List of the Best Medicine Doctors In Jorhat

Wondering which doctor to visit for your next check-up? We have prepared a list of the best medicine doctors in Jorhat for you. But before that, let us discuss their importance a little.

As mortals, we are prone to ill-health. Having doctors around have indeed helped us in having a better health. Since the ancient times, doctors have helped us in surviving fatal diseases and even small infections. Without a doubt, some doctors are more proficient in the field than the others. As William Osler quoted “There are only two sorts of doctors: those who practice with their brains, and those who practice with their tongues”. It is very important for you to choose the doctor who has the potential to help you out.

Ancient medicines helped us in the older times. However, with the introduction of modern medicine, a new evolution has begun in the field. Friedrich Serturner, a German scientist laid the foundation of modern medication in the year 1804. Since then, the field of medical sciences have seen many wonders.

General medicine is one of the most widespread fields of medical sciences. There are around 12,55,786 registered allopathic doctors in India, out of whom over 600,000 are practitioners of general medicine. Amongst them, there are many eminent GPs in Assam too. In the recent years, the region has seen a subtle surge of medicinal doctors. Jorhat too has some pivotal doctors in this field.

List of the best medicine doctors in Jorhat

Although there are handful medicine doctors in Jorhat, they are doing an impressive work. We have brought together the best medicine doctors in Jorhat and listed them for you. So, without any further delay, let us jump on to the list:

01. Dr Abhik Malpani

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD

Experience: 17+ years

About the doctor: Dr Abhik Malapani is one of the preeminent general medicine doctors in the entire Jorhat. For the last 17 years, he has helped myriad of patients in getting better. Before starting his bring career as a general physician, he completed his MBBS from BPKIHS in 2005. After some years of practice, he completed his MS in internal medicine from the same institute in 2014. Over the years of his career, he has built a strong reputation for himself as a helpful, kind and generous doctor. According to his words, he is trying not just to treat his patients but also impart knowledge about the treatment procedure and health state of each patient. You can either physically consult with him by visiting his practice location or reach out to him textually. Of course, the consultation fee varies in both of the cases.

Clinic: Dr Abhik Malpani is available for physical consultation in Malpani Hospital

Timings: The doctor takes appointments every day from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Practice location: Raja Maidam Road, Rajamaidam New Colony, Jorhat, Assam 785001

Contact number: 0376 232 1730

02. Dr Rajashri Borpatragohain

Qualification/Degree: MBBS

Experience: 6+ years

About the doctor: Dr Rajashri Borpatragohain is one of best medicine doctors in Jorhat. Over the years of his practice, he has been serving as pioneer in the field. Whether you have a fever or need assistance in losing weight, he has the potential to solve your problem. Before starting his 6 years long career as a general physician, the doctor finished his MBBS from Srimanta Shankardeva University in 2106. Since the beginning of his career, he has aimed to build both professional and personal with his patients. It is his aim to help and treat the people who are suffering from diseases with all the knowledge and information he has. Additionally, he is also a great doctor to refer for hair fall and acne problems.

Clinic: Dr Rajashri Borpatragohain is available for physical consultation in Instant Health Care.

Timings: The doctor takes appointment every day from 07:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Practice location: Mariani, Jorhat, Assam 785634

Contact number: 8046 800187

03. Dr Hrishikesh Goswami

Qualification/Degree: MBBS

Experience: 3+ years

About the doctor: Dr Hrishikesh Goswami is one of the youngest established doctors in Jorhat. With only 3 years of practice in the field, he has established himself as one of the best general medicine doctors in Jorhat. Before beginning his career in the field of medicine, he completed his MBBS from Jorhat Medical College and Hospital in 2019. After that, he served as the Medical Officer at Bhogamukh Model Hospital. Currently, he is working towards serving his patients in the general medicine and without a doubt, he has been successfully doing his job. Some of his incredibly commendable serves include viral fever treatment, headache treatment (including migraine and sinus), pimple or acne treatment, etc.   

