Month: December 2020

National News

Assam Government’s decision to convert Madrasas to be legally challenged

December 17, 2020: The Assam state Jamiat Ulama, on Wednesday, came together for a four-hour long meeting at the Garigaon Madrasa, Gauhati and decided to legally challenge the Assam Government’s decision to convert all government run madrasas and sanskrit tols (schools) into general institutions of education.  As reported earlier, On Monday, Education minister Himanta Biswa […]Read More

Politics World Affairs

Decoding Farmer’s protest ; a national affair 

It is a common belief that new laws will open corridors for au courant sale and marketing of agricultural products outside the usual Agricultural  produce market comittee (APMC) bazaar or mandi for farmers. These laws can further help in allowing inter-state trade and encourage voluntary electronic trading of agricultural yield. New laws will prevent the state […]Read More

Informative National News

Assam Govt to approach a secular mode of education; plans

December 15, 2020: The next step of Assam Government in making education more available and prosperous is to turn all the state run madrasas and sanskrit tols (schools) into educational institutions for general studies. It is an attempt of the government to make education more “secular” in the state.  Speaking at a press conference, Education […]Read More

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