Local BJP politician’s son allegedly beaten by MLA Dilip Paul’s brother but FIR reads “name unknown”

December 17, 2020: A picture went viral on social media on Wednesday showing BJP Narayan Choudhury’s son Kuldeep Choudhury bleeding from his forehead. According to the victim’s statement, he was visiting Dr Lal’s Path Lab, Rangirkhari Silchar, for a blood test when someone asked him to remove his bike from infront of the clinic.

As he went outside, a man came and started talking to him rudely. When he pointed out the rude behaviour and asked that man to speak politely, he started beating him. Soon four others joined and attacked the victim untill he was bleeding. During the confrontation, the victim came to know that his attacker was BJP MLA Dilip Kumar’s brother and owner of Sreeram Sales who said that no one would go against him or can do him any harm. An FIR was lodged against the assailant at the Silchar Sadar police station.

Mr. Narayan Choudhury, father of the victim, introdeced himself as a member of the executive board of BJP cachar district. Talking to the media, he said “If my son is getting attacked by the MLA’s brother than how hard it must be for the common people. My son is a member of the BJYM (Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha) and yet he was attecked by the MLA’s brothet in broad daylight. The MLA must be held responsible for this.” 

The FIR lodged against the assailant, by Kuldeep Choudhury, reads ‘Accused- The owner of Sreeram Sales Name Unknown’. As people associated with the BJP, both father and son must know the name of the MLA’s brother but have still, surprisingly, left out the name while filing complaint. When the media asked Narayan Choudhury about the reason, he refused to give a statement. 

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