5 Best Electronic Door Lock With Remote Control in India 2024

With the lifestyle change, our safety and security became a vital matter of concern in our day-to-day life. It doesn’t matter if you are wondering about the safety of your office, home, or bedroom; you will feel threatened about the security of your belongings. Besides, robbery, kidnapping, murder, and other crimes are so common now you simply can’t tell if your home is the next target. There were times when people relied on their safety on simple mechanisms. The manual locking process is utterly outdated now. They can be easily spiked and broken. With the advancement of technology, electronic door lock with remote control can be a worthy solution for the security of your home and office in a world where crime is rising at a high pace.

You can operate such door locking systems with fingerprint, pin code, remote control, card, etc., making it a convenient pick as there are no misplacing or stealing keys. Usually, such systems are key-free and are associated with a mobile application that enables you to access it even if you are not around your house or office. Besides, you can keep a track record of opening and closing the door. They have an alarm feature that sends an alert if someone tries to break into your house. Although, you obviously would rely on the security of your home only on the best products. Thus, to help you out, in this article, we have listed down some of the best electronic door locks with a remote control so that you can make the right decision.

List of best electronic door locks with remote control in India

Following is the list of the best electronic door locks with remote controls available online in India

Golens X97 Smart Door Lock Digital Door Lock
01. Golens X97 Smart Door Lock Digital Door Lock
  • Ultra fast 0.25sec Face/Fingerprint unlock
  • Supports 100 face and 100 fingerprint profiles
  • App control from anywhere
  • Video call doorbell integration
  • Durable alloy steel construction
  • Long 2 month battery life
  • Expensive
  • Potential WiFi connectivity issues

The Golens X97 is a smart door lock that provides innovative home access control at optimal security. The heart of X97 is the biometric unlocking technology that allows touchless and keyless entry. Besides, its FaceID 3D facial recognition is fast and accurate and can match faces within 0.25 seconds. The lock stores up to a hundred unique face profiles to grant each family member with Smart Lock access. Similarly, the Fingerprint Recognition stores up to one hundred fingerprints from different users for an instant scan and door unlocking. 
Moreover, it can also be controlled using a specially developed mobile app that complements the biometric unlock. You can also control the door locking and unlocking remotely using a WiFi connection and integration with major smart home platforms. This entails providing temporary digital keys to visitors even when not at home, monitor door actions and be notified when the door is accessed. 
While the X97 may be very convenient, security still comes first; the inner mechanisms of the product are safe from tampering through the sturdy, alloy steel construction. Additionally, safe guard encryption protocols are also in place to provide protection against hacking of wireless access. You will also benefit from 2 months of usage before changing the power source with a hefty 4200mAh rechargeable battery. Besides, the all-in-one design also means no messy wires and adapters for a clean integrated appearance.


  • 3D Face ID Recognition
  • Fingerprint Identification
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Mobile App Control
  • RFID Cards
  • Manual Keys LCD Display
02. LAVNA LA5 Glass Door Lock with 6 Way of Access Fingerprint
  • 6 Locking/Access Methods
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Touch Keypad with PINs
  • No Wiring/Drilling Install
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
  • Compatible for Only 10-12mm Glass Doors
  • Battery Drains Faster

The LAVNA LA5 Glass Door Lock is a new electronic security door lock for use with 10-12mm toughened glass doors that employs biometric-enabled technology and mobile devices. This smart-lock-technology provides six safe ways to access your home or office using fingerprint, mobile app, remote control, OTP, pin code and RFID card respectively.
It offers sub-second 0.4s unlocking via biometric fingerprint authentication through the built-in 360° sensor for smooth entry. Besides, the system can support up to 50 distinct fingerprints for family or staff access that is common. Bluetooth connectivity allows the door lock to pair with the LAVNA mobile app (iOS and Android) for both unlocking and enhanced user access control. 
The product uses a long-range remote, RFID cards, user PIN codes and one-time passwords (OTPs) for greater flexibility. This means that you can open the door at a range of up to 10 meters using a remote control and without keys or touching the lock. On the other hand, its RFID cards allow touchless access through electromagnetic proximity sensors. Each system may have up to 50 unique RFID cards authorized. Moreover, its PIN code access with 50 programmable PINs ensures easy and familiar pinpad entry for guests. Also, the new OTP unlock feature takes security to the next level through the provision of single use passwords which can be created remotely and temporarily shared with dog walkers and couriers.


