6 Best water heater for bathroom in India 2023

Water heaters or geysers are necessary appliances in today’s homes. Geysers make warming water fast and easy. A solar or gas geyser comes with most modern homes, but you can always upgrade to a better model. Ensure that the water geyser you purchase is efficient, has a high capacity, and takes little time to heat up. Many companies produce geysers in different configurations, including Bajaj, Havells, V Guard, Crompton, and AO Smith. Besides this, you also need to take safety precautions and consider the design. You can find a wide variety of options online, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. You can find out more about the best water heater for bathroom in India by exploring the following article and ensuring your home is equipped with the best appliance.

List of some of the best water heaters for bathroom

Following is the list of the best water heater for bathroom available online in India

01. V-Guard Divino 5 Star Rated 15 Litre Storage Water Heater
  • There is an anti-corrosion
    coating on the tank to
    prevent leaks.
  • Fits in standard-sized
    bathrooms with a
    compact and sleek design.
  • It is an energy-efficient
    appliance that is 5 Star
  • Water is protected from foul
    smells and scales by an
    antiscalant technology.
  • A high-density PUF
    insulating material that
    retains heat more
    efficiently without
    using CFCs.
  • Overheat protection and
    auto-cut-off feature.
  • Suitable for high-rise buildings.
  • An additional charge may
    be incurred for additional
    pipes and accessories.

There is no doubt that V-Guard is one of the best brands of storage water geysers in India. This geyser, named Divino, has a 15 L water capacity and a 5 Star rating. The extra thickness and PUF insulation maximize heat retention and energy efficiency. V-Guard water heaters can withstand 8 bar pressure, making them ideal for high-rises.

Key features

  • A corrosion-resistant enamel coating prevents rust from forming.
  • This unit features an automatic shutoff thermostat.
  • The container has a capacity of 15 litres.
  • It weighs 9.8 kilograms.
  • Five-star Energy Star rating.
  • A two-year warranty is provided.
V-Guard Divino 5 Star Rated 15
Litre Storage Water Heater
02. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater
  • Designed with sophistication
    and elegance.
  • Low, medium and high temperatures are
    adjustable with the
    heat adjusting knob.
  • Low, medium and high temperatures are
    adjustable with the
    heat adjusting knob.
  • A glass coating improves
    the efficiency of the
    heating element.
  • Safety valves and auto-
    cutoffs provide better safety.
  • The warranty on the inner
    tank is seven years.
  • Most major cities in India
    offer free installation for
    this product.
  • The geyser makes sounds
    when it is running,
    according to complaints.

With its dual-tone body, the AO Smith water heater makes a great addition to your bathroom’s aesthetics. This Water geyser has a 5-Star BEE energy rating. Featuring a double-corrosion-resistant, this heater offers 2x the corrosion resistance.

Key features

  • This anode rod with custom alloy provides twice the lifespan when used with hard water conditions.
  • It has a capacity of 25 liters.
  • It weighs 13 kilograms.
  • The warranty period is two years.
  • Blue diamond glass lines the tank of this electric geyser, making it highly corrosion-resistant.
  • Heating elements with glass coatings last longer.
  • This water heater includes multiple safety features, including a three-setting thermostat.
Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater
03. Racold Omnis Wi-Fi 25 Litres Vertical 5 Star Storage Water Heater
  • A space-efficient, modern
  • It is loaded with a
    variety of advanced
  • It offers smart control
  • This bathing experience
    is customized with smart
    logic and Wi-Fi
  • A safety valve, thermostat,
    and auto cut-off ensure
    better safety.
  • Your usage pattern
    can be scheduled
    and the temperature
    can be maintained
    all week long.
  • The energy efficiency
    rating is 5 stars.
  • It is pricey.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, you can access this smart water heater from anywhere and at any time. Square-shaped geysers may impress you with their looks, but they have a lot more to offer. Smart baths and smart guards provide the latest technology, saving electricity up to 30%, while special anodes prevent corrosion of the heating element.

Key features

  • The appliance is equipped with smart bath logic that helps you customize your bathing experience which is simply awe-inspiring.
  • It came with an auto-diagnosis feature to ensure better safety and increased durability.
  • With ‘Smart Bath Logic,’ you can adjust the regulator according to your bathing needs.
  • It has a capacity of 25 liters.
  • It weighs 13 kilograms.
  • Five-star Energy Star rating.
  • The warranty period is two years.
Racold Omnis Wi-Fi 25 Litres Vertical
5 Star Storage Water Heater
04. Bajaj Calenta Storage 25 Litre Vertical 5 Star Water Heater
  • The design is sophisticated
    and suits the interior of
    a modern bathroom.
  • Heat is better retained
    with the glass-lined
    inner tank.
  • Titanium Armour
    technology provides
    anti-corrosion properties.
  • Water is heated 20%
    more efficiently with
    swirl flow technology.
  • This product can
    withstand pressures
    of up to eight bars.
  • High-rise buildings are
    suitable for this product.
  • It takes long hours for the
    water to get hot.

