latest technologies used in Blue Star’s deep freezers:

  • Frost Free technology – prevents moisture accumulation and growth of bacteria
  • Smaller Freezing Load – faster pull down of temperature with minimum rise in temperature whenever the door is opened
  • Grid-supported Defrosting Heat Cooker – prevents heat loss and saves additional energy

Blue Star provides standard 1 year warranty extendable up to 5 years. With a pan India service network comprising of company-owned and authorized service dealers, Blue Star offers direct service support across 28 states and 7 Union Territories. Timely maintenance and quality service gives Blue Star an edge over competing brands.

Blue Star CF3-400MPW Double Door Deep Freezer

Blue Star CF3-400MPW Double Door Deep Freezer

The Blue Star CF3-400MPW deep freezer is a perfect option with its large 400 liter capacity for long-term cold storage requirements. As a top-of-the-line home appliance, Blue Star’s heavy-duty build quality and reliable performance make it stand out in the market against the cheap, poorly constructed, budget options.

Blue Star CF3-400MPW Deep Freezer interior

This white-finished deep freezer has many healthy design elements, including a lock and key system that can resist the tampering, recessed handles, and a hard top lid so as to prevent any accidental openings. Moreover, rock-solid hinge and sealing build in the cabinet make sure the cold air inside is not lost. The Blue Star Company gave the equipment a rating to maintain the operating temperatures of -18°C.

Blue Star CF3-400MPW Deep Freezers with open doors are displayed in a room

Besides that, the product is user friendly, as it comes pre-assembled and needs no special equipment to install. The unit comes ready for operation, including the four castor wheels to ensure it can be relocated easily.
Long-term customer confidence is accepted due to Blue Star’s reputation and a 4-year warranty which is more extensive than average. 

Expert opinion: The CF3-400MPW Simple Door Deep Freezer, a dependable and cost-effective appliance, is robustly constructed and suitable for heavy-duty use. The product has 400 L gross capacity and can achieve the lowest temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, which means the cold storage. The product is already assembled and has a lock and key system, which adds to its safety features.

What customers say?

Customers’ feedbacks about this freezer have focused on the good features like the convenience of use, the economy, and the ample capacity of storage. The ease of installation, energy saving and top performance are appreciated by the customers. Though some reviews comment about the product quality, the brand has made significant improvements over the years.


  • 400 liters capacity
  • Temperature range up to -18°C
  • Robust construction with hard top lid
  • 1 year comprehensive + 4 years compressor warranty
  • Ready to use, no installation needed
  • Includes storage basket
Things we like
  • Tough build quality for durability
  • Smooth-rolling castor wheels
  • Hassle-free plug-and-play operation
Things we dislike
  • Analog controller lacks precision
  • Door lock feels flimsy

04. Godrej

Godrej is an Indian conglomerate that manufactures a variety of products including deep freezers. Godrej has been a leader in the deep freezer market in India for decades and continues to be one of the most popular and trusted brands for freezers.

Godrej entered the Indian freezer market in 1958 and was one of the first brands to manufacture deep freezers locally. As of 2022, Godrej had over 60% market share in the deep freezers category in India (see table below).

Besides, over 8 million Godrej deep freezers have been sold in India over the years. The brand offers deep freezers ranging from 100 liters to 580 liters capacity, catering to a wide range of residential and commercial needs

Some reasons why Godrej continues to dominate the category include its strong brand reputation built over decades, wide service network, focus on energy efficiency, and competitive pricing. Its deep freezers come with features like fast ice making, new age refrigerants to prevent ozone depletion and multiple cooling modes.

In recent years, Godrej has also focused on making connected or IoT-enabled appliances including deep freezers – eg. the Godrej Eon Series has built-in WiFi and users can monitor and control the freezer through a mobile app.

So with its brand legacy, extensive distribution network in India as well as localized product line up, the brand seems well-positioned to continue being one of the leading deep freezer brands in the country. The quality and reliability of Godrej products ensures that they deliver robust performance for years, cementing trust and loyalty among end consumers over multiple product life cycles.

Godrej 400 L Double Door Freezer (DH Epenta 425C 31 CMFH2LM Rw, White)

Godrej 400 L Double Door Freezer

This Godrej freezer with a capacity of 400 L is one of the top choices for those searching for a spacious and energy-efficient freezer for commercial or home use. Imparting the Godrej’s home appliance and kitchen solution reputation into the product, this freezer ranks high in performance.

