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Looking for Beer benefits for skin? Then, you are in the right place. Beer is the famously ubiquitous drink that can be bought in almost all places all over the world. The oldest alcoholic drink in the world, it is actually as old as civilisation itself. This drink is so much a part and parcel of life that people open a can of beer when they are happy, to toast to something/someone or when they are sad and want something to take their minds off.

beer in glass and bottle

No, wonder beer is popular and if you add the health benefits this drink provides when consumed in moderation you will understand the popularity behind this drink. Don’t be surprised beer is not all that bad for health and has many health benefits. It can also be used topically especially on the skin and hair. That is why there is a beer shampoo in India that actually works!

In this blog post, we discuss beer, the health benefits this classic drink provides and how you can use it topically on your skin and hair to reap the maximum benefits. The history of beer is very interesting and is certainly not a recent invention. It is said that as soon as mankind started to learn how to farm, beer was invented. As you read through the post you will learn more about the history of beer.

The history of beer

Beer is an interesting drink that was made as soon as cereals were grown and harvested during early civilizations. It became such an important part of their lives that it was even used as currency. Historians have found evidence of beer being used as money during the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Ancient Egyptian Beer

Pyramid workers were paid in beer for all their hard work that went into the construction of the pyramid. They got a ration of 4-5 litres of beer every day which served as a refreshment as well as a nutritional drink. The presence of beer has been recorded in Ancient Iraq leading many archaeologists to believe that beer was instrumental in the formation of civilizations.

Funnily enough, many ancient civilizations all over the world invented their own beer independently after observing that almost any substance that is rich in starch can undergo alcoholic fermentation. The knowledge of beer didn’t travel from one civilization to another through trade or commerce like the knowledge of weaponry or cultivation for that matter.

Now, let’s fast forward a few years and get to know how this lovable drink is made.

How beer is made?

Beer in the modern age can be made quickly and is more flavourful thanks to all the advances in technology. The very process of making beer is called brewing and the place it is made in is called a brewery. Beer is made by following the principle of converting starch into alcohol through a fermentation process facilitated by yeast.

First breweries take malted barley and mix it with hot water forming a wort. This wort is then drained and the grains are washed where the fermentable liquid is collected by the brewer. This mixture then is put inside a copper boiler and is boiled for an hour. During boiling the water evaporates but the sugars and other components remain.

Hops, an additive, is added to this mixture and boiled. It is what gives the beer its bitter taste. The more hops are added the more bitter the beer will be. After this mixture is cooled yeast will be added to it and the fermentation begins. Depending on the type of yeast and the strength of beer the fermentation takes place and may require a week to many months to convert this mixture into beer.

The carbonation of beer is driven into the process when the fermentation takes place and the wort is transferred to a pressure vessel. Carbonation can also occur when the wort is transferred into a pressure vessel before the fermentation takes place and is sealed there until the fermentation is completed.

Then the beer is filtered to remove the impurities and the yeast and is then sold in markets everywhere. Water is the main ingredient in making beer and accounts for 93% of the beer weight. This procedure has been perfected and is developed regionally according to the local ingredients available.

This process is easy enough to follow that it has kick-started brewery industries on a global scale. Let us take a look into beer production and market share.

Beer production and market share

Beer production has become a global business with its share in the market steadily rising. It is growing at a compounded rate of 2.7% per annum and is expected to expand even rapidly due to an increase in urbanisation and general improvement in financial conditions. The global beer market was valued at $605 million as you can see from the excerpt from Allied market research, an analytics research website.

That is not all, even in India beer is taking hold of the market share by storm as more and more Indians are starting to prefer beer due to its low alcohol content and less inebriation. United breweries limited is a major player in India and the Indian beer market is valued at 371 billion INR in 2020 as you can see from the excerpt below.

India beer market

We have also listed the global players in the world market

Global beer market share by brands

So, from looking at the data you can see that beer is a very popular drink and its popularity won’t be abating any time soon. Let me mention some of the general benefits of a good quality beer that can be reaped if consumed in moderation only.

The General benefits of beer

  1. Beer is rich in antioxidants and can help prevent inflammation in the body.
  2. Beer has high silicon content which helps in building stronger bones.
  3. Researchers have found consuming little to moderate amounts of beer can help reduce stress. Participants were also able to cope with stress better.
  4. Beer is all natural and doesn’t need any preservatives or additives.
  5. Beer is packed with vitamin B due to the fermentation process and is rich in folic acid
  6. A Pro-tip: If you ever travel to a place where safe water isn’t always available then try drinking beer. Beer is alcoholic and no germs can grow in it and even if it gets spoiled the seller won’t be able to sell it because its taste will give it away.

