Kolkata Traffic Police launched an anti-pollution drive

 Kolkata Traffic Police launched an anti-pollution drive

On Wednesday the Kolkata traffic police asked traffic guards to conduct pollution tests on vehicles at random, especially since there has been an increase in the number of private cars and bikes on the roads to avoid jostling on public transport following the COVID lockdown period . The task to keep a check on toxic fumes from vehicles was earlier handled by the anti-pollution cell of Lalbazar only, but now the Kolkata Traffic Police has decided to interfere for the first time.  According to a TOI source of Lalbazar Kolkata Traffic Police Launches Maiden Anti-Pollution Drive-In City after the complaints from environmentalists.

Deputy Commissioner of Traffic police Arijit Sinha confirmed that the order has been issued  to ensure that the drive has been started from Wednesday. Sinha In his statement said that “Several guards have already carried out checks and the others will follow suit. The force should be concerned about the environment, especially when there has been a boom of private four-wheelers and two-wheelers. We want to ensure these checks are carried out extensively,”

Environment activists, like Subhas Datta and S M Ghosh, have welcomed the step, they said there was no point arguing over jurisdiction. They agreed on the fact when the transport department lacked enough manpower, allowing highly polluting vehicles to go scot-free, some police action to curb pollution was always necessary.

According to the expert, toxic output from vehicles is one of the causes of air pollution in Kolkata. Kolkata Police had also planned to set up a database of drivers in the city to ensure that they can procure their Pollution Under Control certificates on time. these steps have been taken to reduce the effects of air pollution in Kolkata from the toxic output from vehicles.

Author: Nileswar Roy

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