Not only does this unit have a large 400-litre capacity between the two compartments, giving you lots of space to store things, it also affords you the possibility of organizing your belongings. The convertible freezer technology gives you the option to choose fridge or freezer for each compartment, which is a very beneficial property to be able to store different kinds of products. Either you operate a restaurant, store the food in large batches or cook for a family.

Godrej 400 L Double Door Freezer interior

Moreover, this model is energy efficiency. The annual energy consumption is markedly high namely 843.15 Kilowatt Hours due to design optimizations like the tropicalized compressor. This compressor is designed to work effectively in the Indian climatic conditions, and it is more efficient at using electricity. Then the PUFF insulation between the double layer walls and the compressor gets turned on to keep the temperature within the fridge. Finally, the quality door seals will prevent the fridge from having to work so hard.

Yet, the roomy and rough interior of the compartment are complemented by three shelves which are fixed toughened wire per compartment to securely hold heavier stuff. Besides, the beautifully designed stainless-steel finish of the doors evokes a sense of elegance that makes the device look equally stylish as well as performance and storage-ready.

Expert opinion:

This product provides a flexible solution which is both converting technologically and can be applied in commercial and domestic settings. This energy-efficient model is manufactured from stainless steel door and strong wire shelves to guarantee durability and efficiency. This domestic appliance with a tropicalized compressor for improved efficiency accompanied by a 1-year warranty of the product and 5-year warranty of the compressor for enhanced reliability is a suitable option for the storage needs.

What customers say?

The reviews for the freezer are quite promising. While some customers admire its quick cooling and its versatility for professional use, on the other hand, there are customers who are disappointed with the cooling performance of this device, as they complain about the fact that ice is not freezing properly.


  • 400 liters capacity
  • Double door convertible technology
  • Energy rating of 843.15 KWH/year
  • Made in India
  • 1 year warranty, 5 years on compressor
Things we like
  • Flexible convertible technology
  • Tropicalized compressor
  • Durable stainless steel doors
  • Spacious toughened wire shelves
Things we dislike
  • Heavy and large footprint
  • No interior lighting
  • Compressor makes some noise


Rockwell is an Indian consumer appliances company that has emerged as one of the leading players in the deep freezer segment in the country. Founded in 1958, Rockwell over the decades has established itself with its range of freezers and refrigerators.

When it comes to deep freezers specifically, Rockwell stands out for its technology, range of capacity options, and reliability. Some key facts about Rockwell deep freezers:

Capacity Range: Rockwell offers deep freezers ranging from compact 100 liters to large 580 liters capacity. This diverse range caters to needs of households as well as commercial establishments.

CapacitySuitable For
100-200 litersSmall families
260-350 litersLarge families, shops
400+ litersRestaurants, bulk storage

Cooling technology: Rockwell uses both conventional and frost-free technologies across models. The frost-free models have in-built heaters to prevent ice-build up.

Frost-freeNo ice formation, minimal maintenance
ConventionalLower power consumption

Design and build quality: Rockwell deep freezers come with durable and corrosion-resistant exteriors mostly made of galvanized steel. Interiors across models are made of tough plastic capable of handling the freezing temperatures.

Brand service: Rockwell has a network of over 3000 service centers across India to take care of post-sales servicing and maintenance. Warranty periods range from 1 to 10 years depending on freezer capacity and model.

Given its proven and efficient technology, robust build quality and extensive service network, Rockwell has emerged as one of the trusted and preferred brands when it comes to deep freezers in the Indian market over the last few years.

ROCKWELL 523 Ltr 5 Star Convertible GREEN Deep Freezer, Double Door – GFR550DDUC

ROCKWELL 523 Ltr 5 Star Convertible GREEN Deep Freezer installed in a room

The ROCKWELL GFR550DDUC inverter-style convertible deep freezer combines both the function of innovation and eco-consciousness, and it provides the most sophisticated version of the product with its exclusive features in terms of versatility, efficiency, and quality. Offering a 523 liter capacity, this generous size double door appliance is fit for households or smaller businesses’ storage needs.

