5 Best electronic door lock system for home in India 2023

Are you someone who often loses the keys to your home? Do you often need a good friendship with a locksmith as you misplace your keys and need to meet him frequently? Or are you someone who can’t rely on tricks like placing a door key under the doormat, flower pot, or other hidden spots? If yes! Then you have landed in the right place. Because in this article, we will discuss the best electronic door lock system for the home. We have listed down the best options for you to choose from. Most of them can be accessed using traditional style keys and modern style codes. They have features like voice control, wireless connectivity, custom codes, and burglar alarms for better convenience.

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with your family; staying safe and secure is all you need. It is not an option but a necessity that everyone should think about. The traditional style, usual door locks, have been a part of our lives for ages. While they have been used for quite a long time now and do a pretty decent job, many other locks provide added security to give you even more peace of mind while you think of your security. With the change in life, it is time to upgrade your door lock to feel safer in your home. Although, it is understandable that to make such a big change in the security of your house is not a matter of joke. You obviously can’t rely on any random product and risk the safety of yours and your family at stake. To help you out, we have listed some of the best electronic door lock systems for homes in our next section.

 List of best Electronic Door Lock System for Home

Innumerable options in the market can confuse you in the worst way possible. That’s why we made a thorough comparison of all the options that are available in the market and shortlisted only the best for you. So, without further ado, let’s find out which are the best electronic door lock system for homes in India:

01. Schlage Touch Century Lock with Broadway Lever
  • It will help you get an
    entirely keyless
  • It comes with a fingerprint
    -resistant touchscreen.
  • It is available in different
    colours for you to
    choose from.
  • It can only hold 19 codes.
  • If the battery dies, there is
    no way that you can enter
    through the door.

This lock from Schlage is a perfect pick for you if you want a secure, beautiful-looking lock for your home. It comes in multiple colour options for you to choose from according to the requirements of the aesthesis of your house. It is super efficient and long-lasting. It has a built-in handle, which will help you save extra bucks buying and installing one. It also allows you to have a keyless experience, leaving behind the worry of losing your keys or forgetting them at home. Besides, it is equipped with LED down lighting on numbers and a lever for convenience.

Schlage Touch Century Lock keyless lock
Schlage Touch Century Lock with scalagle touch

Key Features:

  • It has a grade 2 security rating.
  • It has dedicated icons that indicate if the battery is low while it is in programming mode.
  • It has LED down lighting on numbers and lever.
Schlage Touch Century Lock with
Broadway Lever
02. Yale Security YRD226-CBA-619 Assure Connected by August Touchscreen Smart Lock, Satin Nickel
  • It can easily store up to
    250 codes.
  • It has two physical keys for backup.
  • It is super efficient and
  • There are not many color
    options in this model.
  • You have to purchase the 
    Z-Wave hub separately for
    this device to work well
    with other smart devices
    in your home.

This is an electronic door lock system by Yale. It is a renowned brand in this sector, which has been popular for providing top-quality security products to users for quite a long time. It is compatible with several smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Ring security systems, Wink, and Samsung SmartThings. Although, you can connect these devices once you purchase a compatible Z-Wave hub.

Yale Security YRD226-CBA-619 Assure
Yale Security YRD226-CBA-619 Assure with smart lock
Yale Security YRD226-CBA-619 Assure connected from any phone

Key Features:

  • This is a keypad lock, which is super accessible.
  • This comes with a lock, unlock, share access, and customized lock settings.
  • It can unlock automatically if you approach the door with your phone in hand, without any phone entry on the backlit keypad.
Yale Security YRD226-CBA-619
Assure Connected by August
Touchscreen Smart Lock, Satin Nickel
03. MiLocks DFK-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless Deadbolt
  • It allows a direct replacement
    for existing door
  • It allows you to delete
    users if you don’t want
    them to have access.
  • It comes with different
    types of mounting
    hardware to fit on
    different types of doors.
  • It doesn’t have an auto-
    locking feature.

This door lock is for people looking for a basic electronic door lock. This truly keyless system allows you to unlock it using pin codes, passwords, etc. It comes in different colour options for you to choose from according to the aesthetics of your house. Other interesting features make it an ideal and affordable pick against all expensive products.

MiLocks DFK-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless with lock system
MiLocks DFK-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless with cover

Key Features:

  • It comes with an adjustable latch.
  • It can add up to 6 user passcodes.
  • It is an excellent combo of electronic touchpad keypad entry and the lock.
MiLocks DFK-02SN Electronic Touchpad
Entry Keyless Deadbolt
04. QUBO Smart Door Lock ESSENTIAL from HERO Group
  • It is made of high-quality
    materials, which makes
    it super durable.
  • It shares access to OTP
    through WhatsApp, SMS,
    or Email for Unexpected.
  • It sends an alert after five conjugative errors in
    inserting the password.
  • It comes with Voice
    Guidance and SILENT
    MODE options.
  • The after-sales services
    provided by the brand
    are not impressive.

This door lock can be an excellent pick for you. It comes with a 5-way unlocking system which includes fingerprint, Bluetooth mobile app, emergency keys, passcode, and RFID Access card. It is suitable for doors with a thickness of 3.5 CM and above. It is made of high-quality materials and stainless steel bolts to ensure superior security in your house. Besides, it is a smart lock with Voice Guidance and SILENT MODE options for convenient access.