We hope you enjoyed reading the general benefits of beer, but we would like to point out that this doesn’t give you a license to consume all the beer in the world. Too much of anything is bad for you and extreme consumption of any alcoholic will lead to liver complications. So, be warned.

Having said that you can use beer topically. That means you can apply beer to your hair or skin without having to drink it. We have discussed the benefits of beer on skin and you will find it has many uses. Besides, we have also provided some tips to make face masks using beer that will rejuvenate your skin in the next section.

Beer benefits for skin

Beer egg mask
  1. The vitamins in beer can help soothe acne and prevent future breakouts.
  2. Beer acts as a good cleanser and can be used to wash away the dead skin cells from your face. It exfoliates your face gently.
  3. It increases the skin elasticity and reduces the onset of wrinkles.
  4. When combined with lemon beer can be used to wash your face and it clears all the clogged pores.
  5. Beer also moisturizes your face
  6. Continually using beer helps you get smooth and glowing skin.
  7. Beer is also beneficial to the hair and acts as a great conditioner. It leaves your hair bouncy.
  8. It reduces the frizz in your hair. The vitamin B present in beer effectively treats dandruff in your hair.
  9. The hops present in beer are an excellent source of protein which is beneficial to hair.

Why Does My Face Glow After Drinking Beer?

It’s not uncommon to experience a rosy “glow” in your cheeks and other areas of your face after consuming alcohol, especially beers. This effect has a few potential causes:

Alcohol Dilation of Blood Vessels: One of the main reasons is that alcohol causes vasodilation – the widening of blood vessels under your skin. Here’s a quick overview of what happens:

  • Alcohol causes blood vessels near skin’s surface to expand and fill with more blood
  • More blood near the surface makes the skin appear redder and flushed
  • Areas most affected are usually the cheeks, nose, and ears

This process can happen quickly after drinking and make people appear more flushed or glowing.

Alcohol Dehydration Effects: Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it promotes water loss through urination. This can lead to mild dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, even slightly, blood volume is reduced so a higher concentration of red blood cells circulates closer to the surface of the skin. This also contributes to visible flushing and glowing of the skin.

Comparison of Vodka and Beer Dehydration Levels

BeverageWater Loss Compared to Intake
VodkaCauses body to lose 4 times as much water than is ingested
BeerCauses body to lose more water than is ingested

As shown, beer causes dehydration effects but vodka typically has more extreme effects. This may be why beer causes a noticeable but milder glow whereas hard liquors like vodka can make some individuals appear bright red. The level of dehydration depends on how much alcohol is consumed.

Histamine Reaction: Some compounds in beer may trigger histamine production and release in the body. Histamine helps regulate blood flow and inflammation levels in body tissue, including skin, and an excess causes rapid dilation of blood vessels. This ties also into a temporary glow or flushed appearance. People prone to allergies tend to be most vulnerable to internal histamine reactions.

So, the reasons your face may glow after drinking beer may include vasodilation from alcohol, dehydration effects on blood cell concentration, and internal histamine reactions. The temporary glow should subside as alcohol leaves your system or hydration levels rise again.

Here is the list of some non-alcoholic beer products available online.

DIY beer face mask

Now, let us expand on the simple DIY beer face mask that you can make at home and reap all the benefits of beer without actually consuming it!

  • Take 5 ml of beer and combine it with egg whites and a few drops of lime juice to make a smooth mixture.
  • Apply it to your face and leave it for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Then wash your face with water. You need not use a face wash for this.

You can combine 5 ml of beer with fresh strawberries and mix them in a blender. The resulting paste can be applied to the face in a circular motion for 20 minutes. Wash your face with water. Your skin will be glowing after doing this. This is all about the beer benefits for skin.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the benefits of beer. Since this is a fermented drink it carries a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. Please don’t go overboard with this drink and consume it in moderation if at all you have to. There are also many drawbacks when you heavily consume this drink, so please be warned.

Do let us know your favourite beer face mask. Which one did you try? Were you able to experience any benefits? Beer is a versatile drink that can be used topically as well and has many uses. So, think outside the box.

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