11 Best Dehumidifiers in India 2023

It’s probably not an uncommon story, but I needed a dehumidifier for a specific reason. Summers in a river valley were humid, and I lived in a basement apartment. In winter, humidity levels were not too high in the apartment. But it was a different story in the spring and summer. The apartment smelled stuffy, and the air was damp when we moved in. The damp air is tolerable for a while, but I cannot stand it. In the summer, warm weather is bad, but in the winter, cool temperatures make damp air worse. As a result, I decided to purchase a dehumidifier. The following list contains some of the best dehumidifiers in India to help you in this regard.

List of some of the best dehumidifiers in India

Following is the list of the best dehumidifiers available online in India

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidification
01. Sharp Air Purifier with Humidifier for Homes
  • Provides refreshing,
    bacteria-free air
    for skin beautification.
  • Includes a 1-year warranty.
  • Airborne clustering of high
    density removes impurities.
  • Besides dehumidifying,
    it deodorizes laundry
  • While the dehumidification
    is at high speed, it is a
    little noisy at night.
  • It is generally more
    expensive to purchase
    models from this brand.

If you are experiencing serious moisture problems in your neighbourhood, Sharp dehumidifiers are one of the best dehumidifiers in India to consider. A plasma cluster technology makes this the most effective dehumidifier for bathrooms and rooms. The best specifications of this product can help you better understand it. Keep reading

Key features

  • 99% of airborne bacteria are killed through plasma-cluster technology
  • The product can deactivate 99.9% of viruses.
  • Cleaning and dehumidifying are made easier by lower dust accumulation and a 20% airflow.
  • Auto dehumidification prevents mildew and mould growth in your room by maintaining ideal humidity levels.
  • 31 global labs have certified it.
  • Three passive filters are integrated into it: a HEPA filter of H14 grade, an air purifier filter, and a pre-filter.
Sharp Air Purifier with Humidifier for Homes
02. POWER PYE ELECTRONICS ABS 3 In 1 Dehumidifier
  • Display screen with
    humidity content
    showing on easy
    -to-use controls.
  • Condensation, damp
    and dry washing are
    ideal for this product.
  • It is highly energy efficient.
  • It has a child lock
    embedded to prevent
    mishaps caused by
  • It is quite difficult to
    access warranty services.
  • Compared with other
    models, it is
    extravagantly expensive.

One of the best dehumidifiers for bathrooms or other rooms is the Power PYE electronics, which can solve humidity problems in your living space. Besides dehumidification, it also maintains a healthy indoor environment by purifying the air.

Key features

  • A dehumidifier of this kind should have dimensions: 32 cm x 25 cm x 49 cm.
  • It weighs 9 kilograms and has washable filters.
  • Special features include automatic turn-off, defrosting with laundry capability, and continuous drainage as an option.
  • Storage tank capacity is 2.3 litres with a performance of 12 litres.
  • It operates at 7.5 liters per kilowatt hour for 1.5 pence per hour.
  • In addition to the best dehumidifiers for bathrooms, the package includes manual and other installation accessories.
3 In 1 Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier
03. Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier
  • Compact and portable,
    this mini dehumidifier
    is perfect for travelling.
  • Its higher affordability
    is made possible by
    it’s very economical
    price range.
  • The product reduces
    mould growth and
    mildew, thus promoting
    a healthier living
  • The product is sturdy and
    gives an excellent look.
  • In areas with extreme
    humidity levels, it is not recommended.

Since its inception over three decades ago, Eva-dry has gained worldwide recognition for being a trustworthy brand. This can be a great alternative when you’re shopping for the best dehumidifiers for your home for the first time or have a tight budget.

Key features

  • This best dehumidifier model can keep foods and fabrics fresh, remove excess moisture, and protect electronic devices.
  • It measures 22.86 x 20.96 x 7.32cm and weighs 408 grams.
  • The device is equipped with rechargeable batteries that can work at 220 volts with very little electricity consumption.
  • The unit is specially designed to fit small spaces and can dehumidify rooms with a surface area of 100 to 150 square feet.
Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier
White Westinghouse 3-in-1 Dehumidifier
04. White Westinghouse 3-in-1 Dehumidifier
  • The dehumidifier uses
    240 or 220 volts at
    50 Hz and is energy
  • A one-year warranty from
    the manufacturer
    guarantees the
    product’s authenticity.
  • A 120-square-foot area
    to a 1200 cubic foot
    the area can be covered by it.
  • Depending on the humidity
    level required,
    options include 40%,
    50%, 60%, etc.
  • The filter is made up of one
    nylon mesh only.
  • The product works well
    for up to 200 square
    feet but is ineffective
    for larger spaces.