  • 360° Fingerprint Access (<0.4s unlock)
  • App-Enabled Controls (Bluetooth)
  • Remote Unlocking up to 10m
  • RFID Card Keyless Entry
  • 50 Programmable PIN Codes
  • OTP Secure One-Time Passwords
Denler DFLv1 Smart Lock Digital Door Lock 3D Face Recognition
03. Denler DFLv1 Smart Lock Digital Door Lock 3D Face Recognition
  • Extremely secure face and fingerprint recognition
  • Multiple flexible unlocking options
  • Easy remote access and controls
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Long battery life
  • Fits a variety of door thicknesses
  • No WiFi connectivity without separate hub
  • Expensive

The Denler DFLv1 Digital Door Lock with 3D Face Recognition is the climax of biometrics, security and convenience when it comes to electronic door locks. This unique keyless entry system utilizes face recognition technology coupled with the built-in fingerprint reader and wireless connectivity options which are available on different types of mobile phones.
Moreover, the 3D face recognition technology has the capability to scan facial characteristics with a very high degree of accuracy to ensure safe and reliable user authentication. It is possible to store up to 50 distinct faces within the onboard memory of the lock.
Denler lock is very flexible with regard to other keyless entry options. As well, the user can tap an RFID card or type in PIN code on the elegant LCD display. Besides, the lock has even a standard key backup option. The SmartLife App complements the smart lock which allows one to monitor the lock in real-time, receive notifications, and unlock the door remotely over wi-fi connectivity.
Modern front doors look beautiful with the contemporary black chrome finish and compact design. Besides, the rechargeable lock battery is doing well for the months of wireless and keyless entry till recharging is required.


  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • RFID Cards
  • PIN Code Entry
  • Manual Key Backup
  • Remote Access via App
  • LCD Display
  • Rechargeable Battery
04. Denler DFS04 Glass Smart Door Lock, Digital Door Lock with RF Remote Control
  • Versatile unlocking options
  • Quick 0.4s fingerprint recognition
  • Anti-spoofing technology
  • Remote access and controls via smartphone
  • Easy self-installation with included tape and screws
  • Premium design and build quality
  • 3-year onsite warranty
  • Installation services cost extra
  • No support for standard doors

Denler DFS04 is designed to ensure security of homes through new technologies. The main highlight of the DFS04 is a 3D facial recognition system, so you can literally open the door by looking at it. It also has a capability of accommodating 200 separate face profiles thus; the whole household can enjoy keyless access. 

It comes with a fast facial scan that works in low light using infrared sensor with anti-spoofing technology. Besides, the fingerprint sensor is a backup for the times when you have gloves or hats on, allowing for unlocking with just about a single touch at 0.4 seconds. 
Moreover, the biometric authentication guarantees that only your authorized individuals can access your property. The onboard WiFi connects with a companion app that lets you to issue virtual guest keys and unlock a door from your phone as you work remotely.
You will get alerts on the app wherever you are when the doorbell button is pressed. Also, there is a RF remote controller to manually lock or unlock the door without opening it. Its smart connectivity and robust access features enable you to take charge and remain aware of their home’s entry.
It can be installed just with adhesive tape and several screws, without any effort. However, professional fitting services can be availed at an additional cost by a handyman within a minimal time with a few tools.


