Are Dishwashers Suitable for Indian kitchens?

Indians love to eat and cook. They have several cooking methods and recipes, including ample oil, clarified butter, and spices. While the menu for any Indian meal looks tempting, the utensils used in the cooking process look equally horrifying. Well, I am sure most of us might have seen our family members scrubbing their guts out to clean the oily stains from the utensils. Their labour and efforts for the family always remained unappreciated. But, you can now include a magical appliance, i.e. a dishwasher, in your kitchen and say goodbye to the dirty stain and lots of effort. Many of you might have already built a notion of a dishwasher not being comparable to Indian kitchenware. And some might question that is dishwashers suitable for the Indian kitchen. While others will just say, why invest in a dishwasher when you have a maid? If you, too, have any such questions in your mind, keep reading this article. Because, here we will find out if dishwashers are suitable for Indian kitchens.

The dishwasher is a western concept that travelled all the way to India. However, no reason can support that it is unsuitable for Indian kitchens. It can work well in an Indian kitchen. Yes, if we consider the price point of view, it is quite on the higher side. But, currently, people are getting more and more inclined toward technology. Thus, many people have already included a dishwasher in their kitchen. And why won’t they? The dishwasher is convenient, practically designed, effective, hygienic, and consumes less water than manual washing. It is suitable for Indian kitchens in various aspects. In fact, it has many unique benefits.

Benefits of Using a Dishwasher:

Following, we have listed some of the prime benefits of using a dishwasher in the Indian kitchen:


Well, most people are of the wrong notion that dishwashers are not cost-effective. Their price is high, which might not be a practical pick for every Indian household. I cannot deny that not all Indian homes can afford a dishwasher. , But they are cost-effective if you consider the cost-to-benefit ratio, as you will be surprised to know that a dishwasher from a good brand can last for more than 10 years. And if you add the money you are paying your maid, you will see that a dishwasher comes at a much lesser price than having a maid.


Like its name, a dishwasher is designed to clean the dishes better than when manually done. Besides, it comes with several settings, which you can adjust accordingly to the size of your utensils and the intensity of the stains. For instance, there is a separate setting for the light, deep, and tough washing. It is very efficient in removing tough stains from your dishes and utensils.

Time Savings:

Dishwashers also greatly reduce the amount of time spent on the chore of post-meal utensil cleaning. As shown below, an average dishwasher load takes just 10-15 minutes of a user’s time. Handwashing an equivalent quantity of dishes can take 30-60 minutes depending on the number of utensils and family size.

MethodApprox. Time Required
Handwashing (for family of 4)30-60 minutes
Running Basic Dishwasher10-15 minutes

This translates into major time savings, reduced drudgery, and more family leisure time. For Indian families coping with busy work schedules and domestic responsibilities, investing in a quality dishwasher can be a lifestyle upgrade that makes daily lives easier.


The dishwasher uses warm water in the washing process. This helps in killing the germs and cleaning the dishes simultaneously. According to research done by many microbiologists, it is found that a dishwasher holds the potential to kill a maximum number of germs from the dishes, leaving them 99% clean and healthy. Thus, you must include a dishwasher in your kitchen if you prioritize your and your family’s health.


As you know, the earth’s environment is getting destroyed with time. There is a shortage of natural resources as people are too busy having fancy lifestyles. Three-fourths of the earth is filled with water, yet we have a shortage of clean drinking water. In such cases, if you are privileged enough to have a regular water supply, you should save it. A dishwasher can help you in doing so. With a dishwasher, you will have to use one-tenth of the amount of water compared to manual washing. This saves water and conserves the environment.

Customized options:

Customized options are available in different varieties, which you can customize according to your requirements. Some renowned brands offer specially customized dishwashers to help you clean your dishes. So, if you are worried about cleaning your pots and pans, I think you can install one and stay relaxed.

There are several other advantages of using a dishwasher in an Indian kitchen. Just imagine with a dishwasher, all you need to do is place the utensils and press the button, and that’s it. You can get clean dishes without putting in any extra effort.

But, wait, let me tell you some of the disadvantages of owning a dishwasher in India, so that you can make the right decision.

Limitations of Using a Dishwasher:

There are certain limitations when it comes to using a dishwasher effectively in the Indian context.

Water Usage and Electricity Costs

Dishwashers require a considerable amount of water and electricity to run each wash cycle. The average water usage is around 10-15 liters per complete cycle. This can contribute significantly to one’s water bills in water-scarce regions of the country.

In terms of electricity, dishwashers tend to consume around 1-2 units per hour of runtime. So for urban households already dealing with rising electricity costs, this can add to monthly expenses.

Average Dishwasher Usage Statistics

Water usage per cycle10-15 liters
Electricity usage per hour1-2 units
Cost per wash cycle₹10-15

Water Pressure Challenges

Dishwashers function optimally with water pressure between 20 to 120 psi. However, most high-rise apartments in Indian cities receive water pressure below 20 psi. This affects the cleaning performance of the dishwasher unless an external booster pump is installed which further adds to costs.

Limitations Due to Food Habits

Indian cooking often involves dealing with oily, sticky and strong-smelling ingredients like turmeric, garam masala etc. These tend to leave stubborn stains on cookware that standard dishwasher cycles may fail to clean properly in one go.

There may be need for wash cycles that have higher temperatures or longer duration. Some manual pre-rinsing or soaking of such stubborn cookware may also be needed before loading them into the dishwasher.

Dishwashing Performance Against Common Indian Food Stains

Type of StainLevel of Cleaning in Standard Cycle
Oily stainsModerate
Turmeric stainsLow
Masala/Spice stainsLow

Lack of Dishwasher-Safe Cookware

A variety of stainless steel and non-stick cookware used in Indian kitchens may not be dishwasher safe. The heat and chemical-based cleaning action in a dishwasher can damage cookware that is made from materials unable to withstand such conditions. This limits the practical usability of investing in a dishwasher.

Expensive Detergents and Rinse Aids

While the upfront cost of a dishwasher may seem affordable, the recurring cost of branded detergents and rinse aids recommended for them can be expensive for the average Indian household. This increases the operating cost of a dishwasher over time.

After-Sales Service Concerns

Dishwashers require periodic maintenance and repairs that need qualified technicians. However, the ecosystem of dishwasher service networks is still developing across India. So consumers may face challenges in getting timely repairs or maintenance solutions, especially in smaller towns.

The limitations highlighted do not make a dishwasher completely unsuitable for Indian homes. But consumers need to consider these factors with respect to their individual budget, home design and food habits before investing in one. So, if you are still wondering, “is a dishwasher useful for an Indian kitchen”? Let me answer, yes, a dishwasher is suitable for an Indian kitchen. Besides, it is both efficient and helpful.

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