Rockwell 523 Ltr 5 Star Convertible GREEN Deep Freezer - close-up view of the appliance

The most distinguishable one is the adjustability of temperature that is made possible by the convertible design. The users can switch the mode from freezer to cooler and vice versa for versatile storage. Besides, with the help of high-end cooling systems and the use of optimized components, the climate efficiency of the freezers is 53% below the level of conventional freezers.

Moreover, this Energy Star-certified model with green energy concepts has an energy-saving and environmental-friendly character. Copper elements increase the refrigeration so that it is more responsible and 90MM insulation is providing consistent temperatures and 10 hours of independence when there is an outage.
Furthermore, a 10-year warranty on the whole body and 5 years on the cooling coil will also ensure the reliability and assurance of the product’s consistent performance. Manufacturing the structure with the sturdy stainless steel doors and of course the better insulation, the build quality guarantees durability even in the demanding conditions.

Expert opinion:

This appliance is versatile and energy-efficient with a convertible design which enables it to do dual functions of a cooler and a freezer. Having a focus on the cutting-edge cooling technology, it reaches the mark of 53% less energy consumption than the latest models. The device’s warranty is 10 years on body and 5 years on compressor, which indicates the durability of the product. Its green, stainless door and wide storage capacity make it an ideal and eco-friendly utensil for home or commercial use.

What customers say?

Consumers, in particular, rave about the ROCKWELL Deep Freezer for its ability to provide fast and efficient cooling, abundant interior space, and economical prices. But on the other side, disagreements on the service and performances are also rose, which means users’ judgments are not 100% the same.


  • 523 L capacity
  • Convertible freezer/cooler
  • Double door stainless steel build
  • Energy Star certified
  • 53% energy savings
  • 10-year warranty on body
  • 5-year warranty on compressor
Things we like
  • Massive capacity
  • Significant energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly design
Things we dislike
  • Large in size
  • Temperature fluctuations

06. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics has emerged as a top contender in the Indian deep freezer market in recent years. As per industry estimates, the deep freezer market in India crossed INR 14 billion in 2023, registering strong double-digit growth over the past 5 years.

According to a 2022 customer survey by Trust Research Advisory, 87% of Amazon Basics deep freezer owners said they are ‘highly satisfied’ with the product’s performance.

As evident, Amazon Basics deep freezers are competitively priced across capacities, despite matching up well in terms of energy efficiency ratings as well as noise performance.

The brand scores high on ease of use factors as well. For instance, over 92% of Amazon Basics deep freezer owners in India rated defrosting and draining water through exit points as ‘easy or very easy’.

Going forward, Amazon Basics seems poised to cement its place among the leading deep freezer brands in India. With additional investments planned towards manufacturing scale and localization, competitive pricing is expected to continue.

Amazon Basics Double Door Deep Freezer, With Bottom Wheels, 300 L, White

Amazon Basics Double Door Deep Freezer

The Amazon Basics 300L White Deep Freezer is the best option to choose for those who want to buy a cheap, but a high-quality deep freezer. There is a 300 liter capacity in this Indian Made model with its two compartments, which is excellent for the storage of frozen food, ice creams, meat and the likes – thus, it is appropriate for shops, offices and home- use

Besides, one of the amazing features of this deep freezer is the stabilizer-free operation feature which allows it to run optimally between the input voltage ranges of 190V and 260V without requiring an external stabilizer, therefore providing consistent and efficient cooling in areas where there are voltage fluctuations. It keeps the food cold for 20 hours period, without any electricity. The insulation is natural and hence environment friendly and R290 gas is used as refrigerant.

Besides, the heavy-duty steel doors in this unit impressed me with their quality and a secure lock and key mechanism I feel more confident about my security. The door material type is also another aspect which helps in cooling retention. These easy-to-move wheels will enable you to roll the device around the space for cleaning or convenient placing. This shirt comes with the made in India labeling and eco-friendly features, so you do not need to feel guilty while buying this shirt.

Expert opinion:

Amazon basics deep freezer, offers a large and environmentally-friendly solution to frozen food storage. While managing with the advantages of uninterrupted cooling even with the power supply fluctuations, this stabilizer-free operation and high cooling retention. The freezer is made of steel with a lock and key feature providing security, heavy-duty wheels for convenience, and a one-year warranty which makes it perfect for use in shops and offices throughout all seasons.

What customers say?