A leading brand of dehumidifiers in India, White Westinghouse is renowned for its innovative abilities. Its products provide a lot of efficiency through its appliances that will make your life easier. In addition, this is a top-notch model of dehumidifier for rooms. It is one of the best dehumidifiers in India, and the price is also very affordable.

Key features

  • These models measure 46.8×30.3×19.3cm and weigh 12 lbs.
  • The dehumidifier tank is equipped with 2.1/2.4 litres of water capacity.
  • This model has 195 watts of energy input, uses R-134a as the refrigerant, and works at temperatures between 5 and 32 degrees Celsius.
  • By considering optimal environmental conditions, 6L/D is removed at 27°C with 80% RH.
White Westinghouse 3-in-1 Dehumidifier
05. POWER PYE ELECTRONICS 30L/Day Dehumidifier
  • A timer controls the
    automatic shutoff
    after 8 hours of
    continuous operation.
  • The controls are easy to
    use and have a display
    screen to show the
    current humidity level.
  • Designed with a 2-year
    warranty, so you can
    rest assured that it will
    perform spectacularly
    and give you complete
    peace of mind.
  • An extremely energy-
    efficient machine that
    consumes little energy
    and costs little money.
  • It has a child lock embedded
    to prevent mishaps caused
    by negligence.
  • The drain pipe and HEPA
    filter must be purchased separately.
  • Compared with other models,
    it is extravagantly expensive.

With its impressively amazing features and advanced performance combined with an unobstructed design, POWER PYE ELECTRONICS is one of the world’s most trusted smart dehumidifying systems. This model is the best dehumidifier designed with efficiency and design in mind.

Key features

  • The weight is 15.5 kilograms.
  • It comes with washable filters, so they can be cleaned easily.
  • Base wattage is 255 watts, and the working temperature range is 1°C to 35°C, with an RH% display on the front that shows the relative humidity in percentages.
  • In addition to automatic turning on-off, defrosting, and continuous drainage features, there are also timer settings and a full water alarm feature.
  • With a capacity of 4.5 litres and a daily performance of 30 litres, the tank can remove a large amount of water.
  • Installation instructions and other accessories are included in the package.
30L/Day Dehumidifier
06. Afloia Dehumidifier for Home 2500 Cubic Feet(269 sq ft)
  • Prevents the accumulation
    of water on the walls and
    reduces bacterial breeding.
  • Prevents water accumulation
    on walls and prevents
    bacterial breeding.
  • A 40-decibel sound
    signature is produced
    while operating due
    to the ultra-quiet design.
  • In comparison to the size
    of the container, it is
    compact and has a
    good storage capacity.
  • It is one of the best
    dehumidifiers in India
    due to its ease of
  • It requires a 110V step-
    down converter, so you’ll
    need to purchase one.
  • This product is not
    suitable for regions
    with a high-humidity

The products of AFLOIA are known for providing superior performance and efficiency with the advanced and latest technologies. Dehumidifiers like these are undoubtedly the best dehumidifiers in India because they possess all the required properties.

Key features

  • It features an ultra-quiet control system, an auto-off feature at full tank levels, and a sturdy and reliable dehumidification cycle.
  • With a size of 16.3 inches by 10.7 inches by 26.7 inches, the weight of these best room humidifiers is 1.18 pounds.
  • The water tank capacity is 700 ml, allowing it to remove up to 250 ml of water per day from damp air at 30°C and 80% relative humidity.
  • Reducing bacteria reproduction and absorbing harmful substances purifies the air and inhibits pollution.
  • The container size is compact, providing a good amount of storage.
  • The best portable dehumidifier because it is easy to move around.
Afloia Dehumidifier for Home 2500
Cubic Feet (269 sq ft), Quiet
Portable Electric Dehumidifiers.
07. Origin De humidifiers O60 Dehumidifier
  • The dehumidifier is accessible.
  • The dehumidifier is energy-efficient
    and consumes very little electricity.
  • It is light in weight which means you
    can move it from one room to another.
  • It may not be suitable for very humid environments.

The Origin O60 Dehumidifier, a petite and portable contrivance, is touted for its proficient ability to expunge extra moisture from the air within the confinements of your humble abode. Its smooth, immaculate white hue imparts an aura of sophistication that befits any decor, while its 600ml capacity renders it suitable for chambers of modest to middling magnitude.

This dehumidifier has been designed to be effortlessly manoeuvrable, thanks to its user-friendly control panel, which enables you to customize the humidity level following your preferences.

