10 Best Washing Machine With Heater Dryer In India 2024

Searching for a suitable washing machine that has a built-in dryer and heater is not an easy job. The Indian appliance market is projected to reach 21.18 billion by 2024 from 17.74 billion in 2021. As more and more features and technology are being crammed into home appliances, it is no wonder the integrated washer-dryers are gaining popularity. Besides, according to some reports the CAGR of washer-dryers sales is predicted to reach 9% during the period from 2022 to 2027.In this list of best washing machine with heater dryer in India you will come across different aspect and specifications of a washing machine.

Best Washing machine with heater dryer in India collage for all machines

Furthermore, when looking for an integrated washer-dryer there are some important factors to consider: capacity, settings for different fabric types, such as spin speeds, temperatures, etc. The more variability the better! Besides, washing and drying are quite power consuming, so an A++ or higher rating will reduce electric bill. Cost is influenced by features, capacity and energy rating.
We spent weeks testing and comparing quite some options to ensure our recommendations is worth your time and money. Here we listed some of the best washing machines with dryer and heater in India that can be a great laundry companion to you this year.

How did we tested and shortlisted the best?

Capacity: We understand that different families have different laundry requirements and measuring the capacity of the machine is very important. Therefore, we included products with different capacity to fulfill everyone’s requirements.

Energy Efficiency: It is clear to us that the higher the star ratings, the higher the energy efficiency of the machines will be. So, we checked the energy ratings of the products and picked only 5-star energy rated models.
Spin Speed: Increased spin speeds improves the efficiency of water extraction from clothes and therefore, we checked the spin speed of each product and selected only the best ones for you.

List of the Best Washing Machine with Dryer and Heater in India:


  • 8 kg capacity
  • 1200 RPM spin speed
  • 15 wash programs
  • 5 star energy rating
  • AI Active Water Plus technology
  • In-built heater
  • VarioDrum with stainless steel drum
  • LED display with touch panel
Bosch 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn) image captured while testing in a store

The Bosch washing machine has been designed by a leading home appliance brand, especially for the modern Indian home. This washing machine is perfect for large families that have a lot of laundry to do every day due to its 8 kg size.

Bosch 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn) product image

It comes with 15 wash programs to suit every fabric, from Cottons, Synthetics, Wool, and so on. When you have to wash clothes urgently, the Quick 15& Quick 30 minutes programs are ideal. With the AI Active Water Plus technology, the water usage is automatically adjusted according to the load. The integrated heater is useful during the winter season when clothes take more time to dry. 

Bosch 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn)

The VarioDrum system also helps in the washing of mixed loads. It has a slim front panel with an LED display and touch buttons. Bosch offers 2 years warranty on the product and 12 years on the motor for a complete sense of security. 

Expert opinion:

This washing machine provides a high-performance and energy-efficient laundry solution with a 5-star rating. With a large 8 kg capacity, 15 wash programs, and a high spin of 1200 RPM, it guarantees better washing and faster drying. With features like AI Active Water Plus and an In-Built Heater, along with positive customer reviews, the machine is one of the best options for those looking for an efficient and user-friendly washing appliance.

expert opinion Bosch 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn)

What customers say?

The Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine reviews are mostly positive. The wash quality and energy efficiency of the washing machine are generally acceptable. Others praise its solid construction, while others discuss the pleasant installation process. On the other hand, some users mention issues with the noise that the machine makes during the spinning/drying process. 

Things we like
  • Suitable for families.
  • Faster drying
  • Saves water
  • Gentle on clothes
  • Intuitive control panel
Things we dislike
  • Installation and demo chargeable
  • No steam wash feature


  • 6 kg capacity
  • 800 RPM spin speed
  • 8 wash programs
  • Crescent moon stainless steel drum
  • 5 star energy rating
  • 4 years comprehensive warranty
IFB 6 Kg Washing Machine (DIVA AQUA BXS 6008) image captured while testing in a store

As a trustworthy home appliance brand, IFB provides the best products and the DIVA AQUA BXS 6008 is no exception. This 6 kg IFB washing machine is perfect for small families, singles, and couples who need to wash their laundry regularly. The front-load design ensures easy access and takes minimal space as compared to top-load models, ideal for a family of 4 members.

