AMD’s Little-Known Past: The Backup Manufacturer for Intel

A recent tweet by Linus Sebastian, the prominent tech YouTuber behind Linus Tech Tips, revealed that AMD, a well-known maker of computer chips, used to create CPUs for its main competitor, Intel.

In the 1980s, when Intel was having trouble keeping up with demand for its CPUs, it turned to AMD, which had previously served solely as a backup manufacturer for Intel, for assistance. During that time, AMD sold CPUs to Intel, but the company finally opted to design its own chips, which led to the development of the now-famous AMD family of processors.

The fact that AMD’s 64-bit architecture is now being utilised by Intel is a credit to the creativity and technical progress of both firms.

That AMD originally produced CPUs for Intel is indicative of the cutthroat character of the technology sector and the dynamic nature of computing hardware. The fact that two competing organizations can collaborate and yet compete at the top levels is a testament to the industry’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence.

The overall point is that the tweet from Linus Tech Tips brings to light a little-known piece of tech history that serves as a reminder of the remarkable progress made in the field of computers.

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

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