“Xoxe”- an ultra-realistic AI robot

People often envision robots gliding around and responding mechanically when they hear the words Artificial Intelligence (AI). Among the many forms of artificial intelligence, humanoid robots are perhaps the most popular. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI)-programmed ultra realistic robot named “Xoxe” has been reported to be capable of detecting human emotions and asking existential questions. In recent years, robots like the “Xoxe” have gained recognition for their intelligence and ultra-realism.

The robot is able to communicate in 120 languages, has a built-in social life, and also can walk and run around much like a human. In fact, the creepy Xoxe robot can even go beyond what is expected of humans, since it has the ability to sense if someone in its vicinity has committed illegal activity. With her full-sized hands and arms, she can also gesture and convey a wide range of emotions. Xoxe’s robot eyes have cameras and its character is based on an Instagram influencer. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, from the University of Osaka, served as a technical advisor to plastic surgeon Dr Sam Khoze from AI Life to create this AI robot. Furthermore, it reportedly has a long-term memory, speaks on any topic, and detects smells also. In addition to predicting age and detecting body language, it can also detect emotions.

During a discussion about the end of the world, the robot shares its thoughts. An asteroid hitting the Earth is believed to be the end of the world by the robot Xoxe whereas the world will be destroyed eventually by war or pollution, according to others. The end of the world is something nobody can predict for sure, but thinking about it is definitely interesting. Despite the fact that there is no evidence of God’s existence, the robot refuses to believe in God.”

A humanoid is thus an extremely complex invention that involves a great deal of research and work. It is common for engineers and scientists to face some challenges. A tiny mistake in sensors and actuators could lead to glitches. In the future, with AI progressing, we might soon encounter humanoid robots everywhere we go..

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan is a tech-enthusiast, strategist and a writer who has mentored professionals, entrepreneurs for self and career growth while his owned organization Inteliqo Research and Services have fulfilled different technical projects of renowned global brands.After obtaining degrees and certifications from various national and international reputed institutes such as IIT Delhi, Indian Council of Technical Research and Development, UC San Diego and many more, he has realized that knowledge is incomparable and can definitely make a positive impact on society. His passion towards writing influenced him to engage into different ventures being driven by writing and research which includes the foundation of The Readers Time

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