IFB 6 Kg Washing Machine (DIVA AQUA BXS 6008) first hand review

In terms of drying clothes, the 800 RPM spin speed provides faster drying through the removal of more water during the spin cycle. Up to 8 wash programs, you can pick the appropriate setting for each load, either the gentle Cradlewash program for delicates or the Mixed/Daily/Soiled program for everyday loads. The stainless steel crescent moon drum is an innovative product that is designed to have a soft water cushion for your fabrics.

first hand review IFB 6 Kg Washing Machine (DIVA AQUA BXS 6008)

Other features provide comfort, such as Child Lock to preserve setups, Auto Restart to continue cycles after power outages, and High-Low Voltage Protection. Its built-in heater enables you to overcome the most stubborn stains by heating the water. 

specifications IFB 6 Kg Washing Machine (DIVA AQUA BXS 6008)

Expert opinion:

The IFB DIVA AQUA BXS 6008 6 Kg 5 Star fully automatic front load washing machine is known for its energy efficiency and superior functionality. It provides TRISHIELD PROTECTION that comes with a 4-year warranty and 800 RPM spin speed for quick drying. The crescent moon drum with stainless steel makes gentle fabric care, and the 8 wash programs, including one for delicates; make it convenient for every laundry.

first hand Expert opinion for IFB washing machine

What customers say?

The reviews of the IFB DIVA AQUA BXS 6008 are mostly positive. They like the fact that it is a good value for money, cleans efficiently, and uses little electricity. Nevertheless, the users report a higher noise level during the operation as one of the disadvantages. The display, service quality, and ease of use are a subject of different opinions. Users complained of faulty product and poor customer service while others praised quick response from technical support to handle queries.

Things we like
  • Good capacity for small households
  • Front load is space-saving
  • Gentle drum protects clothes
  • Excellent warranty coverage
Things we dislike
  • Not suitable for larger families
  • No smart or WiFi connectivity


  • 6kg capacity
  • Front loading
  • 1000 RPM max spin speed
  • Built-in heater
  • Touch controls
  • Tub sterilization
  • Rapid Wash (15mins)
Panasonic 6 kg door

The Panasonic NA-106MB3L01 can make laundry day a lot easier for us. One of the first things that stand out about the Panasonic NA-106MB3L01 is its large 6 kg capacity stainless steel crescent moon drum, which is ideal for a family of 3-4 members. This front-loading design enables easy loading and unloading of laundry for you. 

Panasonic 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (NA-106MB3L01) product page

The large 480mm door opening allows you to change clothes during the cycle if this is required. This washing machine will save you a lot of drying time due to its high spin speed of 1000 RPM. The Rapid Wash program is a blessing when you are short of time. The Intensive Wash program uses vigorous drum rotations and soaking for tough stains on blankets or jeans.

Panasonic 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (NA-106MB3L01) product page front and side image
Panasonic 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (NA-106MB3L01) specification

Expert opinion:

The product provides a convenient and effective laundry solution with a 5-star energy rating. With a 6 kg capacity and a large door for convenient loading, it enables you to personalize wash cycles and has a special self-cleaning system. With an inbuilt heater for stain removal, the ability to hand wash gently, and many wash alternatives, it guarantees proper cleaning while maintaining cleanliness.

Panasonic 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (NA-106MB3L01) expert opinion

What customers say?

Overall, customer reviews for the Panasonic 6 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine are positive. Users underline the value for money, efficient work and silent operation of the product. Among the positive aspects, it is possible to mention washing daily-wear clothes effectively, gentle washing for delicates, and the possibility of adding clothes during the washing cycle. Nevertheless, some problematic reviews refer to the lack of spare parts and service, which can be a warning sign for customer support.

