ASKA- the flying car is all set to fly in 2026

Every year, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings a lot of news from the automotive industry. Flying vehicles, metaverse, robots complete this tech show, besides new e-motorcycles and automobiles. Thus recently at CES, it was announced that ASKA which is a flying car is all set to fly in 2026.

Few details about ASKA-the flying car!

  • The ASKA, whose name translates to “flying bird,” is basically a big SUV-sized flying automobile which has a 250-mile range.
  • A range extender is also included in the unit, which is powered by electric motors.
  • As a flying machine, ASKA can reach a speed of 241 km per hour (150 mph) and have a range of 402 km (250 miles).
  • Unlike other vehicles, ASKA features a teardrop cabin which can accommodate up to 4 passengers.
  •  It can also vertically land and take off thanks to its electric lifting system and six-cylinder tail.
  • During city driving, it can reach speeds of 112 kilometers per hour (70 mph). In order to convert from vehicle to aircraft mode, the driver needs to find a wide space to open the vehicle’s rotor blades and wings.

One major benefit of ASKA is that passengers can skip the hassle of driving to the airport, finding parking, waiting for their air taxi, and then looking for alternative modes of transportation to finish their trip. ASKA may be launched from a relatively small area and can convey passengers from their homes directly to their destinations. It is expected that ASKA will eventually produce all-electric aircraft once battery technology matures sufficiently. Also a pilot’s license is required to operate the VTOL aircraft ASKA 3.0.

NFT, Inc. plans to test fly a ASKA flying car prototype this year, and obtain FAA approval in 2026. According to few articles which were published in 2021, the company is planning to offer this flying car at a cost of $789,000.00 USD along with $5,000.00 security deposit. Also as more production models are sold over time, the sale price is also expected to decline as per the company. It is anticipated that the first deliveries will begin in the year 2026.

Dibbyyan Nath

Dibbyyan Nath

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