Kent Vs Aquaguard – Which performs best?

With rising air, water, and land pollution, some appliances have become unavoidable parts of our lives. One such appliance is a water purifier. But, are you sure that you are depending on the right purifier? While innumerable options are available in the market, one can surely get fooled by vague promises given by several brands that have nothing to do with your health or your family’s health. There is huge competition between Kent vs Aquaguard in the purifier market. Therefore, this article will discuss two popular water purifier brands, Kent and Aquaguard to help you choose the right one for you. They are both known for producing quality products. But which one is better? Well, in this article, you will find the answers to this question. Here we have covered all the required details of both the brands and thoroughly compared them so that you can make a better decision.

Kent vs. Aquaguard: Purification Stages, design, and buildup

Experts say that there are not many differences between the two brands. Both include RO, UF, and UV technologies in their purifiers and filters. Although, the core difference lies in the design of both brands. Let us find out the other differences between Kent and Aquaguard purifiers.

Technology and Purification Stage:

Firstly, both Kent and Aquaguard use different technologies to purify the water.

Kent: Well, as you know, Kent has patented the RO™ technology. The brand used a double purification system to purify its water. The method is quite effective and can treat the municipal and underground water supply. Kent was the one to introduce RO™ technology to control the TDS. Besides, its TDS controllers if the Purifiers from this brand are highly efficient in refilling the natural minerals, which often get disolved during the RO process.

Kent water purification stages

Aquaguard: On the other hand, Aquaguard uses a disruptive technology which is relayed on the Nano cream filter. Such types of filters can effectively strains toxic chemicals which include arsenic, lead, harmful bacteria, and viruses. The purifiers from Aquaguard purify water in six stages.

Designing And Build Up:

Next, one most evident difference between Kent and Aquaguard is their design and build-up. Both brands use food-grade plastic to make their products, which are highly durable and non-toxic.

Kent: The water purifiers from Kent comes with visible filters which is coated by a transparent cover. Beneath the filters, a storage tank is generally fixed amongst which in most models you can find an indicator that will show the level of water and a dispensing water tap. In some advanced models, you can also find LED indicators that work for different purposes. Although, most purifiers from Kent have a traditional look.

Aquaguard: Most water purifiers from Aquaguard are designed keeping the modular kitchen theme in mind. Most work in reverse osmosis mode, and are equipped with service indicator, mineral-modular indicators, and water level indicators in the purifier. Additionally, the purifiers are equipped with a traditional tap that is meant for pass out water beneath the dispensing panel.

The battle of Kent vs. Aquaguard has been seen on many occasions since they both entered the market. And given that many other brands are still up for the competition, finding the best is quite difficult. 

Kent Vs. Aquaguard Water Purifier: Special Features and Disadvantages

Kent Water Purifier:

This brand is one of the most popular brands in India. You will find that several Indians are relying on Kent for healthy drinking water. They offer the best RO water purifiers, which they first introduced. Well, the best thing about Kent purifiers is that they are made using innovative and unique purification technology, ensuring that every family drinks clean and safe water. Most Kent purifiers use RO™ technology, which has osmosis membranes that eliminate dissolved impurities in the water. Besides, the products from this brand are available at an affordable range which will surely help Kent get an extra point in the battle of Kent vs. Aquaguard.


Kent water purifier features

Following are some unique features of Kent water purifiers that make them so different and more reliable than others:

  • Kent water purifiers use multiple stages, including RO and UV, in the purification process.
  • Most purifiers from Kent are fully automatic.
  • They come with a possessing storage capacity of 9 liters.
  • It allows more than 50% RO water recovery.
  •  It has a smart system that alerts you when it is time for you to change the filter or if the UV fails.
  • You can operate some models of purifiers from Kent by using a computer or smartphone.


As mentioned above, you can see many benefits of using a Kent water purifier. However, there are some disadvantages too, which we have listed below:

  • You have to change the filter of the Kent purifier regularly. In fact, you have to change it every two months, which is obviously a big disadvantage.
  • As you have to change it frequently, it will add an extra maintenance cost.

Aquaguard Water Purifier:

This brand is amongst the oldest water purifier brands in India. It is a brand of Eureka Forbes and is trusted by Indians in huge numbers. The brand has been working with its research and technology for 36 years. It has a proper understanding of what an Indian household requires. Besides, they also have 18 water labs throughout the country that keep on testing water from different parts of India to come up with purifiers that will fit the water conditions correctly.


Aquaguard water purifier features

Let’s discuss some of the greatest features of the newest Aquaguard water purifiers:

  • Water purifiers from Aquaguard come with taste enhancers that will help you consume healthy as well as tasty water.
  • The brand offers a triple purification process, which makes sure that you are consuming clean and safe water only.
  • They efficiently remove all the harmful substances in your water without disturbing its essential minerals.
  • The brand includes advanced features in its purifiers which includes electronic membrane life enhancer, e-boiling, and much more.
  • The purifiers from this brand has tight seal lids which will prevent the risk of causing any leakage from the water purifier.


You must know about the disadvantages of Aquaguard water purifiers so that you can decide if you want to bring one home or not.

  • The maintenance of Aquaguard water purifiers can cost you quite a good amount of money.
  • Some models of Aquaguard don’t have a very high storage capacity. While it is ideal for small families, you should think again before buying if you have a big family.
  • It requires a continuous supply of electricity. It might cause you problems if you are facing frequent power cuts and if you don’t have enough stored water at home.  


So, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While both are efficient in their own ways, and as we know that nothing is spotless. So, you judge which one you should select according to your requirements and budget. The main vision of this article was to provide the best information to you so that you can make a better decision. Because the water you drink is tied directly to your health and your family’s health, that is something you wouldn’t want to compromise on.

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