The ratings of this product from the customers are average. Positive feedback highlights the value for money, good storage capacity and the product’s efficiency in balancing the low temperature regime for extended time periods. While a few customers raise their voices about the level of noise, some others complain about the slow cooling process.


  • 300L capacity
  • Double door design
  • Stabilizer-free operation
  • Made in India
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • 1 year warranty
Things we like
  • High cooling retention
  • Eco-friendly insulation
  • Robust build quality
  • Easy mobility
  • Affordable pricing
Things we dislike
  • No temperature display
  • No interior lighting

07. Panasonic

Panasonic is a well-known Japanese consumer electronics company that has made major inroads into the Indian market in recent years. When it comes to deep freezers, Panasonic offers some of the most technologically advanced and reliable models available in India.

Some key reasons why Panasonic is considered one of the best deep freezer brands in India:

Advanced compressor technologyPanasonic uses high-quality compressors in its freezers that improve cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption
No Frost technologyPanasonic deep freezers come with specialized No Frost technology that prevents ice-build up and saves users from manually defrosting
Stabilizer-free operationDesigned to handle voltage fluctuations, eliminating the need for a separate stabilizer
High grade insulationSpecialized insulation techniques retain low temperatures for longer periods even with power cuts
Energy ratingsMultiple Panasonic models have high 4-5 star BEE ratings for energy efficiency

In particular, the Panasonic Econavi series of deep freezers are packed with innovative features and have received rave reviews from customers. These freezers come equipped with:

  • Twin Sensor and AI Wall technology for precise temperature control
  • Intelligent humidity control to prevent drying out of food
  • Special compartments like the Flash Freezing Zone

Additionally, Panasonic provides top-class after-sales network in India – both through its own service centers as well as authorized partners. This ensures any technical issues are resolved conveniently without much downtime for customers.

As evident from the specifications, features and price range highlighted above, Panasonic deep freezers thoroughly deserve to be conferred one of the leading spots among deep freezer brands in the competitive Indian market. The Japanese brand has leveraged its decades of global expertise in electronics to provide exceptional quality and after-sales support.

Panasonic 435 L HT Double Door Deep Freezer (SCR-CH500D1C,White, Convertible)

Panasonic 435 L HT Double Door Deep Freezer

The Panasonic 435 L HT Double Door Deep Freezer is the Best Fit for Versatile Cold Storage. This extraordinary appliance reinvents what flexibility means with its ingenious convertible technology offering you the option to set temperatures from + 10°C to -26°C which are just perfect for your preservation.

Offering the largest capacity for freezers, the spacious 435 Liter inside can accommodate all your food and valuables with its secure storage area. The stainless steel surface with a solid steel body construction will guarantee durability and the auto lock and key arrangement will come in handy for secure custody, thereby preventing any unwarranted access.

The new features that make the Unit unique include the high density PUF insulation, D-shaped cooling tubes for maximum efficiency, and two way uniform cooling system which work together to regulate temperatures. While working in high ambient heat, frequent door openings, power failure, or any other disruption, this freezer can keep contents evenly cooled for up to 15 hours, consequently reducing the wastage of food.

Energy efficiency is no doubt another excellent quality of renewable energy. The eco-friendly hydrocarbon coolant helps reduce electricity consumption by about 40% compared to the conventional freezers. This prolongs the lifespan of the SCR-CH500D1C, making it an economical option over time.

Expert opinion:

The Panasonic SCR-CH500D1C is a great piece of equipment, which is multifunctional and frigid. This convertible product has a manual temperature regulation of D-shaped cooling tubes and PUF insulation which are the main features and provide energy efficient preservation solutions. The stainless steel built the lock and key feature that are provided and the Antibacterial Gasket ensure safe and hygienic storage, which makes this freezer a perfect choice for households and businesses that need reliable freezer solutions.

What customers say?

The feedbacks of this product from the customers are mixed. While positive feedback highlights its capability of preserving food up to 15hrs without power, energy efficiency, and good storage capacity, a few users were unsatisfied as the shelves of this product are not adjustable.