  • 3D Facial Recognition
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • RFID Card Access
  • PIN Code Access
  • Built-in WiFi for Remote Unlocking
  • RF Remote Control
  • Inbuilt Door Bell
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Suitable for 10-12mm Thick Glass Doors
Golens Smart Glass Door Lock
05. Golens Smart Glass Door Lock
  • Multiple convenient access methods
  • Easy adhesive install, no drilling
  • Hands-free Bluetooth unlock
  • Remote app controls for access
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Only works with alkaline batteries

Golens Smart Glass Door Lock is a great lock for the glass door entries which come with a new sophisticated design and advanced security measures. This Bluetooth door lock is made of sleek aluminum and offers multiple unlocking options such as a mobile app, fingerprint unlock, PIN code, RFID cards, and wireless remote.
This is a revolutionary smart lock that is specially developed for 10-12mm thick glass doors with a gap between 4-12mm, allowing for an easy install without drilling. The only thing needed is to be stuck to the glass using adhesive. 
Besides, the speed in which door lock can be unlocked is simply lightning fast at 0.4 seconds via fingerprint scanning. The prints always got recognized by the fingerprint reader correctly. In addition, users can enter the pin code on the lit-up keypad or touch the RFID card. You can text a temporary access code for guests.
Moreover, the Golens’ features like automatic locking, a passage mode to keep doors unlocked during daylight hours and activity notification when someone locks, unlocks or opens your door makes the operation appear simpler and convenient. The lock also rings when opening the door to ensure that the door is not left open as a result of an omission. The use of the mobile app will enable one to access a complete history log of who comes and goes.
The electronic door lock is the focus of smart security and it offers a key-less entry. You can also get 128 bit encryption Bluetooth, enabling them to control home access remotely with a copy of passkeys always stored offline to guarantee reliability.


  • Fingerprint unlock in 0.4 seconds
  • Bluetooth app control
  • RFID cards (2 included)
  • PIN code entry
  • Wireless remote access
  • Automatic locking capabilities
  • Activity notifications & access history

How to select the best electronic door lock with remote control

Accessing electronic door lock with card

Unlocking Mechanisms: Review the lock range and type of unlocking before settling for one. Check if it has features such as fingerprint recognition, face identification, RFID cards, PIN codes, mobile app control, and manual key access. Consider buying Golens X97 Smart Door Lock, or Denler DFLv1 Smart Lock in this case. Both come with multiple types of unlocking such as face recognition, fingerprint, mobile app, RFID card, the PIN, and the manual key.
Security Features: Evaluate the security levels offered by the lock, including how fast it unlocks, how accurate the recognition technologies are, and how many users it can accommodate. Go for locks that have 3D face recognition and 100 users for face and fingerprint recognition like Denler DFLv1 Smart Lock or Golens X97 Smart Door Lock.
Remote Control Accessibility: Check that the door lock you purchase offers remote access capabilities and the ways through which it can be unlocked remotely, e.g., RF remote control, WiFi-enabled mobile apps, etc. Golens X97 Smart Door Lock can be a worthy pick in this case as it is equipped with RF remote control and WiFi-enabled remote access.
Door Compatibility: Make sure the lock is compatible with your door’s specifications, such as thickness, material, and left or right handedness. You can go for LAVNA LA5 Glass Door Lock that suits 10-12 mm toughened glass doors.
Battery Life and Power Source: Consider the battery life of the lock and the power source needed to run it. Check if the lock uses rechargeable batteries or regular AA batteries. Both Golens X97 Smart door lock and denler DFLv1 offer smart lock with rechargeable batteries, up to 2 months.
Warranty and Additional Features: Checking for warranty and added features is very important.  Denler DFLv1 Smart Lock offers a great warranty policy of 3 years and is also equipped with 3.5-inch LCD display, inbuilt doorbell, and motion detection features.

The increasing crime has overridden the traditional manual locking mechanisms, making electronic door locks with remote control to be indispensable in fortifying our safety. In this security-conscious world, the development of technology has given us electronic door locks to protect our homes and offices. Nevertheless, during our research we discovered that the increasing options in the market can easily confound anybody. Hence, we analysed and compared all the worthy choices and listed some of the top electronic door locks with remote control in India for you.
While all the above products are great in their own ways, the best one will be based on your requirements. However, we hope our recommendations will help you get a lead towards your search journey.

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