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“The doctor must do everything in his power to save lives, preserve health, or at least alleviate the suffering”- Hippocrates. Looking at the services our doctors are constantly providing, we can say that every medical practitioner is standing by Hippocrates’ words. Science has done tremendous wonders in the world, one of which is medical science. And undoubtedly, medical sciences have proved to be one of the most important sections of science. Dealing with the most important section, health, the medical sciences has indeed brought wonders to our lives. And in this field, medicine has become an eminent branch. Are you searching for medicine doctors in Siaha? Then you’ve reached the correct page.

With over lakhs of medical practitioners, India contributes largely to the domain of general medicine. Almost every city in this country has hardworking general physicians who are constantly working towards creating better medical facilities. Currently, there are over 12 lakh doctors in India and amongst them, 600,000 are practising general medicine. Looking at the number, you can understand the demand and popularity of general medicine. Whether you want someone to diagnose your disease or carry on with the treatment, they can help you in getting the required treatment. In every state, you can find many proficient doctors who are constantly making the lives of their patients better.

In Mizoram too, numerous capable doctors are serving society tirelessly. There are a total of 11 districts in Mizoram, which have pioneered in the medical field. Although most of the doctors in Mizoram are situated in Aizawl, other towns too have many talented doctors with the potential to help those who are suffering. Even though there are various doctors in copious medical fields, general medicine is the most popular sphere. And just like every other field, they are constantly trying to bring in development and positive changes in the region’s medicinal sciences. Saiha is in no way different.

List of the Medicine Doctors in Siaha

Based in the South-Central part of Mizoram, Siaha is one of the three autonomous district councils of the state. With merely 4,607 houses, the region is geographically one of the most beautiful places in the entire North East. But when it comes to the medical field, the place is not as advanced as its counterparts. With barely three hospitals, the city provides limited care to the citizens. And the handful of doctors based in the region serves in all most all the care centres. When it comes to medicine doctors in Siaha, there are only two verified doctors who are constantly providing essential care.  Let us take a look at them:

01. Dr Lalnunziri

Dr Lalnunziri

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD in General Medicine

Experience: 10+ years

About the doctor: Dr Lalnunziri is one of the best medicine doctors in Siaha. Specialising in internal medicine, she has been contributing to the betterment of the region’s medical facility. Whether you are suffering from gastritis or diabetes, she can help you in getting better. Known for being very gentle and polite, she is one of the favourite doctors of the people of this region. Some of the sections she specializes in are treating diabetes, acid reflux, neurological diseases, hypertension, acne, mild skin diseases, gastritis and many more. You will most likely benefit from the treatment she offers.

Clinic: Dr Lalnunziri visits her patients at Civil Hospital, Siaha.

Timings: The hospital stays open 24 hours, every day.

Practice location: New Saiha Saihatlangkawn Road, Siaha, Mizoram 796901

Contact number: 94361 55993

02. Dr C. Hnieccho

Qualification/Degree: MBBS

Experience: 20+ years

About the doctor: Dr C. Hnieccho is the Chief Medical Officer of the Siaha Medical Department. Having more than 20 years, of experience as a general physician, he has helped the region’s people tremendously. Having efficiency and dedication, he has served as a frontline medical practitioner during the surge of Covid-19. Most of his patients prefer him for his caring nature and humble attitude. Some of the areas Dr Hnieccho specialize in include treating viral fever, bronchitis, gastritis, hypertension, cardiological diseases, mouth ulcers and many more. You might get the required treatment under his care.

Clinic: Dr Hnieccho visits his patients at Civil Hospital, Siaha.

Timings: The hospital stays open 24 hours, every day.

Practice location: New Saiha Saihatlangkawn Road, Siaha, Mizoram 796901

Contact number: 94361 49663

How Many Types of Medicine Doctors Are There?

There are many medical specialties that doctors can pursue, allowing them to focus their practice on treating certain conditions or bodily systems. Broadly speaking, doctors fall into two main categories – primary care physicians and specialists.

Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians provide basic and general healthcare services. They are usually the first doctors patients see for any health issue before possibly being referred to specialists for more targeted treatment. The main types of primary care doctors are:

  • Family medicine doctors: Treat all members of a family including adults, children, and pregnant women. They diagnose and manage a wide range of conditions.
  • Internal medicine doctors: Treat adult patients providing preventative care and managing chronic illness and complex conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Pediatricians: Provide care for babies, children, and adolescents dealing with health issues specific to younger age groups.
  • General practitioners: Similar to family doctors, they treat everyday illnesses and provide preventative care but have a more limited scope of practice.

Medical Specialists

If a patient’s condition requires targeted expertise and care, they may get referred to a specialist doctor who has advanced training in treating specific bodily systems, diseases, or types of patients. Some common medical specialists include:

Specialty AreaFocus
CardiologyHeart and cardiovascular system
OncologyCancer and tumors
OrthopedicsBones, muscles and joints like knees, hips
NeurologyNervous system and conditions affecting the brain
SurgeryPerform complex operations and procedures
PsychiatryMental health conditions and behavioral illnesses

There are over 120 medical specialist fields physicians can choose to pursue through additional fellowship training after finishing medical school and residency. Specialists allow for precision diagnosis and tailored treatment plans for specific illnesses and health conditions.

Additionally, some doctors hold multiple board certifications spanning specialties. For example, a pediatric surgeon specializes in performing surgery on young patients from infants to late teens.

The wide range of medical specialists allows doctors to provide precise care aligned to each patient’s unique healthcare needs. Although specialists are key for targeted treatment plans, primary care doctors play a crucial role in overall patient wellness with their whole-patient approach. The various types of medicine doctors complement each other to deliver comprehensive healthcare.


We have listed the available medicine doctors in Siaha. With years of practice, they are trying their best to provide crucial treatment to the people of this region. If you are showing any symptoms of uneasiness, make sure to visit a doctor right away.

Thank you for visiting our page. Currently, we have information on only two General Physicians in Siaha. If you have any information regarding the topic, kindly mail us at [email protected]

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