Painting 30 Flags on Chira Puts Mou Das of Assam’s Cachar district in India Book of Records

Mou Das, a resident of the Salganga area of Assam’s Cachar district, has etched her name in the India Book of Record after accomplishing a remarkable feat. She has managed to paint the national flags of 30 different countries on flattened rice flakes (chira/chiwra/poha) to book her name onto the record books.

Das ventured into the niche avenue of miniature painting following her desire to explore new artistic ventures. Through this feat of painstaking complexity and patience she has shown her artistic prowess while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression even further.

Speaking to the media, Das said, “When the urge for doing something different struck me, I thought about how I could combine my love for art with something that reflects the diversity of the world. That’s when the idea of painting national flags on flattened rice came to me.”

According to the newly minted record holder, the project started as a mere experiment but began to take shape as a record attempt as she pursued it further. She realised that it took her around 30 minutes to complete one flag on the flattened rice.

She then shared the photos and videos of her work to the team over at India Book of Records and having been selected for recognition by the prestigious institute, she was presented with the official medals on the 15th of November.

On the honour of being included in the India Book of Records, Das said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the India Book of Records. It’s a validation of my efforts and encourages me to continue learning ad experimenting in the field of arts.”

The achievement is also likely to inspire a whole generation of artists in the area as she does not only pursue art as a personal endeavour but contributes to its growth as a teacher. She currently runs an art school in the area where she focusses on nurturing artistic talents among her students.

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