Things we like
  • Large capacity for 3-4 members
  • Wide door for easy loading
  • High spin speed reduces drying time
  • Built-in heater enhances stain removal
  • Customizable wash cycles
  • Tub sterilization for hygiene
  • Energy efficient
Things we dislike
  • Small detergent dispenser


  • 9kg wash capacity, 6kg dry capacity
  • Vapour Wash – 40°C vapour spray removes allergens
  • EcoInverter motor – quiet, energy efficient
  • 15 min quick wash cycle
  • Variable temp control
Electrolux 9kg6kg Washing Machine, EWW9024P5WB

While testing several products we were particularly quite impressed with the new Electrolux UltimateCare 500 EWW9024P5WB front load washer dryer, which is extremely time-saving as well as efficient in its performance. This Scandinavian-inspired design not only looks stylish, but it delivers that extra cleaning power in fighting away stains and brightening clothes.

Electrolux 9kg/6kg Washing Machine, EWW9024P5WB front image

One of the distinctive elements in the Electrolux 9kg/6kg Washer Dryer is the patented Vapour Wash technology. The second phase, which follows the wash cycle, is the spraying of a gentle mist of warm vapour throughout the drum to eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens and germs from fabrics. For those of us who have issues with seasonal allergies, this is a complete turnaround. The 40 °C vapour is also clothes-friendly compared to chemicals that are very harsh on clothes, maintaining the fabric integrity.

Electrolux 9kg/6kg Washing Machine, EWW9024P5WB specification

Quick 15 washing cycles, work well in a hurry when you have only to do a small load. I can just throw a few things in and have them washed, rinsed, and spun in only 15 minutes. In case of bigger loads, the washer-dryer has a range of 15 wash programs, all of which are designed to suit different fabrics and soiling levels. Choosing Hygiene, Delicates, and every day make sure that your clothes are clean but are not damaged.

Expert opinion:

It offers an efficient and simple laundry solution that achieves an EnergyStar rating of 5 stars. It is capable of 6 kg and has a large loading door, therefore, it allows you to choose the wash cycle and is fitted with a special self-cleaning system. With a built-in heater for stain removal and an option for hand washing gently, many wash alternatives ensure cleaning while keeping clean.

Electrolux 9kg/6kg Washing Machine, EWW9024P5WB expert opinion

What customers say?

In general, Panasonic 6 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is rated highly by the customers. The users bring out the fact that the product is value for money it is efficient, and it is silent in operation. The positive aspects that can be highlighted include effective cleaning of daily-wear clothes, gentle washing of delicate clothes, and adding clothes during the washing process. However, some reviews are a bit questionable as they bring up the fact of the lack of spare parts and service which may be a hint for customer support.

Things we like
  • Large capacity
  • Hygienic vapour wash
  • Energy-efficient EcoInverter motor
  • Fast 15-minute wash cycle
  • Flexible temperature settings
  • Compact 24″ size
  • Woolmark Blue certified
Things we dislike
  • Noise during the spin cycle
  • Low drum light

The new IFB Laundrimagic 3-in-1 8.5 Kg/6.5 Kg/2.5 Kg Inverter Washer Dryer Refresh makes the laundry day easier than one could imagine. The first thing we tested was the 19 wash programs that are tailor-made to ensure proper cleaning and care for various fabric properties. 

IFB Laundrimagic 3-in-1 8.5 Kg/6.5 Kg/2.5 Kg Inverter Washer Dryer Refresh

It has various presets that take away the guesswork of setting the correct cycle such as Jeans/Sari, Mix Load and Hygiene Wash. ”

IFB Laundrimagic 3-in-1 8.5 Kg/6.5 Kg/2.5 Kg Inverter Washer Dryer Refresh specification

The special privilege that makes it one of the exclusive features that this IFB washer dryer combo has over its competitors is the Inverter Technology that helps to lower power consumption by the motors and by the optimal need of the power consumption. Moreover, in terms of energy-saving, the unit has a 5-star rating on consumption per cycle.

It was wonderful to have the ability to connect directly via the IFB Store app and download/control cycles through the option of WiFi connectivity. The fact that one can track progress remotely from anywhere and also through voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant raised the level of convenience even higher.