Key Features:

  • It allows a 5-way unlocking system.
  • It can easily register up to 50 fingerprints.
  • It implements two-layer authentication for superior security.
QUBO Smart Door Lock ESSENTIAL from
HERO Group
05. Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems 5000 Keypad Electronic Door Lock (Black)
  • This is a product from a
    trusted and reliable brand.
  • It comes with an external
    9V battery that can be
    used to operate the lock
    in case the battery of
    the lock gets designed up completely.
  • It comes with an auto-
    locking feature.
  • It also has a very
    innovative and useful fire alarm.
  • The look of this product
    surely requires improvement.

This door lock is a product from one of the most renowned brands in India. Godrej requires no introduction. The brand has been ruling the Indian security market for ages now. This locking system is a sure sort solution for your security requirements. It is a high-tech lock range that sits neatly between science and science fiction. It is an advanced lock that comes with space-age functions, which even makes it accessible and user-friendly. The look of this product is also quite impressive, which will surely enhance the look of your house.

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems 5000 Keypad Electroniclocker
Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems 5000 Keypad Electronic Door Lock with keyless
Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems 5000 Keypad Electronic Door Lock

Key Features:

  • It can register up to 100 cards for multiple-user access.
  • It comes with a low battery indicator.
  • It is compatible with remote and video door phones as well.
  • To elevate your security, you can set the password to 4 to 12 digits.
Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems
5000 Keypad Electronic Door Lock

How to select the Best Electronic door lock system for home in India

Your lock is the first level of security in your house. You need to choose the right one only. The safety and security of your family depend on the door lock. Thus, it becomes very important for you to understand the technology and features offered by the electronic door lock system before making a purchase. And for that, you have to do thorough research about everything. But who has that much time? To cut down on the extra efforts, we have mentioned some of the most important factors related to electronic door lock systems. You must consider looking for these factors before buying an electronic door lock system for your home to ensure that you are relying on the right product for the safety of your family:

01. Connectivity

Looking for the connective compatibility of your electronic door lock system is very important. There are some which are formed by using Z-Wave, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi technology.

02. Z-Wave

It is a technology that connects the lock to a compatible hub, such as Wink, SmartThings, or Iris. Although the hub will be connected to the internet, your device won’t. The Z-Wave technology will be the source used to communicate with the hub. The range of the Z-Wave technology can be extended if you connect it to multiple devices that carry the Z-Wave signal.

03. Bluetooth

The concept of Bluetooth is familiar to most people. It can be directly connected to your device and is extremely useful if you want to connect only one device to your door lock system. Although, in case you have several smart devices, the Z-Wave hub can be a better pick.

04. Wi-Fi

If your device is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity, it can be useful if you are not around your house. It has a larger connectivity range which is great from a security point of view. However, you must know that Wi-Fi drains the battery more quickly.

Connectivity is important as you don’t want to struggle with your safety device and make major changes. Select the one that best fits your requirements and demands fewer changes in your home.

05. Customization and Accessibility

This factor is important for you and your family. Your device must be customizable to ensure no one can spike it. A consistent password or pin code increases the risk of spiking. Besides, it is extremely helpful if you have children or roommates. You can assign a unique password for each person, and your device will track when that person is leaving and returning to the house. Besides, it should be accessible as there is no point in installing a security system that won’t allow you to have easy access. The whole point is to stay stress-free in every possible way. Thus, go for an electronic door lock system that is customizable and accessible simultaneously.  

06. Safety Features

The basic idea of installing an electronic door lock system in your home is to ensure superior safety and security for your family and yourself. Thus, your system must have important and innovative safety features such as intruder alarms, double authentication, and automatic locking. Go for the one equipped with all these features to ensure superior security in your house.

07. Keypad

The next thing that you must consider looking for in an electronic door lock system is it uses a keypad to unlock the door, which you can easily use. Most electronic door lock system is equipped with a touchscreen or buttons that can be used as a keypad. While locks equipped with buttons will cost you less compared to touchscreen keypads, you must know that the numbers in your buttons will wash off with time. Both types have advantages and disadvantages; you have to select the one with which you are more comfortable.

08. Design

In most cases, electronic door lock systems are installed in the front door. Which makes the look and design an important factor. The look of your lock should blend in well with the aesthetics of your home. Thus, it is suggested to go for an electronic door lock which will provide security to your home and enhance the look of your house.

09. Budget

The budget of an electronic door lock system entirely depends on your requirements and choice. Some people prioritize money over quality, and some consider otherwise. Well, there is nothing wrong with being anyone of these two categories. However, it is suggested to set a balanced budget that will help you determine if you are overspending or bringing home a cheap product that might not last for long. Therefore, go through the products that match your requirement, set a budget accordingly, and select the best fit your budget and requirements.

10. Reviews

Last but not least, check for the reviews posted online by genuine users. Some people share their practical experiences with the products to help the buyers. Go through the reviews and learn from their mistakes. Select the product with positive reviews and high ratings and maintain distance from the one that isn’t loved by the users very much.


By following all these factors, you can be sure you are not investing your money in buying the wrong product. All the products mentioned in the list are shortlisted following the same method. They are all equally efficient and are easily available in the online and offline markets. You can easily get it from anywhere, according to your preference.

Besides, the prime objective of this article was to provide the best information to the readers related to the best electronic door lock system. I hope it was informative and useful in enhancing your shopping experience.

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