The Bajaj Calenta water geyser is the perfect way to start your day. All of Bajaj’s water heaters are affordable and durable, making them the best water heater for the bathroom. This water heater is one of the best in India due to its dual-tone finish and compact design. For a family of 4-5 people, it has a 25-liter capacity.

Key features

  • Swirl flow technology helps the heater last longer and perform better.
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant inner tank coating.
  • The heater’s body is manufactured with a single weld to prevent corrosion.
  • Water is heated 20% faster using swirl flow technology, which also saves energy.
Bajaj Calenta Storage 25 Litre
Vertical 5 Star Water Heater
05. Crompton Arno Neo 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water with Advanced 3-Level Safety
  • Thanks to a powerful
    heating element, the
    water will be heated
    in just ten minutes.
  • Improves energy efficiency
    and heat retention.
  • The metallic body is rustproof
    and made to last a long time.
  • A variety of safety
    features, including
    shock protection,
    automatic shutoff, etc.
  • You can adjust the temperature
    by turning the knob.
  • The anode rods are
    specially designed to
    prevent corrosion.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • There have been complaints
    about rust on storage
    bottom containers
    from some customers.

A soothing hot water bathing experience is guaranteed every day with this 5 Star storage water heater. A powerful heating element in the Crompton Arno Neo helps to rapidly heat water and saves you time. A smart shield corrosion protection feature and standby mode save electricity bills.

Key features

  • There are 3-levels of advanced safety features and an 8-bar pressure rating.
  • A 5-star energy rating and fast heating technology are also included.
  • The heating element has a special magnesium anode coating that prevents rusting.
  • Besides the 5-year warranty on the tank, there is also a 2-year warranty on the heating element and a lifetime warranty on the overall product from the manufacturer.
Crompton Arno Neo 15-L 5 Star Rated
Storage Water with Advanced 3 Level Safety
06. Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo 25L Water Heater
  • The design is minimalist and
  • The knob has LED
    indicators that indicate
    the temperature.
  • It has a very compact
    appearance and does
    not appear bulky at all.
  • Performance-enhancing
    features packed into
    one device.
  • Long-lasting anti-corrosion technology.
  • Heat retention in water is improved.
  • The water heats up faster.
  • Less energy is consumed.
  • No major cons.

In India, Hindware makes the best geyser heaters at a reasonable cost. It’s a great idea to put this chubby heater in your bathroom. A full range of features ensures that you’ll always have hot water at your fingertips. Advanced technology delivers 25% faster output with the 25 Litre Storage geyser. Using O’Pro technology, the product’s tank can withstand pressures of up to 8 bars while being corrosion-proof.

Key features

  • Three liters of water can be dispensed instantly.
  • This makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications, as it can withstand pressure of up to 6.5 bars.
  • The indicator indicates two different colours, red and green.
  • A superior valve protects the heater.
  • Heat and electricity are well conducted by copper, which is used in the heating element.
  • It features an intelligent thermostat that prevents unnecessary water heating and saves money.
  • The tank has a 5-year warranty, and the heating element has a 2-year warranty.
Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo 25L
Water Heater

Different types of water heater for bathroom in India

Listed below are the common types of bathroom water heaters

01. Electric Water Heater

Indian households tend to use this system for water heating. Using an electric current, a thermostat passes an electric current to heat the water. In the event of an increase in temperature, the thermostat closes, and in the case of a decrease in temperature, it opens. With a low maintenance cost, it’s a more affordable option

02. Electric water heater with instant heat

Instant water heaters are more economical and easier to install and operate. Due to their small storage capacity, instant water heaters heat up quickly. In contrast, these devices are better suited to tasks requiring little water

03. Water Heater with Instant Gas

Electric water heaters are generally considered less economical than gas water heaters. As long as a gas-based system fits into your overall water needs, and you don’t have a mounting electricity bill, you can switch to one. By heating the water quickly, you consume less energy and save money on your monthly energy bill.

04. Water Heater with Heat Pump

Rather than producing its own heat, this water heating system uses that from the environment. In terms of heating technology, it represents a breakthrough. A heat pump water heater is much more economical and energy-saving than a conventional water heater. In spite of its higher prices, it regularly saves electricity consumption, which allows it to recover the costs.

