List of the Best Medicine Doctors In Imphal in 2024

You might be familiar with the saying “health is wealth”. And just every other form of wealth, it should be treasured. One of the ways you can ensure having a healthy lifestyle is by consulting with your general physician on a regular basis. Besides, if you are staying in Imphal or nearby, the best medicine doctors in Imphal can indeed help you in maintaining a good health.

Whether you have an underlying disease or not, regular doctor visits are very important. And since it might be difficult to visit a specialist without a certain disorder, medicine doctors are your best option. They specialize in medicine of every type and have the potential to help you get better. Whether you are suffering from a cold, fever or an upset stomach, they are experts in diagnosing the disease. When it comes to regular check-ups, they are essential. Just by examining you, they can recommend certain tests and scans.

In India, there is an abundance of medicine doctors. With over 12,55,786 allopathic doctors, the country has made a big name for itself in the field of medicine sciences. In fact, India is the 3rd country when it comes to offering the pharmaceutical jobs. And in this huge medicinal industry, there are around 600,000 medicine doctors who are making a hug difference in this filed. Whenever you are ill, there are numerous doctors who can help you in getting better. And Manipur has proficient doctors who can substantially meet your requirements.

List of the best Medicine Doctor Specialist in Imphal

Imphal is home to many medical facilities which you can enjoy. And amongst the pivotal services of the region’s healthcare, medicine doctors play a vital role. Although there aren’t inordinate numbers of doctors in the domain, some of the best medicine specialist in Imphal can indeed help you in getting better. We have summed up the pivotal names in this sphere for you. Without any further ado, let us jump into the list:

01. Dr Chakshu

Dr Chakshu

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD

Experience: 9+ years

About the doctor: Dr Chakshu upholds her name as one of the best medicine doctors in Imphal. Having more than 9 years of expertise in the field, she has treated umpteen in her whole career. By going to her for treatment, you can essentially get better. She provides out patients and in hospital clinical services like immunization, preventive care and medical check-ups. Additionally, she can also help you in diagnosing fatal diseases like heart issues. Her expertise lies in treating diseases like hypertension, diabetes, viral fever, indigestion and many more. Additionally, she considered to be very caring and soft-spoken by almost all of her patients.

Clinic: Dr Chakshu is available for physical consultation in Shija Hospitals and Research Institute

Timings: Dr Chakshu is available for appointments every day from 12:00 noon to 02:00 pm.

Practice location: Meitei Langol, Lemphelpat, Imphal, Manipur 795004

Contact number: 0385 205 5584

02. Dr Stephen L. Daimei

Dr Stephan L. Daimei

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD

Experience: 4+ years

About the doctor: Dr Stephen L. Daimei is one of the most heard names in the field of Imphal’s medical sciences. For the past 4 years, he has been working tirelessly to provide preeminent medical treatment to all of his patients. Before steeping into the field of medical sciences as a doctor, he completed his MD in General Medicine from RIMS, Imphal in 2018. Over the years, he has treated various patients suffering from stomach infections, hypertension, acne/pimple problem, food poisoning and many such diseases. Dr Daimei is known for being compassionate and caring towards his patients. You might get benefitted with his treatment.

Clinic: Dr Stephen L. Daimei is available for physical consultation in Dr Stephen Clinic.

Timings: Dr Stephen L. Daimei is available for consultation any time with prior appointment.

Practice location: DAV Public School Chingmeirong Sangakpham Imphal East 795005, Imphal

Contact number: No contact number is available for the doctor. For consultation, directly visit his office or schedule textual consultation online.

03. Dr Geeta Thiyam

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD in Medicine, MD in Biochemistry

Experience: 16+ years

About the doctor: Dr Geeta Thiyam is one of the best medicine doctors in Imphal. With more than 16, years of steady practice in the field of medical sciences, she has treated numerous patients and helped them in getting better. Dr Thiyam joined the medical institute in the August of 2006 and has now been practising as a Senior Physician at the hospital. Before beginning her career in the field of medical sciences, she completed her MBBS and MS from Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Lamphelpat, Imphal. If you are fluent in Meiteilon, Hindi or English, the communicating with her will be very easy. There are minimal chances that you will not be satisfied with her medical treatment.

