5 Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India 2024

Our Methodology:

Our team of experts spent weeks testing 150+ options in hot and cold water purifiers at our dedicated lab. We tested them based on cooling capacity, smart features, durability, environmental impact, warranty and much more.

Estimates have shown that more than 70% of the households in India do not have access to clean drinking water. More than 20% of deaths in the country are due to water-borne diseases, which points out the importance of water purifiers for domestic and industrial use.

Hot and cold water purifiers are becoming increasingly popular as a feasible solution, especially in metro cities. The market is projected to register an over 15% CAGR, reaching over $485 million by 2025 from just $205 million in 2020. A number of driving forces are behind demand – growing health consciousness, rising disposable incomes, and awareness of health hazards that are posed by consumption of contaminated water. Most of the reputed brands also offer hot, cold, and ambient water on demand while eliminating pathogens that cause diseases, pesticides, heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, organic impurities, and free radicals.

Some of the top technologies used by the leading hot and cold water purifier brands in India are RO+UV+UF to ensure safe drinking water up to 80 degrees Celsius. Some of the products that are advanced also have mineral fortification and restructuring technology to enhance the taste and health quotient. For a beginner in the market, selecting the best Hot and Cold water purifier suited for your needs might prove to be a daunting task. Following a study of tank capacity, tank quality and convenient features, we have prepared a list of the best hot and cold Water Purifier in India.

How did we tested and shortlisted the best products:

  • Purification Technology: While making our selection we checked the purification technology used by water purifier carefully and included only the products which have UV, RO (Reverse Osmosis), UF (Ultrafiltration) and so on. 
  • Temperature Options: We checked the temperature range for hot and cold dispensing and included product that are flexible to accommodate different preferences ranging from ambient, warm and hot water options. 
  • Capacity: We also evaluated the storage capacity of the water purifiers and included the best products with different capacities to fulfill the requirements of different families.

List of the Best Hot and Cold water purifier in India:

01. AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal

AO Smith Z1

We have tried this AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV Water Purifier which offers hot, cold, and normal temperature water for drinking. Our team has discovered that it gives out hot, room temperature, and cool water and makes sure that the water is purified for safe drinking.

This wall mount water purifier will give you hot and normal purified water. It has UV+UF purification technologies that eliminate germs and bacteria causing diseases and hence giving baby safe water. The hot water dispenser guarantees that you have hot water at your disposal for making beverages while the normal water is at room temperature.

AO Smith Z1 Filters and Accessories

The hot water tank of the water purifier is made of stainless steel of 10L capacity which is enough to store drinking water. It also purifies the water and provides necessary minerals like calcium in the 5 stage purification process as the water passes through the filters.

As far as water cleanliness and safety is concerned, this water purifier guarantees you drink clean water by eliminating microbial contaminants. The UV Life Alert feature also reminds you to change the UV lamp for continuous water purification.

Unlike the traditional water purifiers that only give you cold or normal temperature water, this one produces hot, pure, and healthy drinking water on demand.

Expert opinion:                                                                                          

The AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV water purifier is a 10-liter wall mount unit ideal for use with municipal water containing TDS below 200. It has a 5-stage purification process with UV technology, offering hot water in three temperature modes. The Night Assist feature provides glow light effect; the unit has a 1-year warranty on UV lamp and electrical parts. The reviews by customers point out satisfaction with the performance of product, hot water feature and ease in installation though opinions on service and taste are divided.

What customers say?

This product has been generally well-received as a water purifier, with positive feedback on the key features but some variation in user experiences regarding service and taste preferences.


  • 5-stage UV purification
  • Hot water 45-80°C
  • UV + UF filtration
  • Glow light night assist
  • 10L storage
  • 1 year warranty
  • Wall mount or countertop
Things We Like
  • Purified hot, cold & normal water
  • UV+UF purification
  • 10L storage
  • Night assist glow light
  • 1-year electrical warranty
Things We Dislike
  • Can’t dispense water without electricity

02. AO Smith Z8

This AO Smith Z8 Hot+ normal RO water purifier dispenses hot, normal, and cold water on demand, making it the ideal water purifier in India for getting pure and healthy drinking water.

