6 Best 4k TV under 50000 in India 2023

We use televisions every day, so selecting the right TV for your home is one of the most important decisions we have to make. Getting a high-resolution TV that lasts a long time is important for the best quality and without hassle. A 4K TV is the best option if you want high-quality content. You do not need to invest much money to get a 4K TV. There are good 4K TVs available for less than 50,000. Besides the resolution, you should also consider your connectivity, sound output and voice assistant compatibility. This list of the best 4k TV in India under 50000 will help you decide which TV is right for you.

List of some of the best 4k TV in India under 50000

Following is the list of the best 4k TV in India under 50000

Sony Bravia 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED
01. Sony Bravia 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
  • Using advanced
    algorithms, it reduces
    noise and improves detail
    using its powerful 4K
    Processor X1.
  • The colours and contrast
    are excellent.
  • A Full HD video can be
    upscaled to 4K using the
    4K X-Reality PRO feature.
  • Enhanced details are
    provided in fast-moving
    scenes by Motionflow XR.
  • Within 10 days of delivery,
    this product can be replaced.
  • It is not possible to run
    some OTT apps.
  • Negative Item 2.

Sony Bravia 108CM 4K TV for under 50000 INR is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new TV. With X-Reality Pro technology, this television delivers the exceptional picture quality you’d expect from Sony. In addition, HDR is supported, preserving dark areas’ details. ClearAudio+ technology and Dynamic Drive Speakers create a balanced audio-visual experience.

 Key features

  • A magic remote is included with this model.
  • There is a two-year warranty on this product.
  • Its ultra-thin bezel and sleek design make it an attractive model.
  • The screen has a Full HD resolution as well as a 4K resolution.
  • Over 5000 applications are supported.
  • It also has Okay Google! feature.
Sony Bravia 126 cm (50 inches) 4K
Ultra HD Smart TV
LG 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55UQ7500PSF
02. LG 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • This LG TV delivers fine
    details and vibrant colours
    in 4K images.
  • The IPS display provides a
    wide angle of view, which
    enhances the viewing
  • This feature provides
    excellent image quality and
    deeper colours in 4K Active HDR.
  • Rich and flawless audio is
    enhanced with DTS Virtual X.
  • It is also a great budget
    option because of its
    Android compatibility
    and smart design.
  • There is a decent
    amount of brightness,
    good picture quality,
    and good contrast.
  • This TV is well worth its price
    due to its features.
  • Customers must purchase
    a separate Magic Remote.

A 50-inch LG UM7290PTD 4K TV with a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 is available. A USB port and 3 HDMI ports are also included with this television. It works with several services, including Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix and Eros Now. The HDMI port on the television also allows you to connect your laptop. A warranty card, a user manual, and a tabletop stand are also included with the television.

Key features

  • The picture and sound quality are excellent.
  • A voice interaction system based on artificial intelligence is included.
  • A wireless connection and two HDMI ports are also included with the TV.
  • A UDH AI upscaler is included, as well as Dolby Vision, HDR10+ are also provided.
  • This television comes with a number of unique features like it supports as HDR10+ support.
  • From any angle, its slim design provides the same breathtaking view.
  • Dolby Vision IQ technology intelligently adjusts brightness, colour, and contrast.
  • The premium audio system comes with Dolby Atmos technology for an immersive listening experience.
G 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart
Mi 138.8 cm (55 inches) 5X Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV
03. Mi 138.8 cm (55 inches) 5X Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV
  • Featuring 4K HDR
    technology, this TV
    delivers bright, vibrant,
    and highly contrasted
  • Two 10 W speakers on
    the TV provide a powerful
    room-filling sound system.
  • Android OS works fine
    with the Patchwall skin
  • The experience will be
    smooth and free of lags.
  • The experience will be smooth
    and free of lags.
  • Android Pie OS 9.0 is installed
    on this product.
  • After-sales customer service
    is difficult due to the lack
    of service centres for
    any issues that may arise.

It runs Android TV 8.1 concurrently with the 55-inch Xiaomi 4K smart television. PatchWall has one of the best user interfaces among the market’s budget end. Both interfaces are toggleable. There are still some areas in which PatchWall falls short of providing a content-first experience for users. There are still some popular content creators Xiaomi has not partnered with.

Key features

  • It comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity options.
  • It uses Amlogic 960X image processing technology and supports HDR10.
  • Two GB of RAM and a Mali-450 GPU make up this device.
  • The amount of content available is three times that of a regular TV.
  • It also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and data-saving mode and has internal memory.
  • Users can enjoy great sound and pictures with its ultra-bright QLED 4K display and 20W speakers.
  • Vivid Picture Engine is also included.
Mi 138.8 cm (55 inches) 5X Series 4K Ultra
HD LED Smart Android TV
Vu 126 cm (50 Inches) Premium 4K Series Smart Android LED TV 50PM
04. Vu 126 cm (50 Inches) Premium 4K Series Smart Android LED TV
  • The remote will recognize
    your voice.
  • In contrast to all other TVs,
    Dolby Atmos offers
    quite an excellent
    sound quality.
  • This TV can be adjusted
    to any colour you want.
  • The panel warranty is four
    years, and the
    comprehensive warranty
    is one year.
  • This home theatre feature
    allows you to watch
    movies at home.
  • You can add all your
    favourite apps and
    channels in one place
    in this smart TV.
  • Dolby audio experience is
  • Support for all Android applications.
  • More videos can be viewed
    with a limited data plan.
  • Refresh rates are limited to 60 Hertz.

It is also a great choice for those on a budget regarding the Vu Premium 4K Series Smart TV 50PM. An exceptional viewing experience is assured by its large screen, HDR10+ certification and smart features. Using Android 7.0 Nougat, you can access a variety of popular applications.

