Understand The Side Effects of Hair Smoothening, Don’t Regret it Later

In modern days, girls are too inclined towards hair smoothening. The girls who have curly and vague hair patterns prefer to get their hair smoothening done at the nearby beauty parlors.  Even some girls are doing their hair smoothening at the home after getting the training from these parlors. The parlors are providing special hair treatments for the smoothening that are lasting for months and years.

Hair smoothening treatments

“Have you ever thought that hair smoothening and hair straightening are different hair treatments”

As per one of the blogs published by Healthline, hair smoothening and straightening are different concepts. Let’s have a close look at these differences:

  • The hair smoothening results depends on the hair’s health but hair straightening results depend on the growth of the hair.
  • Hair smoothening is a form of treatment that is given to improve the health of the hair while hair straightening is a process to make the hair straight in length.
  • The hair smoothening is done after using some special chemicals while the hair straightening is done after using the chemical agents, conditioners, and shampoos only.
  • The hair smoothening treatment stays for six months to one year while the hair straightening treatment stays for four to five months approx. in the hairs.
  • The hair smoothening treatment is costly while the hair straightening is a cheap process.
Glossy smooth hair

Is hair smoothening worthy? Does it bring shine and smoothness to hair?

Yes, the main motive of the hair smoothening treatment is to make female hair extraordinary. The hair smoothening treatment is given to frizzy and curly hairs to improve the overall quality of these kinds of hairs. In this treatment, the hair blockages, unwanted hair patterns, and roughness get removed by using the right chemical substances. These chemicals bring shine and smoothness to the overall hairs and make them silkier. The overall results of the hair smoothening depend on the treatment of the hair expert, salon, and the type of product that has been used.

Why do girls are preferring to do their hair smoothening rather than going to beauty parlors?

The treatment of hair smoothening is very easy and girls are getting easily trained in the parlors. Some girls already learned the whole treatment process through youtube videos by sitting at their homes. The girls prefer to do their hair smoothening treatments due to these reasons:

  • The treatment process is easy to learn.
  • The parlors are providing separate hair smoothening treatment training to the girls.
  • The time duration to do this treatment is not lengthy.
  • The material required to do this treatment is easily available in the market.
  • No special parlor equipment and tools are required to complete this hair smoothening treatment at home.
Benefits of hair smoothening at home

What are the essential materials required to do the hair smoothening treatment?

  The main material that is required to complete the hair smoothening treatment are as follows-

  • The chemical substances such as keratin solution, Brazil blowout, and protein chemicals.
  • Mild shampoos and some branded shampoos of L’Oreal and Matrix Company.
  • Blow dryer
  • Hair mask
  • A wide comb that is big
  • Flat iron or any other parlor equipment to provide heat to the hairs
Different hair smoothening techniques

What things have to be kept in kind while performing the hair smoothening?

   Various things have to be kept in the mind before performing the hair smoothening such as-

  • The hair should not be tucked by pin or some other hair accessories for at least three days before the hair smoothening.
  • The hair should be washed properly with mild shampoos before the hair smoothening.
  • Proper conditioner should be applied to the hairs before smoothening.
  • The proper lab-tested chemicals should be used to avoid any harm to the hair during the hair smoothening treatment.
  • The oil should not be applied to the hairs for some days before the hair smoothening treatment.

Is hair smoothening not good for hair and has some side effects too?

Hair smoothing before and after

Yes as per the research data and information provided on various online sources, hair smoothening is not recommended for the hair due to some side effects. A well-known dermatologist has highlighted these side effects of the hair smoothening treatment:

  • Many girls and females who have undergone treatment have complained that they have faced an excess hair fall after the hair treatment for months and years is completed. The natural appearance of the hairs has faded and hairs became more dry and rough after the smoothening treatment.
  • The hair roots became weak due to the application of chemical substances during the smoothening treatment.
  • Many girls and females complained that felt the symptoms of nausea and eye burns after getting the smoothening treatment.
  • The presence of chemicals in the hairs for the long period is making it for the females difficult to breathe normally.
  • The girls and females also complained that they have started facing the problem of rashes on the skin and itching at the hair’s nearby body parts after getting the smoothening treatment.
  • The utilization of the special chemical substance named formaldehyde in the smoothening treatment is making the skin layers weak.
  • The rebounded and smoothening hairs are resulting in damage to the natural pattern of the hair. After the treatment gets over the hair pattern gets disrupted and the hair looks burnt.
  • The hair dryness level goes higher after smoothening treatment gets over.
  • The hairs become more toxic to handle and even combing becomes difficult after the results of the original smoothening disappear.
  • A high quantity of dandruff has been recorded in hairs after the smoothening effects disappear.
  • A poor hair scalp gets formed after the hair smoothening effects get over.
  • The hair carries a lot of split ends after the hair smoothening effects disappear.
  • The heavy heat exposure to the hairs during the hair smoothening destroys the natural shine and glow of the hairs.
  • The hair bulk goes thin after the application of the smoothening treatment.
  • The hairs start losing their original color after the effects of the smoothening disappear. It has been reported by the girls and females that their hair turned grey and white after getting the smoothening treatment.
  • The girls and females also reported that they have started facing depressive and stress episodes after getting the hair smoothening treatment.