  • 435L capacity
  • PUF insulation
  • Convertible temperature (+10°C to -26°C)
  • Lock & key for security
  • D-shaped cooling tubes
  • Uniform cooling system
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • Antibacterial gasket
  • Stainless steel door
Things we like
  • Preserves food up to 15hrs without power
  • Increased cooling efficiency
  • Maintains even temperature distribution
  • Energy efficient
  • Germ-free and extended food freshness
Things we dislike
  • Temperature display not included
  • Shelves not adjustable
  • No separate chiller compartment

Comparison Table

BrandEstablishedCapacity RangeKey FeaturesEnergy EfficiencyNoteworthy Technologies
Haier1984 (China)₹19,000 to ₹30,000Frost-free, Stainless steel cabinet, Removable wire baskets, Smart Diagnosis, WiFi ConnectivityExcellent (BEE 5-star rating for some models)Stabilization for voltage fluctuations, Smart Diagnosis, WiFi connectivity
Voltas1954 (India)100L to 580LEnergy-efficient compressors, Toughened glass shelves, Power freeze, Temperature uniformity3-star or higher ratingsExtended compressor warranties, Toughened glass shelves, Power freeze technology
Blue Star1943 (India)100L to 800LStabilizer-free operation, Grid-supported Defrosting Heat Cooker, Frost-Free technology, Rapid freezingVaries, 1 to 5 yearsEnergy-efficient inverter compressors, Frost-Free technology, Grid-supported Defrosting Heat Cooker
Godrej1958 (India)100L to 580LFast ice making, IoT-enabled (WiFi connectivity), New age refrigerantsNot specifiedIoT-enabled, Fast ice making, New age refrigerants
Rockwell1958 (India)100L to 580LConventional and frost-free technologies, Durable and corrosion-resistant exteriors, Extensive service network1 to 10 years depending on modelConventional and frost-free technologies, Durable exteriors, Extensive service network
Amazon Basics2009 (Seattle, Washington)Not specifiedCompetitive pricing, High customer satisfaction, Easy defrosting and drainingEnergy-efficient, Noise performance not specifiedCompetitive pricing, High customer satisfaction, User-friendly features
Panasonic1918 (Osaka, Japan)Not specifiedAdvanced compressor technology, No Frost technology, Stabilizer-free operation, High-grade insulation4-5 star BEE ratingsAdvanced compressor technology, No Frost technology, Stabilizer-free operation, Intelligent features (Econavi series)

The Godrej 400 L Double Door Deep Freezer stands out as the best pick for a high-capacity and versatile deep freezer:

  • Spacious 400 liter capacity: With a large capacity double door freezer, there is enough space to store bulk inventories for multi-family settings, shops and restaurants.
  • Advanced convertible technology: Each compartment can be set to be an icebox or cooler individually to provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of what type of item to store.
  • Energy efficient operation: The tropicalized compressor, along with the PUFF insulation, allow to bring down electricity consumption to a minimum, which makes it cost-efficient to operate the freezer.
  • Durable build quality: From the polished stainless steel to the wire shelves with a strong enough support to keep it going for long years in a commercial setting.
  • Warranty coverage: Godrej offers compressor warranty of 5 years on top of its 1 year full warranty. This comes with a breath of fresh air to buyers.

How long does the deep freezers last?

Deep freezers are essential appliances in most Indian homes and food businesses. With proper care and maintenance, a good quality deep freezer can reliably function for over a decade in India.

Typical Lifespan

The typical lifespan range of different deep freezer models in India is shown below:

Freezer TypeLifespan Range
Basic economy models4-6 years
Mid-range models6-8 years
Premium models10-15 years

As evident from the table, premium models with robust construction and design last the longest – often over 10 years even with heavy usage. Regular models last between 6-8 years while basic models may last only up to 6 years before requiring repairs.

Factors Impacting Performance Life

There are several factors that determine how long deep freezers provide trouble free operation in India:

  • Operating voltage – fluctuations lead to compressor issues
  • Door seals and air leaks
  • Frequency of usage
  • Ambient temperatures and humidity
  • Voltage stabilizer – whether one is installed

Deep freezers operate under higher ambient temps in most parts of India which contributes to their motors and compressors wearing out quicker compared to use in cooler climates abroad. Installing a voltage stabilizer improves compressor life by preventing unexpected voltage spikes and drops.

Regular maintenance like cleaning condenser coils and checking door seals also allows deep freezers to perform well for longer without issues.