Clinic: Dr Rishikesh Goswami is available for physical consultation in Bhogamukh Model Hospital

Timings: The doctor takes appointment every day from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm

Practice location: LCR Road, Bhogamukh tiniali, Tamuli Gaon, assam 785682

Contact number: No contact number is available for the doctor or clinic. For consultation, visit the hospital directly.

04. Dr Pornamee Bora

Qualification/Degree: MBBS

Experience: 2+ years

About the doctor: Dr Pornamee Bora is another young doctor in Jorhat who has established herself as a pivotal name in the field of medical sciences. Although she has been practising for only 2 years, she has already treated numerous patients. Before developing a career in the domain of general medicine, she completed her MBBS from Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College, Assam in 2020. Some of her specialities include treating tonsil infection, heartburn, fever, indigestion, any many more. One of the reasons she is appreciated by her patients is for being kind and excellently well-spoken. Most of her patients cherish her behaviour and caring nature. Due to her nature, there are slim chances that you will find anyone with a negative impression of her.

Clinic: Dr Pornamee Bora is available for physical consultation in Tankeswar Sarmah Memorial MPHC

Timings: The doctor takes appointment on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 01:45 pm and 06:15 pm to 07:15 pm

Practice location: Kachagaral, Number 2 Brahmingaon, Assam 785010

Contact number: No contact number is available for the doctor or clinic. For consultation, visit the hospital directly.

05. Dr Devojit Sharma

Qualification/Degree: MBBS

Experience: 5+ years

About the doctor: Dr Devojit Sharma is the final doctor in our list of the best medicine doctors in Jorhat. He is one of the best medicine specialists you can consult in the region. Although there is not much information available on him online, his patients review can tell you about his proficiency. Over the years, the doctors have treated and cured many patients suffering from various diseases like viral fever, dry cough, acidity, bruises, etc. He might potentially help you in getting your required treatment.

Clinic: Dr Devojit Sharma is available for physical consultation in Dr Devojit Sharma Clinic

Timings: The doctor is available on only pre-booked appointments.

Practice location: New Balibal BG Road, Babupatty, Jorhat, Assam 785001

Contact number: 094350 81700

Is General Medicine Equal to MBBS?

The MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) and general medicine are related but distinct medical qualifications and specialties. Understanding the key differences can be helpful for those considering a career in medicine.

What is MBBS?

The MBBS is a broad undergraduate medical degree that covers training in:

  • Basic medical sciences – Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, etc.
  • Clinical medicine, surgery and community health
  • Medical ethics and laws

The MBBS degree generally takes 5-6 years to complete in India. After completing the MBBS, doctors are eligible to practice general medicine. However, many choose to specialize further.

What is General Medicine?

General medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases in adult patients. General medicine physicians are often primary care doctors that patients see first for any health issue. They either treat patients directly or refer them to an appropriate specialist if needed.

Some key aspects of MBBS and general medicine:

CriteriaMBBSGeneral Medicine
Degree TypeUndergraduatePostgraduate
Duration5.5 years3 years post MBBS
ScopeAll branches of medicine and surgeryOnly nonsurgical treatment of diseases in adults
SubspecialtiesYes, during postgraduate trainingCardiology, gastroenterology etc. are subspecialties under it
Awarded DegreeMBBSMD in General Medicine, DM in General Medicine

The MBBS degree enables a doctor to practice general medicine. However, undergoing a postgraduate specialization in general medicine allows doctors to gain advanced clinical knowledge and skills in this field.

While the MBBS provides a foundation in medicines, completing a PG specialization such as MD in General Medicine or Diplomate of National Board (DNB) in General Medicine enables doctors to effectively practice as physicians in this specialty.

So, to answer the question general medicine is not equal to MBBS. The MBBS provides broad and basic medical training to undergraduate students while general medicine is an advanced specialization after the MBBS level. MBBS graduates can practice general medicine but specializing further enhances expertise and career prospects in this domain.


Consulting the right doctor can assuredly guarantee you a better physical health. Even if you have the slightest symptoms of uneasiness, make sure to visit a doctor right away. We have listed the best medicine doctors in Jorhat who you can visit for acquiring a better medical health. Your health play a focal role in your day-to-day life so make sure you take care if it.

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