Expert opinion:

This is a front-loader washing machine that comes with multiple flexible functionalities. It provides 19 cycle wash programs, inverter technology and 4 years of warranty with 10 years of spare parts support. This appliance features other salient additions such as Aqua Energie, condenser drying, and Wi-Fi control to provide eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient laundry service.

IFB Laundrimagic 3-in-1 8.5 Kg/6.5 Kg/2.5 Kg Inverter Washer Dryer refresh first hand expert opinion

What customers say?

It has been well received with favourable customer reviews. People value its drying, its quietness, and its variety of wash cycles. There were some issues that the users mentioned from time to time, like poor WiFI connectivity, overpricing, and leftover liquid after the wash. On the other hand, positive comments underline the value of the product, especially about the built-in dryer function. 


  • 3-in-1 washer, dryer and refresher combo
  • 8.5 kg wash capacity, 6.5 kg dry capacity
  • Inverter motor technology
  • 19 wash programs
  • WiFi and voice-enabled
Things we like
  • Space-saving 2-in-1 design
  • Energy-efficient inverter motors
  • Multiple wash programs for versatility
  • Good wash and drying performance
  • Remote monitoring and control via app
Things we dislike
  • Expensive initial purchase price
  • Complex controls and settings
  • Need regular condenser cleaning


  • 8kg capacity
  • Digital Inverter motor
  • 11 wash programs
  • Hygiene Steam with heater
  • Diamond drum
  • 5-star BEE rating

The Samsung WW80T4040CE1TL is a modern front-load washing machine that offers a wealth of features to deliver effective and hygienic fabric care. 

Samsung 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine (WW80T4040CE1TL) image captured while testing in a store

Fitted with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology, the cyclonic washing machine comes with a long-lasting Digital Inverter motor that makes it work quietly and reduces energy consumption by as much as 50%. The motor has a fast RPM of 1400 that ensures faster spin cycles, and it also reduces noise and vibration even at high speeds.

Samsung 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine (WW80T4040CE1TL) front image

The diamond-shaped design of the drum provides mild treatment to clothes without doing any harm to the fabric during the washing cycles. With a wide array of 11 different wash programs available to suit fabric type and washing needs, from Quick Wash in just 19 minutes to specialized cycles including Bedding, Wool or Delicates, and Hygiene Steam.

Samsung 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine (WW80T4040CE1TL) diamond shape drum

Hygiene Steam technology is a valued highlight feature, which by using steam kills more than 99% of bacteria and allergens. This results in a thorough cleaning of clothes and the maintenance of germ-free and sanitized laundry.

Samsung 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine (WW80T4040CE1TL) specification

As far as the design is concerned, the front load washer is very stylish and sleek having the controls mounted on the front panel. It has been designed with dimensions of 60D x 55W x 85H cm, suitable for smaller laundry rooms.

Expert opinion:

The Samsung 8 kg, 5 Star, Digital Inverter, Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine provides effective and clean laundry care. It has a 5-star energy rating, Hygiene Steam, and Diamond drum design, which means the best cleaning of the toughest stains while maintaining the delicate textures of your clothes. The Digital Inverter Motor offers fast washing operation and has 11 wash programs to fulfil the required laundry functions. Its silent operation is another positive aspect that customers highlight, which makes it a good decision for those families who need a quiet yet efficient washing solution.

Samsung 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine (WW80T4040CE1TL) specification

What customers say?

All the reviews for this washer are generally good. It is said to have crisp and clean laundry results, quiet and vibrationless, and an easy operating machine for the customers. They like the fact that there is a diverse range of wash programmes and that the washer can tackle a large range of laundry types. The Energy Efficiency and Hygiene Steam are mentioned by some customers as benefits. Nevertheless, there are occasional comments regarding the difficulty of installation.