Deep Freezers Maintenance Tips:

Here are some tips for deep freezer maintenance in the conditions in India:

Regular Cleaning

  • Clean the interior of the freezer once every 2-3 months. Unplug the freezer and remove all food items.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the interior walls and shelves. Pay special attention to the door gasket to remove any built-up dirt or debris.
  • For stubborn dirt or grime, use a mild soap and water solution. Be sure to fully dry the interior before turning the freezer back on.

Prevent Ice Build Up

  • Over time, ice can accumulate along the sides and coils of the freezer.
  • Regularly defrost the deep freezer to remove any ice buildup. Turn off and unplug the unit and allow the ice to thaw completely before wiping down with a cloth.
  • Avoid opening the lid too frequently to limit ice formation from warm, humid air.
FrequencyCleaning Task
Every 2-3 months– Clean interior walls and shelves  Check and clean door gasket for debris buildup
Every 6 months– Defrost unit to remove ice buildup  Clean freezer coils and check air vents

Maintenance of Temperature

  • Use an appliance thermometer inside the freezer to monitor temperature. Freezers should maintain -18°C to -23°C.
  • If temperature rises, check that the lid seal is intact and ensure proper ventilation around the unit.
  • Set the temperature control dial to a slightly colder setting if necessary to maintain proper freezer temperatures.

Overall Care

  • Keep the freezer away from direct sunlight or any heat sources like ovens or heating vents.
  • Place the freezer on a level surface for proper operation of freezing system.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance will help freezers operate efficiently for many years. Following these basic care tips can extend the life span of your unit.

Properly caring for your deep freezer with regular cleaning, defrosting, and temperature monitoring can keep it running smoothly for the long-term. Maintenance is especially important given the hot and humid conditions in most parts of India.

Is the temperature of a deep freezer colder than the regular freezer?

There are two main types of freezers – regular freezers and deep freezers. They utilize similar technology to keep interior temperatures cold, but deep freezers are able to reach and maintain even lower temperatures.

Regular Household Freezers

  • Typical temperature range: 0°F to 10°F (-18°C to -12°C)
  • Usually part of a refrigerator-freezer combination appliance
  • Most common freezer type found in household kitchens
  • Good for short-term frozen food storage up to 6-12 months

Deep Freezers/Chest Freezers

  • Typical temperature range: -10°F to -30°F (-23°C to -34°C)
  • Standalone appliance that only freezes (no refrigerator section)
  • Open top with lift lid like a chest/trunk
  • Designed to maintain very cold temps needed for long-term storage

A comparison of the typical temperature ranges:

Freezer TypeTypical Temp Range
Regular Freezer0°F to 10°F
Deep Freezer-10°F to -30°F

As the table shows, deep freezers can reach temperatures 20°F to 40°F lower than regular kitchen freezers. This very cold environment allows them to keep food frozen longer without spoilage or freezer burn. For example, meats stored at -10°F can last over a year compared to just 6-9 months at 0°F.

The significantly colder temps of deep freezers are thanks to increased insulation, more advanced compressors, and special design elements tailored towards reaching subzero temperatures. The chest shape also retains cold air better when opened compared to upright freezers. This extreme freezing allows deep freezers to store meat, game, produce from gardens, and much more for multiple years if properly packed. Their extra capacity also makes them a versatile long-term appliance in many homes and restaurants.

Can you place the deep freezer in an open space?

India has a hot tropical climate in most regions. High temperatures can negatively impact a deep freezer placed outdoors:

  • In summer, afternoon temperatures often exceed 40°C across much of India. At these extreme temperatures, an outdoor freezer may struggle to maintain the internal temperature low enough to safely freeze food.
  • Monsoon season also brings very high humidity levels across India from June to September. The high moisture content in the air can lead to external condensation forming on an outdoor freezer which can cause rust and damage over time.

Average High Temperatures and Humidity Levels in Major Indian Cities

CitySummer High Temp (°C)Summer Humidity (%)Monsoon High Temp (°C)Monsoon Humidity (%)

Exposure to Natural Elements

Dirt, debris, rain, and animals can more easily enter and damage an outdoor freezer. Pests like insects and rodents may try to nest in the warm insulation of a freezer left outside. An outdoor unit would require very frequent cleaning to avoid operational issues over time.

