Turbans of Sikh asylum seekers detained by US authorities

 Turbans of Sikh asylum seekers detained by US authorities

In its investigating reports, the US authorities revealed detaining of Sikh turbans at the Mexico border. As per the reports more than fifty migrants having religious headgear were detained. As we know Sikh men wear turbans as they are not allowed to cut their hair. The American Civil Liberties Union stated that these kinds of confiscations are inconsistent with the non-discrimination policies and violate federal law.
On 1 August 2022, Commissioner Chris Magnus wrote a letter to the US Customs and Border Protection showing concerns about the violations of the religious-freedom during such incidences.
In the statement issued to the BBC Lawyer Vanessa Pineda of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona said that no explanation has been given to the US-Mexico border officials regarding the rising security concerns with the turban. These behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Alternatives should be found as this is highly dehumanizing, she further added.
Commissioner Chris Magnus has responded to Washington Post saying that the agency aims to see all its migrants with respect. Internal investigations have been initiated for the same he said.
As per the statistical reports published by CBP online on average thirteen thousand Indian nationalists have been detained at the US-Mexico border by Border Patrol officers since October 2021.

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