Efficiency Battle: Dishwasher or Maid – Which is the Better Choice?

Having house help is very important nowadays. There was a time when people could easily manage working outside and doing household activities simultaneously. However, in this competitive world, most people require house help to balance office work and household chores smoothly. Well, currently, a very interesting debate on Dishwasher vs. Maid has captured the minds of people. House help in the form of anything is appreciated. Still, it can be difficult to determine which one is actually a worthy investment. In this article, we will thoroughly compare dishwashers and maids and find out which is more efficient and cost-effective.

To start with, everyone needs to wash their utensils regularly. You might get late for work and leave the used plate lying on the sink. But after you come home exhausted, washing those utensils and more can be a bit difficult. You might hire a maid to help you clean and pay the maid every month to solve this problem. This method has been practiced for quite a long time now. But, with time, you will have to admit that finding a good house help has become very difficult. Besides, you can never be too sure how good your maid will work and how many days it will last. It’s always very uncertain with the maids if it will show up the next day. Also, the situation can turn worst if the maid takes a day off. The extra load might not be a very good thing for your routine. In such cases, a dishwasher is very efficient, as it works consistently 24/7 without taking any day off. But, you might think if using a dishwasher is cost-effective in comparison to a housemaid or not. Keep reading to find the answers to this question.


With the advancement of technology and science, people are now considering switching to dishwashers in India. You might not like getting involved in arguments with your maid and spoiling your whole day. While it is true that manual efforts are efficient, the question is to what extent?

We live in a world surrounded by smart gadgets and appliances. We all have smartphones, TVs, AC, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and more. If you can rely on them, why not on a dishwasher? You might say that dishwashers are expensive, and a maid is more affordable. Well, you might be surprised to know that the EMI of a dishwasher can be less than the monthly wage of a maid. Besides, maids are quite picky about their work and timing and are not consistent at all. Moreover, you have to reschedule and plan everything according to your maid. A dishwasher will do its work without complaining, provide the best performance throughout the day, and always be available during your duty.

A dishwasher is nothing but a ‘Smart Maid .’You just have to switch it on, add the dishwashing gel, and that’s it; you will soon have clean, odor-free, hygienic dishes and utensils just like that. You may think that for maids, all you need to do is ask her to clean it, and the things are done. But several other calculations will surely surprise you and help you find out which one is better than the other.


Maid: In most metropolitan cities, the monthly wage for a maid who just washes utensils starts from around Rs.700 to 1500.

Indian Maid watching mobile while working in a home

So if we consider the minimum, which is Rs.700, multiplied by 12 months, it is Rs.8,400 a year and Rs.84,000 in 10 years.

Additionally, she will also need a dishwashing bar or gel and scrubber to wash and make the utensils clean. Let’s assume that will cost around Rs.70 per month, Rs. 840 a year, and Rs.8,400 in 10 years. So if we sum up the minimum expenditure on a maid, it stands at Rs.84,000 + Rs.8,400, which is Rs.92,400 for 10 years of service.

Dishwasher: Whereas, if you buy a branded dishwasher you will not just get it for a cheaper rate but with many other additional benefits as well. It consumes 1.5 Kilowatts of Hours of energy. This means if you use a dishwasher for an hour, it will consume 1.5 units of power which costs approx. Rs.5 per unit consumption. In a day, you will need to use your Dishwasher for a maximum time of 1 hour only. 1(hr.) x 1.5 (per unit) x 5 (unit charges) = Rs.7.5 per day, and Rs.225 monthly.

A dishwasher also requires detergent to work, which will roughly cost Rs.300 a month. So if you sum it up, you will have to spend just Rs.6300 yearly on a dishwasher and Rs.63000 for 10 years of service. Besides, buying a dishwasher is a one-time investment and can be your partner for over 10 years.

The above calculation clearly says that a dishwasher is much more efficient than a maid. However, you can’t avoid paying a good amount of money to buy a dishwasher which you don’t need to invest in case you hire a maid. Although, the fact is that if you have a dishwasher in your home, you can pile up your dishes and run them accordingly. Some users mentioned in their reviews that they must use their Dishwasher 4-5 times weekly. Which helped them cut expenditures to a large extent. They managed to cut the extra use of electricity and detergent as well.

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You can use a dishwasher according to your needs, and the expenditure will depend on your usage only. On the other hand, if you hire a maid, you have to pay her the decided amount, even if there is no work for her. Besides, a dishwasher will help you save some time as you don’t have to instruct it on what to do and how to do it, as you might need in the case of a maid. It will help you avoid heated discussions and debates, mostly seen when you hire a maid. Your dishwasher machine will work quietly 24×7 without complaining.

The above discussion and calculation clearly state that a dishwasher is much more efficient and cost-effective than a maid. Besides, it is time to let go of the old methods and embrace new technology. The prime reason for this article was to help you get a clear idea about dishwashers and maids. Hope it can prove itself helpful to you in making a better decision.

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