Families where time is short always have a challenge in keeping dishes looking shiny. This is where a fully functioning dishwasher comes to help. At The Readers Time, the main aim of ours is to offer our readers a non-biased review about the most current and highly rated dishwashers that are tailored to different needs and budgets.

We carefully test and evaluate dishwashers across the leading brands like Bosch, LG, IFB, Faber, and Voltas Beko on key aspects:

Cleaning Performance

Dishwasher cycle times can be as short as 30 minutes, for a light load, or as long as 3 hours, for a heavy one. Our time scheduling and work intensity are aligned to the given deadlines, which is reflected in our deliverables.

Time of Cycle

It's our job to evaluate how well a dishwasher cleans stain and deposit off dirty dishes using established testing standards. This is the background information such as wash cycles, spray arms coverage, water pressure and etc.

Measuring and Comparing Noise Output

The annual water and electricity consumption is estimated according to standard 7-person occupancy (place setting) to compare running costs.

Convenience Functions

Easy to use offers like delay start, digital display, connectivity options, etc. make the appliance more convenient for the user.

Dependability and Durability

We rely on the collective customers' reports and surveys to measure the repair frequency and lifespan across different brands.

Flexibility and Utility

Rack capacity, adjustable racks, and cutlery trays influence how flexible they are. This one is checked with the authentic dishes..

Personally Tested and Tried Comprehensive review

Through our dishwasher reviews, we disseminate pros and cons of individual models researched through our personal testing experiences. Ratings are provided via various factors which are used to compare offerings. Our buying guide additionally covers:

Installation Tips

Placement, Size, Electrical and Plumbing need to be considered before Installation.


The difference between the formulated and powder detergents, water softener, and rinse aid, their effects on washing and how to use them.

Operational Cost Calculator

Find out what the yearly running costs are by counting the number of cycles used and the rates of utility in your region.

Replacement Parts

Here you can find sources for common parts like racks, baskets, hoses, and how to do procedures.

Buyer Guide

Dishwasher Usage and Maintenance Tips

Our purpose is to provide our readers with the information to make the right choice in selecting a dishwasher. The reviews and guides are a collection of the core aspects from the comprehensive evaluations to help readers to make educated purchase decisions that best suit them.

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