Bangladesh durga puja attack 2021 | The CRPCC has strongly condemned the radical attacks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Durga puja attack 2021: The CRPCC, Assam, has strongly condemned the attack on a Durga Puja mandap and a temple in Comilla, Bangladesh.

In a press message on Sunday, the president of the organization, Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee said that the attack on various mandaps and temples by the communal forces was due to the failure of the police and the local administration. Attacks and vandalism of Puja mandapas in different parts of the country have proved that the Bangladesh government has completely failed to control the situation. In the last few years, several temples and houses of minority communities have been attacked and vandalized. In many cases, the leaders and activists of the ruling party of Bangladesh have been accused of communal attacks, but they have not been brought to justice, Tapodhir said.

Tapodhir said that in order to liberate the country from such medieval barbarism, it is necessary to build a united movement of non-communal, democratic, progressive people and organizations of the country against the fundamentalist communal force and the government-backed by its fundamentalists. He urged the Awami League Government to take stern action to maintain communal harmony and justice for communal attacks on Puja mandapas and temples in different areas of Bangladesh, including Comilla.

He appealed to the Indian government to take stern action to control the situation in Bangladesh and to put pressure on the government to provide adequate financial assistance, free medical treatment, and compensation to the families of the victims, including providing full security to the minorities. At the same time, the CRPCC has asked the central and the state governments to ensure that India’s extremist-communal forces do not escalate tensions over incidents in Bangladesh.

The CRPCC has demanded exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of the incident. On the other hand, Tapodhir Bhattacharjee expressed solidarity with the way the intellectuals and conscious citizens of that country have taken to protests against communalism and have formed human chains.

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