Key Features:

  • The dehumidifier has a capacity of 600ml, an ideal pick for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • The dehumidifier can shut off all by itself when the water tank is full.
  • The quiet operation of this product makes it perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and other quiet areas.
Origin Dehumidifiers O60 Dehumidifier
08. Novita Plastic Dehumidifier (White)
  • The dehumidifier is energy-efficient and consumes very little electricity.
  • It has a digital display and timer function
    which makes it accessible.
  • The dehumidifier has a timer function
    that allows you to set the unit to
    operate for a specific period.
  • The dehumidifier is relatively
    expensive compared to other models.

The Novita ND690 Dehumidifier, an extraordinary device of sheer power and utmost efficiency, stands tall in the realm of moisture eradication from the milieu of your abode. Its elegant white and blue colour scheme gives it an aura of sophistication. At the same time, its mammoth 6-litre capacity renders it a formidable contender for the optimal choice in dehumidification for cavernous chambers and dank basements alike.

But that’s not all – this dehumidifier boasts effortless usability thanks to its user-friendly control panel, which empowers you to adjust the humidity level and fan speed in alignment with your preferences.

Key Features:

  • The dehumidifier has a capacity of 6 litres, which makes it suitable for large rooms and basements.
  • The dehumidifier shuts off all by itself when the water tank is full.
  • The dehumidifier operates quietly.
Novita Plastic Dehumidifier (White)
09. SUJAY Portable Dehumidifier SDH-50 (50 Litres/day)
  • The dehumidifier is quite accessible
    and has a user-friendly control panel.
  • The dehumidifier is energy-efficient
    and consumes very little electricity,
    helping you save on electricity bills.
  • The dehumidifier may need to be
    emptied frequently if used frequently
    in humid conditions.

Behold the SUJAY Portable Dehumidifier SDH-50, a veritable titan of moisture elimination that promises to whisk away excess dampness from the air in the confines of your humble abode. This diminutive and lightweight device, resplendent in its sleek and chic white hue, boasts a capacity of 500ml, rendering it a formidable contender for small to medium-sized rooms that thirst for a drier ambience.

With its user-friendly control panel, this dehumidifier provides effortless operability, allowing you to tailor the humidity level according to your preferences, all while basking in its unassuming magnificence.

Key Features:

  • The dehumidifier has a capacity of 500ml, which makes it suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • The dehumidifier makes minimal noise while operating.
SUJAY Portable Dehumidifier SDH-50 (50 Litres/day)
10. Origin De humidifiers ND 2000 Dehumidifier with Air Purifier
  • The dehumidifier and purifier are multi
    -functional and help to remove excess
    moisture from the air while also purifying
    the air in your home.
  • The appliance has a HEPA filter that
    removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
    , making it a great option for those
    with allergies.
  • The dehumidifier is portable and easy to
    move from room to room.
  • The dehumidifier and purifier are
    relatively expensive compared to
    other similar appliances.

Presenting the Origin Dehumidifier and Purifier ODP-50, a revolutionary appliance that serves a dual purpose of moisture elimination and air purification, truly the epitome of multifunctionality. Adorned in an immaculate white hue that evokes a sense of modernity and sophistication, this masterpiece has a substantial capacity of 3.5L, thus making it ideal for spaces of medium to large dimensions.

But that’s not all, as its effortless usability, facilitated by its user-friendly control panel, grants you the power to tailor both humidity levels and air purification with effortless ease, enabling you to bask in the optimal environment of your preference, all while marvelling at its sheer magnificence.

Key Features:

  • The dehumidifier has a capacity of 3.5L, which makes it suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.
  • The appliance has a HEPA filter that removes particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dust, pollen, and smoke, making it a great option for those with allergies.
Origin Dehumidifiers ND 2000 Dehumidifier
with Air Purifier
11. TECCPO 4500 Sq.Ft Dehumidifiers
  • The dehumidifier is compact and
    portable, making it easy to move
    from room to room.
  • It has intelligent humidity control that
    adjusts the humidity level automatically
    to maintain a comfortable environment.
  • The dehumidifier may not be a great
    pick for larger rooms.

Enter the TECCPO Dehumidifiers TAD03P, a marvel of compactness and portability that can eradicate pesky atmospheric moisture with aplomb. This feat of engineering is not only a paragon of functionality but also sports an alluring white exterior that oozes sophistication and a digital display that grants you instant access to humidity levels and various settings. However, the true magic of this dehumidifier lies in its intelligent humidity control and continuous drainage mechanisms, which afford unparalleled convenience and ease of operation, thus ensuring that your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Key Features:

  • The appliance can be connected to a hose for continuous drainage, eliminating the need to manually empty the water tank.
  • The dehumidifier has a 1.5L capacity and can remove up to 750ml of moisture daily, making it suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.
TECCPO 4500 Sq.Ft Dehumidifiers for Basements,
Quiet Dehumidifier 

What do you mean by dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers convert humid air into water to reduce its humidity. Mould and mildew can grow in homes with high humidity levels, causing serious health problems and a musty odour. Many parts of India experience high humidity levels, making dehumidifiers increasingly popular. Temperatures, cooking, and lack of sunlight are all factors that contribute to a rise in humidity levels. The air near the sea is particularly humid, which causes the region to be particularly affected. Dehumidifiers can help you improve the air quality in your home if you live in a humid area or the air in your home is humid. Now let’s read some of its types.