Things to consider before purchasing the best water heater for bathroom in India: Buyers guide

Finding the perfect geyser in the Indian market with so many options can be challenging. Several factors were taken into consideration by our experts before selecting these new geysers in India.

01. Energy consumption

Heat loss from a geyser is minimal, and it should consume less electricity to heat water. In order to reduce your monthly electricity bills, purchasing a 5-star BEE-rated energy-efficient geyser is always preferable.

02. Capacity or Size

Depending on how the home will be used and how many people will live there, the size will vary. Water heaters with large capacities are more advantageous for families with large numbers of members.

03. Scale

resistant and corrosion-resistant- Check the lining of your water heater for anti-corrosion and anti-scale properties. Hard water can reduce a water heater’s heating efficiency.

04. Pressure

Choosing water heaters for flats requires ensuring they can handle high-pressure pumps. When the water heater’s pressure is excessive, leaks may occur.

05. Capacity

In general, storage geysers hold 6 to 35 liters of water. The ideal water heater for cleaning kitchen items holds 6-8 liters. If you want to bathe, you’ll need a water heater to hold at least 15 liters of water.

06. Material for water tanks

In order to prevent corrosion, you should choose a water heater constructed of stainless steel. In addition to being anti-corrosive, the coatings are also anti-scratch, which speeds up the process.

07. Safety

Whenever you purchase any electrical gadget, it is the most important thing to consider. A multifunction safety valve and thermostats are a few safety features most water heaters have recently included. If you’re shopping for a water heater, you should ensure it has all these qualities.

08. Warranty

It is important to have a warranty for any large item, including geysers, when it comes to maintaining them. To prevent you from having to make another large purchase anytime soon, I have selected items with long warranty periods.

09. Quality of service

As a final note, I chose this list based on service quality, recommending only models and brands offering competitive offers, flexible policies, and other incentives to ensure their customers receive excellent customer service.

10. Reviews by clients

Long-term customers are those who use a product regularly. To determine whether the top 6 best water heater for bathroom in India on our list are genuine, I keep track of their usage and evaluations.

Here are some tips to keep in mind

  • High-pressure water pumps should not be used with electric geysers and copper tanks, as they can damage the geyser and tank.
  • Connect the LPG gas cylinder to a leak-proof pipe outside the bathroom when installing a gas heater. In order to prevent carbon monoxide from rising into your home, it is necessary to provide adequate ventilation for the gas heater.
  • The power supply of your electric heater should be shut off automatically when water reaches 60°C. If the temperature is raised further, internal pressure may build up, resulting in outbursts.
  • Only purchase heaters that are certified by BIS/ISI. During this process, all relevant tests and quality assurance procedures are carried out on the product.
  • Having the appliance installed by a professional is recommended, as even the smallest mistake could damage the product.
  • Before making a purchase, ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is accurate.
  • Plastic ABS should be shockproof and rustproof.
  • Short-circuit risk can be minimized with the use of fire-retardant cables.
  • An excess of water is drained by a safety valve when the pressure or temperature exceeds acceptable limits.
  • Savings from BEE stars are more significant when they are higher.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

The following answers a few common questions about buying a water heater in India.

Which is the safest geyser?
The AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES Vertical Water Heater is one of the safest geysers available in India. As a result of the Titanium Enamelled Heating Element and some features like Smart Guard, Smart Mix, SPHP, and Smart Bath Logic, this model has several advantages. High-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications can also benefit from their high-pressure capacity.
In India, which vertical geyser is the best?
Racold Omnis water heater is one of the best vertical geysers. The heater is glass-coated, corrosion-resistant, and has a 25-liter capacity. PUF technology is also included, as well as double protection is provided
In India, which is the best geyser with a capacity of 15 liters?
V-Guard Divino 15 Litre Storage Water Heater is the best water heater for the bathroom, with a capacity of 15 liters. This water heater is known for offering high energy efficiency, granite anti-rust anodes, and a nickel-coated special element made in accordance with ISI standards.
What is the electricity consumption of an instant geyser?
Geysers that provide instant water typically consume between 3.5 and 4.5 kW of power, and the amount of electricity they consume will depend on how long they operate.


It’s time for a wrap-up. This blog concludes with some of the best water heater for bathroom in India. A water heater is a must-have appliance in the winter months and occasionally during the rainy season. You can get all the hot water you need from a water heater and save money and energy at the same time by choosing the right model. Water heaters of equal size can be cheaper or more expensive, depending on their brand. Running costs, however, may be greatly affected by energy-efficiency ratings. Make the best decision for you by taking the time to consider all of your options. Happy buying.

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