8 Benefits of Makhana for Skin: Anti-aging, Skin Elaticity, prevent wrinkles

Looking for benefits of Makhana for Skin? Then, you are in the right place. Makhana referred to as fox nuts or lotus seeds are derived from the plant Euryale ferox and is widely cultivated throughout Asia including India. Makhana has several benefits including medicinal properties and is rich in healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This amazing seed can be consumed as a snack or can be added to curries and side dishes.

Benefits of Makhana

You can also consume them raw and they are very satiating hence making them a popular snack and are often vouched by fitness experts and gurus. Rich in nutrients especially calcium these nuts can become part of your daily diet and improve your general health.

We have also shed light on their nutritional profile so that you understand just how beneficial these nuts are.

The Nutritional Profile of Makhana

A cup of 32 grams of dried makhana is rich in calcium, phosphates, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc. They also contain complex carbohydrates that aid in digestion and don’t spike up your blood sugar levels. They are also a rich source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. Just like carrots these nuts are also abundant in Vitamin A and promote overall health.

Here, some popular products of Makhana/Lotus seeds.

The Benefits of Makhana for Skin

From reading the nutritional profile above we are sure you have understood how nutrient-dense this food is. But to give you a better perspective we have also elaborated their benefits especially for the skin.

Skin Benefits of Makhana
  1. The skin is the most exposed organ of the human body. Daily, it is exposed to sun, pollution, air, etc. which give rise to free radicals that exacerbate skin ageing. Makhana contains a lot of flavonoids and is rich in antioxidants that eliminate the free radicals from your body reverse the ageing of the skin.
  2. Lotus seeds help in the prevention of skin cancer. According to research, the ethanol extracts of the lotus seeds are extremely helpful in the treatment of tissue inflammation and cancer. Polyphenols that are present in makhana are anti-inflammatory in nature and help in repairing the damage done to DNA.
  3. Consuming makhana regularly has been shown to prevent the drying up of the skin. It retains the moisture in the skin and prevents the formation of abnormal keratinocytes.
  4. Makhana also prevents inflammation. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants. They also contain polysaccharides that fight inflammation.
  5. Makhana is extremely rich in nutrients like  Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin A and Zinc. These nutrients are known to fight and prevent acne. Hence regular consumption of makhana can lead to the prevention of acne.
  6. Makhana is very rich in antioxidants like Gallic acid, chlorogenic acid and epicatechin. These nutrients play a key role in protecting you from chronic diseases like heart diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  7. Makhana is very helpful in making the skin look lively. Regular consumption of these nuts helps you in acquiring a natural glow because these seeds contain many anti-ageing properties like glutamine, cystine, arginine, and methionine. Glutamine produces proline which is an important amino acid found in collagen. Collagen in turn makes your skin look youthful and provides its elasticity.
  8. Makhna also contains a chemical called Kaempferol which slows down the ageing process of the skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

Makhana has many more benefits and it is safe to say the regular consumption of this amazing nut will only be beneficial to you and keep you at the peak of your health.

Ways To Eat Makhana?

Makhana can be consumed raw or can be toasted. It can be added to various salads, curries and other side dishes. In India, a sweet out of makhana is made. But remember don’t fry this nut, or else you will all its benefits. It is best to consume them by slightly roasting them on a low flame.


Makhana is grown abundantly in Asia, in India as well. You can buy them easily as they are sold by your nearest grocer too. You can also buy them online. Consuming this food regularly will be beneficial to your overall health in the long run as it has a very dense nutrient profile.

Cooking this nut is very easy and you have the option of consuming it raw as well. They are very satiating and can be eaten as a snack in between meals. But snack on them in moderation as the excess of anything isn’t good for your health. We hope after you read my post on this wonder nut you will not simply pass on them when you go shopping in your local grocery store next time. This is all about the benefits of Makhana for Skin.

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