Assam Rifles to Relocate its Base from Aizawl to Zokhawsang Gradually

In a momentous announcement, Lt. General Pradeep Chandran Nair, the Director General of the Assam Rifles paramilitary force, declared that the force would be relocating from its current base in Aizawl to the recently unveiled battalion headquarters complex situated in the thriving locale of Zokhawsang. This move has been long anticipated, with the Assam Rifles force actively seeking a more strategically located base of operations that would enhance their ability to carry out their vital mission with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The shift to this newly inaugurated complex is expected to yield numerous benefits, including the potential to leverage the latest technologies and equipment, and a more robust infrastructure that can support the force’s diverse needs. However, he emphasized that the relocation will occur in phases and only after the state government fulfills all the basic needs and resolves any issues related to the land occupied by the paramilitary force.

Nair further stated that the force will still maintain a presence in Aizawl for undertaking legislated tasks, but only on a portion of the land they currently occupy.

During the auspicious inauguration of the Assam Rifles headquarters complex at Zokhawsang, Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivered a resounding announcement that reverberated across the region.

Shah refrained from providing a timeline for the relocation but did reportedly intimate to select civil society groups that the transfer would be effected within three months.

Meanwhile, officials from the state home department confirmed that all necessary basic requirements have been provided to the new Assam Rifles battalion headquarters complex, paving the way for a seamless transition. This comprehensive infrastructure is expected to provide the force with an array of benefits, including access to cutting-edge technologies and equipment, and a more resilient and robust framework that can accommodate the force’s evolving requirements.

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