You will find this RO hot and cold water purifier comes equipped with a stainless steel water tank that stores normal water at an ambient temperature, along with ensuring instant hot and cold water is available with the push of a button. We have also noticed that this hot water purifier can deliver water at 45°C for a warm glass and 80°C for piping hot beverages, giving you hot water for drinking on demand.

What you will get with this wall mount water purifier is baby-safe water that is free from impurities, thanks to its 8-stage water purification process. This ensures the water you drink is pure but healthy water, with minerals like calcium retained through MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology). The water purification technologies employed, specifically the combination of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT), ensures the water that passes through is 100% free from TDS and microbes.

Ordinary water purifiers do not guarantee 100% RO purification, however the patented Side Stream RO Membrane technology in this AO Smith water dispenser makes sure all water goes through the RO membrane. This water purification not only removes impurities but also ensures secondary microbial contamination does not occur post-purification.

In terms of water conservation, you will see this hot normal cold water purifier saves 2X more water than ordinary water purifiers. So while you get hot water for drinking from this unit, it also prevents wastage at the same time.

The water purifier’s Advance Alert System provides peace of mind by indicating well in advance when filters or the RO membrane needs replacement. Plus, with flexible wall mount or countertop installation options, this AO Smith water dispenser can be set up conveniently even in compact kitchens.

With all these advanced water dispensing and purification technologies provide pure and healthy water that is baby-safe, along with the 1-year comprehensive warranty coverage.

Expert opinion:                                                                                                      

The product provides 8-stage purification which includes the process of 100% RO and SCMT technology that makes baby safe water. It has a 10-liter storage capacity, hot water options at three temperatures and MIN – TECH for preserving natural taste with essential minerals. The product has a 1-year warranty, is easy to install and comes with positive customer reviews on ease of use, installation process, quality taste and value for money.

What customers say?

The strengths of this AO Smith Water Purifier are reflected by customer reviews. Users like the quality of product, installation process, temperature control and purified water. Users can get water at different temperatures due to the hot feature. Nevertheless, the opinions on value, service and performance are divided.


  • 8-stage purification
  • 100% RO + SCMT
  • Hot, warm, ambient water
  • 10L storage
  • Saves water
  • Wall mount or countertop
  • 1 year warranty
Things We Like
  • Produces safe, baby-proof drinking water
  • Hot, cold, and normal water on demand
  • 100% RO purification
  • Saves more water than other RO purifiers
  • Advanced filters and alert system
Things We Dislike
  • More annual maintenance costs

03. Havells Gracia Alkaline Water Purifier

Havells Gracia Alkaline Water Purifier installed wall mounted in a wall

This Havells Gracia Alkaline Water Purifier in a friend home. You will find it has instant hot, warm, and normal water ambient temperature options to give safe drinking water. It dispenses hot water at 80°C which ensures that the water is free from disease-causing germs. With its sleek design, it can be mounted as a wall water purifier or kept on the counter for water purification.

This hot normal cold water purifier comes with advanced technologies to give clean drinking water that is baby-safe. The water purifier’s 8 stage purification process makes the water healthy by removing impurities. As the water passes through the RO membrane, it gets rid of bacteria and chemicals. In terms of water quality, it delivers alkaline water that supports a healthy pH balance.

The healthy water you drink from this system is enriched with minerals like calcium and magnesium for pure and healthy drinking water. The availability of hot water for drinking further makes this better than ordinary water purifiers. With its stainless steel tank, the water you get is fresh and safe.

Unlike ordinary water purifiers, the water from Havells Gracia is not only pure but healthy as it retains essential natural minerals. With multiple purification technologies like RO, UV, and alkaline, the output water TDS is reduced to safe levels while retaining trace elements. This gives you pure but healthy water which leading purifiers are available lacking. The water dispensing is very convenient with the instant heating and cooling feature.

Expert opinion:                                                                                         

The Havells Gracia Alkaline Water Purifier is a top-notch appliance delivering RO + UV purification, providing safe alkaline water with pH level between 8 and10. It has 8-stage purification and includes hot, warm and normal water options; a stainless steel tank for freshness; touch display screen etc., child lock protection. Well-known for its reliability and easy installation, this water purifier guarantees a steady flow of clean water while keeping the operation convenient.