Clinic: Dr Geeta Thiyam is available for physical consultation in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal

Timings: Dr Geeta Thiyam is available for consultation in the hospital’s OPD anytime.

Practice location: Porompat, Imphal, Manipur, 795004

Contact number: 385 244 3144

04. Dr Haopu Simte

Dr Haopu Simte

Qualification/Degree: MBBS

Experience: 10+ years

About the doctor: Dr Haopu Simte is amongst the pivotal general physicians in Imphal. Known for being caring, kind and proficient, he has till today helped numerous patients in attaining good health. If you are looking for a doctor who is suitable for regular check-ups, then Dr Haopu Simte is one of your best options. Having more than 10 successful years of practice in the sphere of medical sciences, he has helped patients suffering from minor skin problems, wounds, fever, tonsil infection, gastritis, acid reflux, hypertension and many more such diseases. The doctor is skilled in diagnosing fatal diseases at an early stage and hence, suitable for people who are unsure about their medical condition.

Clinic: Dr Haopu Simte is available for physical consultation in Dr Haopu Simte clinic.

Timings: Dr Haopu Simte is available for consultation on Monday to Saturday anytime with prior appointment.

Practice location: New Lambulance, Imphal, Manipur 795001

Contact number: 8119079427

05. Dr N Biplab Singh

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD

Experience: 5+ years

About the doctor: Last but not the least, Dr N Biplab Singh is the final doctor in our list of the best medicine doctors in Imphal. For more than 5 years, he has been efficiently contributing in the field of the region’s medical sciences. When it comes to treating diabetes, he is one of the best doctors of Imphal. Other eminent treatments that he practices include treating hypertension, thyroid, gastritis, mild cardiological issues, cholesterol, uric acid, influenza and many more. Over the years, he has treated a huge number of patients with his praiseworthy services. You might get better with his excellent treatment and kind nature.

Clinic: Dr N Biplab Singh is available for physical consultation in Regional Institute of Medical Sciences

Timings: Dr N Biplab Singh is available for consultation at the hospital’s OPD anytime.

Practice location: Lamphelpat, Imphal, Manipur 795004

Contact number: 0385-2414528

What are the healthcare facilities in Manipur?

Manipur has both public and private sector healthcare providers.

Public Healthcare

The public healthcare system comprises of Sub-centres, Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Community Health Centres (CHCs) and district hospitals. As per latest government data, Manipur has the following public health infrastructure:

Public health infrastructure in Manipur

Primary Health Centres (PHCs)200
Community Health Centres (CHCs)75
District Hospitals16

The state has been making steady progress in upgrading and establishing more public healthcare facilities across rural and remote regions. However, there remains a shortage of doctors and paramedical staff in many facilities.

Private Healthcare

The private healthcare sector has also witnessed significant growth over the last decade, especially in Imphal – the capital city. This includes nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic centres and hospitals. Some key statistics are:

Private healthcare infrastructure facts

TypeEstimated Number
HospitalsOver 100
BedsAround 2,000
DoctorsOver 600
Healthcare staffApproximately 5,000

Leading private hospitals and specialty centres in Imphal include RIMS Hospital, City Clinic & Hospital, Curewell Hospital, Choice Hospital etc. These provide quality secondary and tertiary care services across various specializations.

Key Challenges

Despite the expansion of facilities, there are a few systemic healthcare challenges in Manipur:

  • Shortage of healthcare workforce and specialists
  • Low public health spending at 1.1% of GSDP
  • Poor accessibility in rural/remote areas
  • Low health insurance coverage

The government aims to address these issues through more investments under the National Health Mission and recruitment drives for doctors/paramedics in the coming years. Initiatives around public-private partnerships, use of technology for delivery of care and increased health spending are being considered.


It does not matter whether you are suffering from mild symptoms or severe health issues, visiting a physician is always important. Before you are diagnosed with any disease which requires specialization, it is always important to visit a general physician. Adding to that, it is also noteworthy that some diseases need medicine specialization and only medicinal practitioners can help you. Our list of the best medicine doctors of Imphal can help you in choosing the doctor who is the best for you.  

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