Different types of dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers can be divided into three types.

01. Desiccant dehumidifier

The tank is equipped with a large capacity, and the silica gel is used to soak up water from any space quickly and efficiently. This lightweight appliance can accommodate almost any space.

02. Compressor dehumidifier

The standard temperature range for this device is 15 to 30 °C. The device reduces humidity by approximately 30 litres per day in a moderately sized room. This product is suitable for use in the office or your bedroom.

03. Thermo-electric dehumidifier

The Peltier technology used in this appliance greatly increases humidity absorption without consuming large amounts of energy. Vehicles are compatible with it.

Things to consider while purchasing the best dehumidifiers in India: Buyers Guide

Innovations and good inventions are becoming increasingly popular in today’s lifestyle, where more and more people adapt to them. Our lives are made easier by these inventions, which are traditional in use and elegantly styled according to our tastes. Modern innovations such as the dehumidifier are prime examples. Your home and office are not complete without this appliance. Your day-to-day tasks are made easier by it, as it provides comfort. The presence of dehumidifiers is essential in naturally humid places.

Mould, mildew, and dust mites thrive in homes with humidity above 60%. Air quality can be significantly improved with a dehumidifier. You should consider these factors when choosing a dehumidifier.

01. Size of room

There are many types and sizes of dehumidifiers. Other models are bulky and require a dedicated space, while some are small enough to fit in a closet. Choosing a dehumidifier for your space depends on how big it is.

02. Capacity

Dehumidifiers can produce different amounts of moisture in 24 hours, measured in pints. The air will be removed from a larger room or a room with high humidity levels more efficiently with a higher capacity unit.

03. Features

It is possible to find dehumidifiers with features like laundry functions or auto-shutoff timers. Choose your unit based on the features that will benefit you the most.

04. Price

A dehumidifier can range in price between 6,000 and 50000. Choose one that suits your needs and budget.

05. Level of relative humidity

RH (Relative Humidity) should be between 30-50% in a room. A dehumidifier is necessary if the relative humidity in your room exceeds 50%. A higher or lower capacity unit can be chosen based on the degree of RH above 50%. Dehumidifiers with at least 9 pints of daily capacity are necessary if the relative humidity in your room is 60%. A unit with a capacity is needed if the relative humidity is 70%.

06. Portability

A dehumidifier with wheels or a handle makes it easy to move from one room to another. So choose the one that suits your needs.

07. Consumption of Power

Choosing a dehumidifier with low power consumption is important because it will run for a long time.

Some benefits of dehumidifiers

Allergy protection:

01. Moisture

induced allergies are protected by dehumidifiers because they reduce allergens.

02. Fungus is eliminated

The growth of fungi is significantly accelerated by excessive humidity. Additionally, dampness control eliminates fungus.

03. Odor relief

A pungent smell emanates from damp walls and furniture. A dehumidifier can effectively remove this smell.

04. Dries clothes well

Drying clothes with a dehumidifier is one of the best uses.

05. Protects furniture

The appliance eliminates excess moisture and dampness from the air in your office or home, protecting your valuable assets and furniture.

06. Mildew and Mold Prevention

Mould and mildew can grow at high humidity levels. A dehumidifier prevents these harmful organisms from growing by reducing the moisture in the air.

07. Enhances air quality

Dehumidifiers improve air quality by removing allergens and pollutants. Allergies and asthma symptoms can be relieved with this method.

08. Energy-saving

To remove humidity, air conditioners cool the air. In addition, this can be very expensive to operate since it consumes a lot of energy. A dehumidifier, however, saves you money and uses less energy.

09. Home Protection

Your home can become damaged by excessive moisture, causing warped floors, peeling paint, and condensation on windows. You can prevent moisture damage to your home by using a dehumidifier.

Considering its amazing features and high accuracy in purifying and dehumidifying, I strongly recommend purchasing White Westinghouse 3-in-1. A dehumidifier’s selection may differ based on several factors, such as its type, capacity, positioning, auto defrost sensor, etc. I hope you find this article informative and helpful in making an informed buying decision. You can browse the extensive collection of Dehumidifiers offered by Amazon India if you are unable to find the perfect one for your home here. I will get back to you with the best possible solution if you need further assistance selecting the dehumidifier.

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