What customers say?

The feedback about the Havells Gracia Alkaline Water Purifier is mostly positive. Customers love the taste of this product, its look as well as water quality. The alkaline water with minerals is preferred, and the hot and warm water features are emphasized as practical especially for families. Some users point out problems with installation services, but the product is highly appreciated for its construction quality, user-friendliness and efficient purifying performance. Nevertheless, several customers raise doubts regarding service, heat performance, water resistance and ease of installation.


  • 8-stage RO+UV purification
  • Touch controls
  • Child lock
  • Purification monitoring
  • 7.5L stainless steel tank
  • LED temperature display
  • Zero splash dispensing
Things We Like
  • RO + UV + Alkaline technology
  • Hot, warm and ambient water
  • pH 8-10 alkaline water
  • Compact and modern design
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Dispenses 15 liters per hour
  • Revitalizer restructures water
  • Advanced electrical protections
Things We Dislike
  • Can’t dispense water without electricity

04. Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier

Bepure 4g Installed wall mounted

This Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier provides instant hot, cold, and room temperature RO purified drinking water. It ensures the water you drink is healthy by removing impurities while retaining minerals like calcium for safe drinking water.

This mount water purifier dispenses hot, normal, and cold water on demand through an easy-to-use panel. The hot water for drinking reaches temperatures between 80-90 degrees at 2 liters per minute flow rate. You will get chilled water between 15-20 degrees from the cold water tank. Ambient purified water also flows from the 7 liter storage tank when no electricity is available.

Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier wall mounted in a kitchen

The water purification technologies like RO, UV, and UF filtration makes the water baby-safe by removing bacteria and viruses. The purifier comes with an LED display that allows monitoring of all operations like tank fullness and the purification process.

Expert opinion:

BePURE 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier is a fully loaded appliance that provides an 8-stage ultra purification process which includes RO, UV, UF and TDS control. It comes with hot and cold water, has a smart LED display for monitoring purposes easily, as well as quality assurance certifications. With its compact dimensions, easy filter replacements and other accessories it provides a hassle-free experience of water purification to the users.
What customers say?
The reviews point out the product’s positive features like quality, clean and alkaline water as well as hot water availability. The users like the fact that they require minimal maintenance and changing filters is easy. Nevertheless, some reviews point out the machine’s voice is annoying and sometimes problems such as leakage.


  • Instant hot & cold water
  • Alkaline pH water
  • UV, RO and UF filtration
  • 50% lower annual maintenance costs
  • Pre-filter to protect RO
  • 9L storage capacity
Things We Like
  • Hot, cold & room temperature water
  • Multi-stage purification
  • Retains minerals
  • Temperature controlled
  • LED display
  • Adds minerals
Things We Dislike
  • Extra installation cost
  • Slow purification rate
  • Bulky size

05. Bepure LUXE Hot and Cold Water Purifier

Bepure Luxe hor and cold water purifier

The Bepure LUXE Hot and Cold Water Purifier has an instant hot water feature that I have seen on few other cold water purifiers in India. With 8 stages of purification technologies, it ensures the water is not only pure but also healthy, free from impurities and enriched with minerals like calcium and copper for optimum pH balance.

What we liked about this hot water purifier is that you get hot, normal, and cold water from the ambient tap, which is quite convenient. The stainless steel water tank ensures hot water for drinking is bacteria-free, making it safe drinking water even for a baby. This mount water purifier comes with a 1-year warranty and has a low maintenance cost post that, making it economical for continuous use.

You will see the water passes through an 8-stage water purification process that makes the water alkaline and enhances it with copper and other healthy minerals. We have found most ordinary water purifiers do not add back essential minerals removed during RO purification which are needed for healthy water. The Bepure water purifier’s copper infusion technology ensures the water you drink has an optimal mineral balance for better absorption within the body.

