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The drinking water is a vital resource for the health and well-being of our families. It should be clean, and free from contaminants. The correct water purification system selection for your needs can be a tough choice because of the many available products and technologies today.


Our prime at The Readers Time is to publish unbiased evaluations about the best options for home water treatment systems. We invest a reasonable amount of time identifying and testing the latest models from the top brands such as AO Smith, Eureka Forbes, Kent, Livpure, and others. Our team evaluates key factors such as:

Filtration Technology

We cover common types such as reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet purification (UV), ultrafiltration (UF) to name a few so that you appreciate which are better in eliminating impurities from your water supply.

Effectiveness Against Contaminants

illustrates the different efficiency in removing dangerous contaminants such as bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, flouride, nitrates, chlorine byproducts, and total dissolved solids.

Purification Capacity & Flow Rate

Charts of storage tank capacity with water output information will allow you to choose the correct unit for your family needs.

Operation Costs

Department of power consumption, filter replacement frequency, maintenance needs, and overall life-cycle costs.

Installation & Convenience Factors

Evaluate if water purifiers are being wall mountable, portable or tabletop. Noise levels and irreplaceability of filters was also reviewed.

Warranties & Certifications

We underline warranties and the testing certificates by bodies such as NSF and ISI for the safety standards

Personally Tested and Tried Comprehensive review

As part of our water purifier reviews, we share the strengths and weaknesses of particular models which we have tested and analyzed carefully. We put emphasis on the unique features and provide ratings for the main criteria. Besides just products, our buying guide offers useful details for making the most informed decision:

Warranties & Certifications

We underline warranties and the testing certificates by bodies such as NSF and ISI for the safety standards

Capacity Guidelines

Examples of storage and flow rate required for homes with 2-10+ people.

Installation Factors

Review of placement requirements and what’s included with the installation, i.e. expert assembly services.

Maintenance Needs

Cleaning filters, replacing parts are among the maintenance needs, so learn about them before buying.

Buyer Guide

Water Purifier Buying Guide

Water Purifier buying guide in India for 2024

Water Purifier Usage and Maintenance Tips

Our mission is to offer you the best water purifiers, so that you can discover the best solution for your home and your budget. However, please note that we are paid commissions from retailers through links on their site where readers purchase products after clicking on our site, without any additional costs to you.

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