Things we like
  • Suitable for big families
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Quiet and vibration-free performance
  • Effective cleaning with Hygiene Steam
  • Smart safety features like child lock
Things we dislike
  • The display panel is complicated


  • 7.5 kg capacity
  • 5 star energy rating
  • Oceanus Wave drum
  • 780 RPM spin speed
  • 15 wash programs
  • In-built heater
  • Touch controls

The Haier HWM75-H826S6 washing machine has a large 7.5 kg capacity drum, making it the perfect choice for larger families who have a lot of washing to do in one load. 

Haier 7.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine (HWM75-H826S6)

The Oceanus Wave drum design is one of the highlights that offer a soft wash that minimizes problems of friction and damage on fabric. Clothes stay clean and retain their shape and texture. The 780 RPM spin speed allows quick extraction of water, thereby reducing the drying time.

Haier 7.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine (HWM75-H826S6) front image

A few thoughtful additional features include a child lock to prevent accidental usage, delay start for scheduling washing when electricity rates are lower and rat mesh filter to prevent pests getting into the machine. The intuitive touch controls are easy to operate. 

Haier 7.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine (HWM75-H826S6) specification

The design of this washing machine is sleek in shiny Starry Silver and it looks marvelous in my laundry room. The manual was quite detailed and allowed for quick assembly and installation.

Expert opinion:

This washing machine provides the best of worlds, efficiency and convenience. It provides a deep and hygienic wash for large families with its built-in heater, 5D pulsator drum, and 15 wash programs. Its 5-star energy rating, quick wash option, and touch controls make it a great value and user-friendly appliance, with a 5-year warranty for extra security.

expert opinion haier 7.5 kg top load washing machine

What customers say?

The customer reviews of the product are quite positive. Its fast delivery, high-performance, and ease of use make customers appreciate it. The machine’s high wash quality, low cost, and the provision of features such as inbuilt heater and child lock are praised. Some minor mentions are slight vibrations during use, but, in general, the product is praised for its value for the money and reliability.

Things we like
  • Large capacity for families
  • Energy efficient
  • Gentle on clothes
  • Fast drying with high spin speed
  • Versatile wash programs
  • Hygienic hot wash option
  • Easy to use controls
Things we dislike
  • Long wash cycles for full loads
  • No steam wash feature
  • Rat mesh filter needs periodic cleaning


  • 8 kg capacity
  • 5 star energy rating
  • Inverter motor technology
  • 1200 RPM spin speed
  • Super Drum design
  • Puri Steam feature
  • Refresh cycle
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty

The latest model of the Haier HW80-IM12929C washing machine provides an outstanding balance of efficiency, quality, and advanced technology. 

Featuring a fully automatic front load washing machine with an 8 kg capacity, this product is ideal for medium to large families.

There are three Haier 8 Kg 5 Star Inverter Motor Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine image captured in a store

Notably, the inverter motor technology ensures quiet operation and optimal energy utilization based on the load capacity. This helps the appliance earn its impressive 5-star energy rating rating – one of the most efficient models in its category. The high-speed 1200 RPM also reduces drying time.

Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine Appliance (HW80-IM12929C) warranty

The Haier washing machine comes with a five-year warranty, and a 12-year warranty on the motor, ensuring reliability for a long time. DAWNTECH ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED offers professional installation with the delivery for more convenient delivery process. Alternatively, customers can also check the open box upon arrival before assuming.

specification of haier 8 kg front load washing machine

Expert opinion:

The Haier 8 Kg 5 Star Inverter Motor Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is a perfect example of efficiency and innovation. It is a powerful 8 kg, 5-star energy rating, inverter motor washing that consumes low energy. The attributes such as Puri Steam for the fabric care, Super Drum design and comprehensive warranty make it one of the most reliable and user-friendly products on the market. Moreover, with discounts, EMI options and free delivery, it comes up as an economical and easy-to-use option for the needs of modern laundry.

specification of haier 8 kg front load washing machine expert opinion

What customers say?

In the description of customers, the Haier 8 Kg 5 Star Inverter Motor Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine gets favorable reviews. Its economy of operation, low noise, and simple controls are appreciated by the users. The 5-star energy rating is a popular one because it is known for its energy efficiency. Other features appreciated by customers include value for money, Puri Steam, and design.