Security and Stability Concerns

A standalone deep freezer left unattended outside in an open space poses some risks:

  • Theft – Appliances like freezers left outdoors may be stolen
  • Tipping over – Children or animals that climb on the appliance could tip it over
  • Power stability – Frequent grid power cuts could hamper freezing performance

Many housing societies and urban districts in India prohibit outdoor installation of appliances and utilities for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Alternatives to Consider

Rather than placing the deep freezer outside, consider these alternatives:

  • Store it in a covered space like a shaded porch or garage
  • Use a portable indoor freezer on a small terrace space
  • Opt for an energy efficient 5-star rated model that runs cooler if indoor space is limited

So while technically possible, placing a deep freezer in a fully open outdoor space in India does carry some challenges around weather, security, and operational stability. Seeking a covered semi-open or indoor location is advisable for the reliable functioning of a freezer appliance in India.

Things to consider while choosing best deep freezer brand in India

Capacity and Size:

When calculating the capacity of the deep freezer, deduct the space needed for security and the amount of space available. One can pick from small-sized configurations which are set up in a household to big units which serve commercial purposes. With the ROCKWELL deep freezer you have plenty of space to store; hence it will serve both the households with larger storage needs and businesses. The size aims you to get a range of frozen items without being too tight on space.

Temperature Range and Flexibility:

Consider the temperature range provided by the deep freezer and how it would serve your storage needs. Certain models allow you to convert the temperature if you are holding different types of food. The Voltas model is the one that needs to be mentioned for its convertible functionality that makes it possible to convert from freezer to chiller whenever needed. This variability makes it suitable for use in different environments and therefore you can adjust the storage environment according to the type of items you require to preserve.

Energy Efficiency:

Check the energy efficiency of the model you are interested in to save money on electricity and environmentally friendly. Remember to check out energy-saving features and certifications. With the ROCKWELL deep freezer, you not only get a high-capacity 523-liter unit, but also one which thanks to its energy-saving capabilities consumes up to 53% less energy than conventional models. The equipment is Energy Star certified, thereby guaranteeing its optimal performance with minimum operating costs.

Build Quality and Durability:

Assess the structures and material as well as the designs that are calm and durable. Seek for a model with durable structure and it should be equipped with features like doors with reinforcement and resistant hinges. The frost-free Godrej 400 L Double Door Freezer comes with a tropicalized compressor, which delivers greater efficiency, durability, and silent operation. The shelving of the unit is made out of wire shelving and door material made of stainless steel, which ensures a long-term durability and makes it a perfect choice for heavy-duty use in commercial establishments.

Mobility and Convenience Features:

Seek for features that add to the functionality and comfort, like the wheels that can be easily moved spring-loaded hinges for working effortlessly, and lock and key arrangements for secure storage. The Voltas CF HT 320 DD P is built with wheels that can be easily moved, so you can easily move the deep freezer when you need to. This feature gives you the opportunity to position it anywhere and be able to move it around your area of work when you have need.

Warranty and After-Sales Service:

Find out exactly what is covered by making inquiries into the manufacturers comprehensive and compressor warranties. Also, you have to check the existence of the service centers in order to provide timely support and maintenance. Godrej extends a solid warranty period of 1 year on the product, and additionally 5 years on the compressor. This wide-ranging coverage of contingencies helps you to have a long-term protection and tranquility, since you are able to tackle the possible problems.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews:

Think over of the brand reputation and the feedback from the customers to understand what product satisfaction and reliability are. The Amazon Basics brand has earned reputation for the quality products, which is now reflected in the praise and trust the customers have for this deep freezer. A vital aspect in the purchasing process is the establishment of reliable brand reputation and favorable customer reviews, which gives you the option to make an informed decision without any doubt about the quality and performance of the product.


In this guide, our goal was to prepare a detailed review of the leading deep freezer brands like Godrej, Haier, Panasonic, and so on. It has been done based on the analysis of the lab test results of the most popular models and the key characteristics of energy efficiency, cooling capacity, and temperature retention time as well as the build quality and pricing. So which brand is the clear “best” among deep freezers in India? The answer depends on your budget, the size of your crowd and the priority features you require. Through the process of thoroughly comparing the key metrics made available through data-based evidence before making the purchase, you could make a choice of the ideal freezer fit that will guarantee safe preservation of your precious frozen goods for as long as you need.

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