In terms of water quality, you will get pure and healthy drinking water that is bacteria-free. The RO+UV+UF purification ensures even the hot water you get for drinking is as safe as purified water. Besides, while testing we were quite impressed that this purifier can work on tap water with TDS levels up to 3000 PPM to dispense clean drinking water. So no more buying expensive mineral water bottles!

With its 6 liters cold water storage tank and 1 liter hot water heater, this space-saving under-counter purifier has sufficient capacity for a household’s drinking water needs. You can also opt for a tabletop installation. Further, we have tested the hot water dispenser and it gives 2 liters per minute of hot water between 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for making beverages too.

Expert opinion:                                                                                          

The BePURE Luxe Copper+ Water Purifier brings you the advanced 8-stage purification with copper alkaline technology that not only gives pure but also healthy water. It has characteristics such as the provision of hot water, LED function monitoring and a compact design which guarantees convenience and ease in its use. This product is accompanied by a 1-year warranty, cost effective maintenance fees and certifications for quality making it an ideal choice for those looking for efficient water purification with added health benefits.

What customers say?

From the reviews, customers like BePURE Luxe Copper+ Water Purifier for its excellent product quality and support. The hot water feature is particularly helpful during the winter, and purification process said to produce a taste of superb quality. But some reviews speak about service and heating problems.


  • 8-stage purification
  • Copper alkaline technology
  • 6L water & 1L hot water storage
  • Alkaline pH 7.5-8.5
  • Hot water 80-90°C, 2L/min
  • 1 year warranty
  • Low maintenance cost
Things We Like
  • Hot, cold & room temperature water
  • 8 purification stages
  • Adds minerals
  • Hot water safe for drinking
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact under counter
Things We Dislike
  • Only 1L hot water tank

Top Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India compared

FeatureAO Smith Z1AO Smith Z8Havells GraciaBepure 4GBepure Luxe Copper+
Purification TechnologyUV+UFRO+SCMTRO+UV+AlkalineRO+UV+UF+TDSRO+UV+UF+TDS+Copper Alkaline
Suitable for Water SourceMunicipal (TDS<200)Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels greater than 200Borewell, Tanker, MunicipalBorewell, tanker, and municipal waterBorewell, tanker, and municipal water
Storage Capacity10L10L7.5L9L7L
Installation TypeWall mountWall mountWall mountWall mountWall mount
Purification Stages58888
Additional FeaturesNight AssistBaby-Safe WaterCopper+ZincHot & Cold WaterCopper Alkaline

Is hot and cold water dispenser good?

Hot and cold water dispensers can be useful appliances to have in homes or offices. On the bright side, they allow for the availability of both cold and hot water. It is this that makes people have the freedom to eat a cold glass of water or a hot tea or coffee whenever they need it. The dispensers cool and heat water rapidly, minimizing the waiting time. Several models come with safety features including child locks and auto shut off so that scalding or burns are prevented by accident. At the top end, some dispensers have even the added extravagance of sparkling water.

However, this type of dispensers also has some disadvantages to pay attention to. They occupy counter space and use electricity, increasing utility expenses. The first cost can be ₹15,000 – ₹20,000. The constant heating and cooling cycles cause wear to components that may require occasional maintenance. And direct connect dispensers can leak if the connection gets loose.

There are also downsides to consider before purchasing a dispenser, which I’ve summarized in the table below:

Convenience and accessibilityTakes up counter space
On-demand hot and cold waterElectricity usage and costs
Safety featuresPotential bacterial buildup
High-end options like sparkling waterScale buildup requiring descaling
Components may need repairs
Risk of leaks from water line connections

Do hot water dispensers use a lot of electricity?

A hot water dispenser consists of an insulated storage tank that heats incoming cold water and keeps it hot. The tank typically holds 3-5 gallons (11-19 liters) of water. Heating elements, usually powered by electricity, heat the water and then turn on and off as needed to maintain the set temperature. Common temperature settings range from 160°F to 205°F (70°C to 96°C).

Many dispensers also have a tap to dispense the hot water directly into a cup, pot or pan. Some models even allow you to select the output water temperature. Most also have a separate tap for room temperature or cold water.

