Which motor is used in the washing machine

Washing machines have become an essential part of our lives. People don’t have time to waste in modern times, and washing machines help us do our laundry without wasting time or effort. But, do you know that it is actually the washing machine’s motor that does most of the work? Do you often question yourself which motor is used in the washing machine? Are they all the same? If your answer is yes, you have landed in the right place. Because in this article, we will discuss various motors used in the washing machine.

Types of motor used in the washing machine:

There are several types of motors for washing machines. You will find any of the following motors in your washing machine that you regularly use to wash and clean your clothes:

Variable Speed Motors: These types of motors are electronic commutation devices you can find in a washing machine. They allow the washer to perform its job of cleaning at several speed levels. The washing machine with such a motor can spin the agitator and the basket at high speeds.

You will find a mode switcher that manages several washing rotation modes, which are used with the help of the rotor and the agitator drive shaft. Further, the rotator drives the basket and agitator by oscillating at various rates.

The ECM’s rotational speed of Variable Speed Motors is four and sixteen times the agitator drive shaft 270. It helps in reducing the transmission efficiency of torque ripple vibrations into the machine while ensuring that the wash cycle runs smoothly. Besides, washing machines with such motors are efficient and can save water and energy.

Brushless DC Motors: Well, you will find different types of brushless DC motors that are being used in washing machines. Such motors have brushes attached to the DC power supply to the one that doesn’t have brushes. Such motors usually have one rotor and several stationary coils. It also works in driving water to wash and spin the clothes effortlessly. You will be surprised to know that brushless DC motors and synchronous have different uses but similar features. Washing machines with brushless DC motors are comparatively more efficient, and you can adjust their speed with the help of reduced gears. Besides, they are more reliable and come with several advantages.

Asynchronous Motors: Some washing machines use asynchronous electric motors. Such a motor generally has a stator, kind words f a magnetic circuit, and a rotor. This motor works because of the interaction of alternating magnetic fields. You will find Asynchronous motors in two types, two-phase and rare. They are generally used in washing machines of the affordable price range and require no starting capacitor. The motor features excitation winding to produce the magnetic field. It comes with a switch known as the SB to control the direction of the motor. Moreover, you can also find a security device in such motors that reduce the machine’s other movement and vibration while operating.

Universal Motors: Next is the universal motor, commonly seen in washing and AC series machines. Well, this is quite similar to the DC motor. However, it has some modified elements that are specifically added to provide smooth power that would be sufficient to run an AC.

There are many advantages of using universal motors in washing machines. They can work at high speeds, have a very compact size, are light in weight, makes minimal noise while operating, and can be easily replaced. They are considered the universal choice for household appliances. Such motors are also compatible with a hot water wash and much more. Besides, even after such motors use a DC supply, they consume less than 50V.


So, which motor is used in your washing machine? They are all equally efficient in their own ways. Rest, it doesn’t matter which motor your washing machine has, take good care of it and experience good performance from it for a long time. Further, suppose you have any special requirements for your washing machine’s motor. In that case, it is suggested that you check the specifications carefully before making a purchase. Besides, this article was designed with a vision to provide the best information to the readers. Hope it was successful in serving its purpose.

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