If hair smoothening carries some side effects, then there are solutions too.

The solutions are always available to provide the cure for a problem. The hair smoothening treatment side effects can be eliminated after following these solutions:

  • The barriers to the scalp can be utilized to protect the irritation of the scalp.
  • The low heat setting must be set for the hair blow driers during the smoothening treatment.
  • The hairline must be relaxed by applying a relaxer during the hair smoothening treatment.
  • During the hair smoothening treatment process, the expert must keep the consumer analysis kit with him. This will help in checking the formaldehyde levels during the process.
  • The proper ventilation system must be available at the parlor during the hair smoothening process. This will help in reducing heat exposure during the whole session.
  • The expert must be trained to do the hair smoothening treatment process.
  • The proper apron, eyewash substances, gloves, and bathtubs must be available at the time of hair smoothening treatment.
  • The formaldehyde utilization can be avoided during the hair smoothening treatment to avoid the risk of eye irritation.

What kind of hair smoothening treatments have been considered dangerous by the experts?

Natual Coconut oil for hair smoothing

To protect the health and hairs of females, there are various kinds of hair smoothening treatments have been recommended by beauty experts. These hair smoothening treatments are considered best by the experts after analyzing all the aspects. Some of the highly recommended treatments are as follows-

  • The Goldwell Kerasilk hair smoothening treatment is highly recommended because it utilizes the best relaxers to protect from the chemical substances in the hair.
  • The Cezanne hair smoothening treatment is highly recommended because it utilizes glycolic acid.
  • The coconut milk hair smoothening treatment
  • The lemon juice hair smoothening treatment
  • The milk spray hair smoothening treatment
  • The hot oil hair smoothening treatment
  • The olive hair smoothening treatment
  • The eggs hair smoothening treatment
  • The milk hair smoothening treatment
  • The honey hair smoothening treatment
  • The rice flour hair smoothening treatment
  • The egg mask hair smoothening treatment
  • The papaya hair smoothening treatment
  • The banana hair smoothening treatment
  • The Aloe Vera hair smoothening treatment
  • The banana hair smoothening treatment
  • The curd hair smoothening treatment
  • The olive oil hair smoothening treatment
  • The apple hair smoothening treatment
  • The cedar hair smoothening treatment

What are the benefits of the hair smoothening treatment?

The hair smoothening treatment has drawbacks and side effects. Apart from it, there are various advantages involved as well:

  • The hairs get smooth and shiny
  • The hairs get soft after getting this treatment
  • The hairs become more flexible and easy to carry
  • The hair keeps more moisture and looks clean for a longer period.
  • There is no need of getting a regular spa.

What are the best shampoos in hair smoothening treatment?

Some of the best hair smoothening treatment shampoos available in the market:

  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo
  • OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Matrix Opti Smooth Straight Professional Ultra Smoothing Shampoo Shea Butter
  • L’oreal Professional X-Tenso Care Pro-Keratin Shampoo
  • WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Free Paraben Sulphate

How to get the best hair smoothening treatment?

There are some tips to get the best hair smoothening treatment that is as follows:

  • The best salon needs to be selected
  • Select the hair treatment after analyzing the hair type
  • The best hair smoothening treatment must be selected
  • Ask about the products that have to be used in the hair smoothening treatment from the beauty expert
  • The periodical visits to get the additional treatment after the hair smoothening treatment should be done
  • The hair history must be discussed with the beauty expert before getting the hair smoothening treatment
  • After getting the hair smoothening treatment, the girls and females must take care of the same as prescribed by the beauty experts.

What is the best hair smoothening available treatment deals?

The various hair smoothening deals that are available are as follows:

  • Matrix Hair Smoothening Treatment
  • Loreal Hair Smoothening Treatment
  • Schwarzkopf Hair Smoothening Treatment
  • Jawed Habib Salon
  • Matrix Salon
  • Loreal Salon
  • Geetanjali Studio
  • Black door unisex salon
  • Body Care Salon
  • Canvas Salon
  • Shahnaz Husain Parlour
  • Affinity Express Parlour
  • Dr. Batra Hair Treatment Parlour

What is the price of hair smoothening treatment?

The main hair smoothening treatment price is Rs 2,990.

How much time does hair smoothening treatment take?

The time that a hair smoothening treatment session takes generally is between three to six hours.

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