Electricity Usage Factors

Several factors determine how much electricity a hot water dispenser requires:

  • Tank size – Larger tanks need more energy to heat initially.
  • Surface area – More tank surface area results in faster heat loss.
  • Temperature setting – The hotter the water, the more energy is needed for heating.
  • Climate and environment – Colder surroundings cause faster heat loss from the tank.
  • Usage – Frequent water draws require more reheating energy. Infrequent use causes more standby heat loss.

Typical Hot Water Dispenser Electricity Usage

The average hot water dispenser with a full 5-gallon (19 liter) tank consumes around 4-6 kWh of electricity per day. This amounts to 120-180 kWh per month. Annual electricity costs for operating it would ring in around ₹2,000 – ₹3,000 per year (at an average rate of ₹7 per kWh).

By comparison, larger electrical home appliances like ovens and clothes dryers use 2-5 kWh per use. So, an always-on hot water dispenser generally uses about as much electricity as using one of those major appliances 1-3 times per day. The level of energy consumption makes hot water dispensers one of the more intensive appliances many homes now run 24/7.

Which is better hot water dispenser or kettle?

Hot water dispensers and electric kettles are both popular options for boiling water in Indian households. Here is a detailed comparison of the two to help you decide which is better suited for your needs:


Hot water dispensers tend to be more expensive upfront, with prices ranging from Rs. 5,000-15,000 for basic models and going up to Rs. 30,000 or more for high-end dispensing units with special features. Electric kettles on the other hand are very affordable, starting at around Rs. 800 and going up to Rs. 2,000 or more for models with higher capacities and more features.

Winner: Electric Kettle


Hot water dispensers store and heat a large volume of water, making them very convenient when you need to fill multiple cups, cook food that requires boiling water like pasta or oatmeal, or make beverages like tea and coffee frequently through the day. Electric kettles need to be refilled each time and can only heat up to 1-1.5 liters of water in one go.

Winner: Hot Water Dispenser

Energy efficiency:

Given their on-demand operation and better insulation, hot water dispensers utilize less standby energy to keep stored water hot. Electric kettles on the other hand tend to consume more energy as all the water has to be freshly boiled each time.

Winner: Hot Water Dispenser


The hot water faucets on dispensers pose a scalding risk, especially for children. Electric kettles automatically shut off when the water reaches boiling point, preventing accidents.

Winner: Electric Kettle


Scale build-up from hard water is a problem with both. But dispensers usually have filters to handle this better. The heating element may need replacement over time in both appliances.

Winner: Hot Water Dispenser

Counter/storage space:

Electric kettles take up less space as dispensers are bulkier. Kettles can be easily stored away when not in use.

Winner: Electric Kettle

Key Comparison

ParameterHot Water DispenserElectric Kettle
Upfront costRs. 5,000 – 30,000Rs. 800 – 2,000
ConvenienceVery convenient – stores and heats large volumesLess convenient – small capacity, needs refilling
Energy efficiencyMore efficientLess efficient
SafetyRisk of scaldingAuto shut-off prevents accidents
MaintenanceWater filters handle scale build-upScale build-up on heating element
Storage footprintBulkier, takes up counter spaceCompact, easy to store


And that is it, an in-depth analysis of the finest hot and cold water purifiers available in the Indian market currently. After conducting rigorous research, testing and comparing, our research team identified the best of the top choices across various price points and features.

In fact, as is evident from the above there are great options for different needs. For instance, the AO Smith Z8 is a popular choice for 100% RO purification and Havells Gracia imparts alkaline properties. For instant hot water for beverages, the A.O Smith ProPlanet P6 provides this conveniently. Or the Bepure Luxe infuses healthy minerals without sacrificing purification.

Ensure that you choose a purifier whose capacity and technology is suitable for your family size, water sources as well as any special requirements such alkaline or mineral-rich water. Making sure that the warranty covers vital components also ensures long-term peace of mind. Sure, the initial cost is high but don’t forget that in the long run you save money by avoiding buying bottled water.

We hope this comprehensive guide has prepared you to choose the right hot and cold water purifier for your home. Remember, pure fresh water on demand can be so lives changing in helping one remain refreshed and healthy every day.

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