Things we like
  • High energy efficiency
  • Powerful spin reduces drying time
  • Durable polycarbonate drum
  • Long warranty period
Things we dislike
  • No Smart Feature


  • 9kg capacity
  • Front load design
  • 5 Star energy rating
  • Inverter technology
  • AI Direct Drive motor
  • 14 wash programs
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 10 year motor warranty

This LG washing machine is the flagship product that brings into the market a new generation of convenience and efficiency. 

LG 9 Kg Wi-Fi Inverter AI Direct Drive Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (FHP1209Z5M)

Its enormous 9kg capacity is ideal for dealing with mountains of laundry from a large home. The front load design offers easy access and better washing performance than the top-load models.

LG 9 Kg Wi-Fi Inverter AI Direct Drive Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (FHP1209Z5M)

Hygiene Steam addresses more than 99.9% of bacteria and allergens during the washing cycle by incorporating steam. This LG washing machine helps create better health and hygiene for your family’s clothes. You get 14 unique wash programs that provide specialized cycles for various types of fabrics. Available options such as Allergy Care, Baby Steam Care, Silent Wash and many more make it possible for you to choose the type of laundry care that suits you best.

LG 9 Kg Wi-Fi Inverter AI Direct Drive Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (FHP1209Z5M) specification

The drum is made from the corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which helps to ensure a more gentle washing of clothes. The smooth surface restricts fabric friction and accidental ripping. Smart Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to set and monitor cycles remotely via smartphone. This washing machine is equipped with an inbuilt heater that heats water to 60°C. This ensures perfect elimination of hard stains and oils – especially appropriate for extremely dirty laundry.

Expert opinion:

This is an automatic machine that serves as a perfect appliance for large families. It is a 5-star energy rating product with AI Direct Drive, Hygiene Steam, and 14 wash programs for a first-rate fabric performance. The machine is stainless steel drum, the smart connectivity via WIFI, and the 10 year motor warranty make the machine the best high performance and convenience in laundry care which is efficient and hygienic.

LG 9 Kg Wi-Fi Inverter AI Direct Drive Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (FHP1209Z5M) expert opinion

What customers say?

Users of this product are quite happy with the overall performance of this machine, noise levels, and superb LG ThinkQ app integration. It is able to give exceptional features like AI sensing, excellent washing quality and a machine that does not vibrate much even at high spin speeds is appreciated by the user. Positive feedback, on the other hand, emphasizes the value for money, top quality build and stylish look. On the other hand though, a couple of customers have raised issues on the durability of the product with heavy dents on the body in certain instances.

Things we like
  • Smart adaptive washing
  • Effective stain removal
  • Durable corrosion-resistant drum
  • Customizable wash options
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Powerful heating for tough stains
  • Long-lasting motor
Things we dislike
  • Complex controls and connectivity
  • Potential mold issues if not dried properly


  • 8.0kg Front Load Washing Machine
  • Inverter Technology
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
  • Stain Expert
  • White Colour
  • 3-Year Warranty

Voltas Beko 8.0kg front load washing machine (model number WFL8012VTWA) is a good choice for families desirous of a powerful and effective washing machine. 

Voltas Beko 8.0kg, Inverter, 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine (WFL8012VTWA) image captured while testing it in a store

As a fully automatic front loader, this machine has a number of features that make it convenient to wash clothes.

Voltas Beko 8.0kg, Inverter, 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine (WFL8012VTWA) front image

This model features an inverter technology that allows the control of energy consumption according to the load. This not only conserves electric power but also improves washing results. It has a 5-star rating for energy efficiency and this is indicative of how much you can save on electricity bills.

The StainExpert-feature is designed to remove the most stubborn stains with the help of smart sensing technology and a triple action system. It can get rid of 20 types of hard stains without prewash. This ensures that you always have perfect cleaning results.

Voltas Beko 8.0kg, Inverter, 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine (WFL8012VTWA) specification

The extra features such as the 2X PowerSteam system, digital display, time delay function, child lock, foam protection and high spin speed of 1200 RPM make laundry sessions efficient. 