Key features

  • Improved picture quality with dynamic mode
  • Connecting your phone to the TV through screen mirroring is possible.
  • A Mali470MP graphics processor is included.
  • A processor with a triple-core design, Mali470, is also included with this product.
  • Sound configurations are excellent, with powerful effects.
  • A resolution of 3840×2160 with a refresh rate of 60Hz is available.
  • In dark mode, the picture is bright and clear.
  • A one-year warranty covers this TV.
Vu 126 cm (50 Inches) Premium 4K Series
Smart Android LED TV
05. Hisense 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV
  • It lets you listen to audio at
    home in the best quality.
  • It produces high-quality
  • Superb contrast and
    brightness are provided
    by this feature, which
    results in brilliant
    picture quality.
  • Ultra Dimming provides
    a beautiful viewing
  • It is also sturdy and
  • It is not so durable.

An impressive feature of this model is its quad-core processor. Consequently, pictures and videos can be processed much faster. With the magic mobile connection and AI Thinq, you can remotely control your TV using your smartphone.

Key features

  • A quad-core processor is among the impressive features of this model.
  • The TV has many smart features with AI Thinq and Magic Mobile Connectivity.
  • You can access Google’s ecosystem and store via the Android 9 PIE OS.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 is supported by this TV.
  • A Kids mode and Game mode is also available on this model.
  • Audio giant JBL creates high-quality audio.
  • Various premium technologies are included in this model, such as JBL Signature Sound.
  • A 4K HDR 10+ display is included.
  • A Dynamic Drive speaker, as well as ClearAudio+ technology, are also included in the television.
  • A model certified by Dolby Vision is also available.
Hisense 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra
HD Smart Certified Android LED TV
06. Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) Crystal 4K Neo Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • The viewing experience
    is impressive.
  • The colour balance is good.
  • The connectivity is excellent.
  • There is a virtual music
    system available.
  • There are three HDM ports
    and one USB port.
  • The audio quality is not so

This Samsung Crystal UA55AUE60AKLXL television features a 138 cm (55 inches) screen with a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. Smart TVs with a minimalist, 3-sided bezel-less design make a great addition to your living room. A Crystal Processor 4K with Tizen Operating System delivers flawless performance.

Key features

  • Samsung’s high-quality visuals are made possible by the Crystal Processor technology and Motion Xcelerator.
  • A pair of 20W speakers is included with this TV.
  • Screen mirroring is possible with Hotstar, Youtube, and Netflix.
  • This TV is quite sturdy.
  • It gives an elegant look.
  • The built quality is excellent.
Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) Crystal
4K Neo Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Things to consider before purchasing the best 4k TV in India under 50000

The following factors should be considered before buying a TV under 50000 in India.

01. Screen Display size

Buying a TV should never be done without considering this factor. As a general rule, screen size is determined by your needs. You should get a giant screen TV with 50 inches if you are passionate about gaming. Choosing the right size of 4K LED TV is important before buying one. TV sizes are measured based on diagonals, not lengths or widths. The main benefit of wall mounting is that there is no issue with the TV’s weight, so if you select a TV stand, measure its size beforehand.

02. Type of display

A TV with Full HD or 4K quality can be easily obtained for a budget of up to Rs.50,000. Depending on your requirements, it varies.

03. Price

This is one of the most important factors. All of the quality products are listed in this post. Hence, if you are interested in the best 4k TV in India under 50000, you can find the most appropriate model for your needs in this blog.

04. Connectivity

Choose a TV with at least two USB and HDMI ports. This post lists the best TVs on the market. This article ranked the best TVs you should choose without second thoughts.

05. Resolution

TV resolution is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing one. TVs with 1080pHD resolution have 1080 pixels, while 4K TVs have 3840 pixels. If you don’t have a budget constraint, buying a 4K Smart TV is a better choice. You won’t notice pixel differences as you get closer to the TV.

06. HDR

Buying a 4K TV requires you to consider this. It is impossible to go back to SDR after experiencing HDR on TV. Brighter, more contrast, and even brighter colours are made possible by HDR. 4K LED TVs offer HDR 10 and Dolby versions, among others. Among those, you can pick the best one.

07. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a screen is the number of images that appear per second. A TV’s refresh rate must be checked before the purchase. Sports lovers should opt for 120Hz speed, which gives them a better experience. The most common speed is 60Hz, but 120Hz provides the best experience.

Is the best 4K Smart TV in India worth buying?

This TV is a yes, due to its picture quality and incredible features. I would like to discuss why buying a 4K TV in India is a good idea.

  • With a 4K TV, you will enjoy four times the resolution of an HD TV, so the image will be sharper and brighter. Your 4K TV lets you see small details.
  • Unlike other TVs, the pixel quality on this TV is excellent; it does not differ even if you view it from very close.
  • Comparing 4K TV with its past rates, its price is quite low. Hence, if you plan to buy an HD TV, you should invest a little more money and purchase a 4K TV.
  • It’s impossible to imagine a better way to enjoy 3D pictures than with a 4K TV. A 4K TV screen filter provides an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Due to its amazing pixels and the resolutions of 4K TV, viewers of technology-based or action films will enjoy an amazing viewing experience.


This article will be useful if you plan to replace your old television and are looking forward to purchasing a 4K television for under 50000. The above list provides a detailed breakdown of almost all the factors a consumer should consider when choosing a television. After reading the list, it will be easy for you to choose the best 4k TV in India under 50000. However, you must inspect every aspect carefully to avoid wasting hard-earned money. Feel free to ask any questions or post suggestions below in the comment section if you still have any doubts regarding this topic.

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