Expert opinion:

The Washing Machine is a perfect combination of efficiency and innovation with inverter technology for the best performance and a 5-star energy rating. With Stain Expert feature, it guarantees effective stain removal. Moreover, its 3-year warranty, and free delivery, makes it a more reliable and cost-effective option.

Voltas Beko 8.0kg, Inverter, 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine (WFL8012VTWA) expert opinion

What customers say?

The accessible review points out a very high acceptance, with a 5.0 out of 5 stars rating. Some users particularly appreciated the stain-clear technology of the Voltas Beko front-load washing machine, pointing out that every piece of cloth is remarkably clean after washing. The review emphasizes the product’s practicality and recommends it as a worthwhile option.

Things we like
  • Efficient and Innovative
  • Powerful Stain Removal
Things we dislike
  • Noise around 73 dB while spinning in high RPM.

Comparison Table:

 Capacity (Kg)Energy RatingLoading TypeWarrantySpecial Features
Bosch WAJ2426AIn85 StarFront Load2 years on product and 12 years on the motorAI Active Water Plus
IFB DIVA AQUA BXS 600865 StarFront Load4 years Comprehensive2X Power Steam
Panasonic NA-106MB3L0165 StarFront Load2-year warrantyHygiene Clean, High Rotational Speed, Gentle Hand Wash Net, Crystal Drum
Electrolux EWW9024P5WB9/65 StarFront Load2 years on product and 10 years on the motor40°C Vapour Wash, EcoInverter, Scandinavian Design
IFB Laundrimagic Executive ZXM8.55 StarFront Load4 years on product and 10 years on the motorInverter, Washer Dryer Refresh
Samsung WW80T4040CE1TL85 StarFront Load2 YearsHygiene Steam
Haier HWM75-H826S67.55 StarTop Load5 years on product and 12 years on the motorOceanus Wave Drum
Haier HW80-IM12929C85 StarFront Load5 years on product and 12 years on the motorPuri Steam
LG FHP1209Z5M95 StarFront Load2 years on product and 10 years on the motorWi-Fi, AI Direct Drive, Steam
Voltas Beko WFL8012VTWA85 StarFront Load3 yearsStain Expert

The Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is the best washing machine with dryer and heater in India overall. It offers a balance of wash performance, efficiency, features and warranty coverage. Here are the key reasons why it is the best according to us:

  • It is suitable for families with lots of laundry, 8kg capacity
  • Energy efficient with a 5-star BEE rating to cut electricity bills
  • The high spin speed of 1200 RPM causes shorter drying times
  • AI Active Water Plus technology automatically adjusts water use to the load size to save water
  • VarioDrum soft on clothes and good for mixed fabric loads
  • 15 wash programs for different fabric types and levels of soiling
  • Intuitive LED display with touch controls for user convenience
  • Bosch brand with 2 years of warranty on product and 12 years on motor for reliability and durability

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Washing Machine with Dryer and Heater in India: The Buying Guide

Capacity: Capacity is the volume of the product in one cycle. If you a member of large family and you need to do the laundry every day, you should choose the machine with the capacity of 8 kilograms and more. Being bigger, large capacities are perfect for families with a larger number of laundries, whereas small capacities are the best for singles, couples or small families. For large families we recommend Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine. Whereas IFB 6 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is ideal for smaller households or couples, offering efficient washing for moderate loads.

Samsung 5 star energy rating washing machine

Energy Efficiency: Star rating is what energy efficiency is measured. The higher the star ratings, the higher the energy efficiency, as this leads to less energy consumption, which translates into a lower amount of utility bills paid. This can all be summarized by saying that the search should be for 5-star energyrated models, for example, Panasonic or Voltas Beko.

Warranty: Warranty coverage functions as a protection against manufacturing defects and malfunctions for the consumer. The long warranty period is a sign of the confidence that the manufacturer has in its product’s ability to function for a long time. Choose models that provide a complete warranty, like offerings from Haier, which come with a product warranty of 5 years and 12 years for the motor.

Spin Speed: Spin speed refers to the speed with which the drum in the washing machines spins within the spin cycle. Increased spin speeds improves the efficiency of water extraction from clothes and therefore, the time taken for the clothes to dry is also reduced. In this case, Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star fully-automatic front loading washing machine can be an ideal choice as it has a spin speed of 1200 RPM.

Wash Programs: Wash programs are flexible and work with various types of fabrics and requirements of laundry. Wash programs are varied, and thus provide efficient cleaning while maintaining the integrity of garments. Search for models that have several wash programs as in the case of Panasonic, Samsung Haier, and LG which offer different types of washing cycles according to fabric type and certain laundering needs.

Tips for using a Washing Machine with Dryer and Heater:

Following are some useful tips that will help you use your washing machine with dryer and heater in the right way:

  • Sort your clothes into lights, darks, delicates, and specialty items such as workout clothes. You will need to wash fabrics of similar type together.
  • Look at the care labels and select the appropriate wash cycle-delicate for delicates, normal or permanent press for most clothes and heavy duty for really dirty items. Adjust the water temperature as well.
  • Now, place the detergent in the dispenser drawer – liquid in the middle compartment, powder in the main wash compartment. Don’t overload it!
  • Toss your clothes into the drum loosely – leave space for them to move. Then close the door.
  • Choose any additional options if desired – prewash, extra rinse, delay start. Make sure you selected the right cycle and hit the start button!
  • After the wash is over, slowly take your clothes and put them into the dryer drum – zip zippers, button buttons, tie strings first.
  • Choose a dryer cycle – low heat for delicates, medium for most loads, high for towels or heavy materials. If you want to, add a dryer sheet.
  • The clothes will automatically dry depending on the cycle. If necessary, the heater may turn on to accelerate the process.
  • Once completed, we would suggest you to quickly remove clothes to prevent wrinkling. Use the lint filter before every load!

Benefits and limitations of owning a Washing Machine with Dryer and Heater:

You may consider thinking if you need to switch to a washing machine with a dryer and heater, and ditch the traditional one. While it is fair for you to have such thoughts and our research team believes that if you want to make the right purchase decision it is important to know both benefits and limitations of the product. Therefore, keeping the same thought in mind, here in this section, we will place the benefits and limitations of owning a washing machine with a dryer and heater side by side, so that you can make the right choice:

Allows washing and drying in one machine, which mean you don’t need to transfer wet clothes.Lower capacity than full-size washers and dryers
Prevents mildew/wrinkles from clothes sitting wet.Requires more frequent, smaller loads
Heating element enables faster drying.Drying times can be lengthy due to small drum
Saves space compared to separate washer and dryerHigher purchase cost than separate appliances
Compact size fits in small laundry rooms/apartmentsMore complex venting required
Some models auto-send washed loads to drying cycleIncreased potential for repairs with combo unit
Can program washer and dryer to run sequentiallySmaller drum has limited airflow for drying


From our research we understood that a key component of proper hygiene and health includes ensuring that clothes remain fresh and clean. Thus, with the evolution of technology, the washing machine has transformed beyond washing clothes efficiently but also drying them without a separate dryer unit. The 2-in-1 function of this gadget proves to be quite beneficial as it helps to save space and time, thus making laundry work easier and quicker.
Our research team has done exhaustive trials and research and come up with this definitive guide on the best washing machines with a built-in dryer and heater in India nowadays. We have ensured that we have incorporated the leading brands such as Bosch, IFB, Samsung, LG and others to ensure that there are diverse options based on capacity, price, features and other aspects. Important features such as wash programs, energy rating, and motor warranty are discussed to ensure that buyers have the information to make the best choice.

We believe this comprehensive guide will be a valuable tool in helping you make the right decision on the best washing machine with dryer and heater. Our benefit and limitation comparison is balanced. These appliances, if used properly and taken care of, can carry the laundry to the next level of convenience in Indian homes. 

Madhurima Dhar

Madhurima Dhar

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