8 Best Cycle under 6000 for adults in India 2023

If you looking for the best Best cycle under 6000 for adults in India, then, you have landed in the right place. People currently are very much conscious about their health. Especially after the arrival of COVID-19, the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’ is considered more seriously. Everyone understood that to stay fit and healthy one must be active physically. As a matter of fact, physical activities can help you stay protected from serious diseases like obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, arthritis, etc. One of the best ways to keep the body physically active is cycling. Riding a bicycle on a regular basis can help you reduce the risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Riding a bicycle is a healthy, low-impact exercise which is enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. Besides, it is also fun, cheap and good for the environment. You can ride a bicycle to work or to shops. It is time-efficient, and you can combine regular exercise and everyday routine. Around one billion people ride bicycles every day globally. Let it be for transport, recreation or sport. However, finding the best cycle under 6000 can be a difficult task. Thus, in this article, we will not just discuss cycles, but will also find out which are the best cycles under 6000 for adults, that you can consider buying. But, before that let’s know about the benefits of cycling first.

List of the best cycle under 6000 for adults:

If you are confused, and wondering which cycle should you buy on a certain budget, you came to the right place. We have compiled the list of the best cycle under 6000 for adults, after conducting precise research, product analysis and comparison of all the products available in the market. So, now without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of the best cycle under 6000 for adults:

01. Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike
  • Hero Kyoto Mountain Bike is made
    of the sturdy steel frame.
  • It is suitable for everyone whose
    height is between 5.4 ft. To 5.10 ft.
  • It is an affordable and reliable
    mountain bike.
  • It has a V brake that is efficient for
    the trickiest of paths.
  • No lock and horn are available with
    Hero Kyoto Mountain Bike.


Hero Kyoto Mountain Bike is an excellent pick if you are planning to buy a cycle. It is a semi-assembled cycle and comes with an Allen and spanner kit. This cycle is made of a sturdy steel frame, which can help you gain confidence to follow your dreams without any fear. It has a V brake that is efficient for the trickiest of paths. The size of the tyre is 26 inches and a frame size of 18 inches makes it an ideal buy for most young adults. Anyone whose height is between 5.4 ft. To 5.10 ft. can easily enjoy the ride. One more plus point of this cycle is that it is a single-speed gear cycle, which can provide you a hassle-free experience and your cycle’s long life.

Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike
02. Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike
  • Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike has
    a strong, robust steel frame.
  • With its 44T cotterless, crank set
    you can experience smooth
  • It comes with strong steel
    hubs for configuration.
  • It is very affordable.
  • There is no suspension provided
    with Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike.

Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike is another affordable and reliable mountain bike. It is one of the best cycles under 6000. It will help you explore heights with not many efforts. This lovely cycle comes with V brakes, which are dedicated to providing you with added safety. The single-speed gear system of this cycle makes it the lowest maintenance ride. With the 44T crankset, you can effortlessly peddle this cycle. Also, the steel hubs provide support to the alignment of wheels. The frame of this cycle is 19 inches, which is an ideal pick for any user between 5.4ft and 6.4ft. The seat of the cycle is cushioned, and the handles are straight, which helps you get zero pain in your arms, wrist, or spine.

Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike
03. Hercules MTB Turbodrive
  • Hercules MTB Turbodrive has a unique
    Y-shaped frame.
  • It comes with a turbo drive chain.
  • It has very attractive alloy wheels and vibrant neon colour on the body.
  • It comes with a comfortable seat that
    saves you from pain and discomfort.
  • Assembling Hercules MTB Turbodrive
    can be difficult and you might need a
    technician to do the work.


Hercules MTB Turbodrive is one of the most popular cycles in the affordable range. It has been marketed as a men’s or boys’ cycle, but it is a famous unisex cycle. It has gained popularity because of its strength and comfort. It is a semi-assembled cycle and has a very attractive and vibrant neon colour on the body. As it is a single-speed gear cycle, you don’t have to think much about its maintenance. The 19-inch frame and 26-inch tyre size make it ideal for all. It is best for anyone who is above 14 years. The strong calliper brakes of this cycle provide support in the trickiest situation. Also, it comes with a comfortable seat that saves you from pain and discomfort.

Hercules MTB Turbodrive
04. Hero Mig RS Single Speed Bike
  • Hero MIG RS Speed Bike comes
    with anti-skid tyres.
  • It has a very attractive sporty look.
  • It comes in single-speed gear.
  • The saddle of the Hero MIG RS
    Speed Bike is hard and uncomfortable.

Hero MIG RS Speed Bike is the best pick if you want a cycle with a sporty look. The design of the cycle is very attractive, especially the electric blue colour with hints of green and black on the body of the cycle. Let it be a teenager or an adult, almost all can ride it whose height is between 5.1 ft to 5.7ft, and the frame size of 18 inches. This single-speed cycle is durable and maintenance-free. It comes with anti-skid tyres. Also, its pedals play an important role in making it one of the safest road cycles. It comes with strong calliper brakes and rigid suspension.

Hero Mig RS Single Speed Bike
05. Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS
  • Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS
    comes with trustable V brakes.
  • It is highly efficient on road.
  • It is a low-maintenance cycle.
  • The product has a very attractive design.
  • It is a unisex cycle.
  • Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS is not
    suitable for short people.

Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS is one of the best low budget cycles available in the market. It is a unisex cycle which is stylish and sturdy. The look of the cycle is very attractive with white-coloured frame which is unique and robust. It comes with V brakes that are highly dependable on roads and are great for sudden braking mechanisms. This also lets the cycle be lightweight and low maintenance. It is a single-speed gear cycle which makes it durable as well. The size of the tyre is 26 inches, and the frame is 18 inches making it a comfortable commute for people from 5 ft to 5.8ft. The cycle comes in a semi-assembled state, but it is equipped with an efficient kit for the task.

Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS
06. Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle/Bike
  • Leader Scout 26T bicycle is made
    of a super strong steel frame.
  • It comes with a high-grip handlebar.
  • The braking system of this cycle is
    very efficient.
  • Free accessories such as front, rear,
    spoke reflectors, and a side stand
    is included with this cycle.
  • The overall look of the Leader Scout
    26T bicycle is not very attractive.

Leader Scout 26T bicycle is a product of a trusted brand. The brand is famous for its high built quality and great reliability. The cycle comes with a rigid frame and high-grip tyres that will provide great traction and ultimate mobility for you to ride it with ease. You can consider having this cycle as it will help you experience the fun and thrill every time you ride it.

Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle/Bike
07. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed 18 inches Frame Mountain Bike
  • This bicycle is easy to assemble.
  • It has a strong and sturdy frame.
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Both adults and children can use it.
  • The tools that are given along with the
    product are highly ineffective.
  • You have to have your own tools to perform
    the assembling of the cycle.

This product is from a renowned brand in this field. It has an excellent single-speed drive transmission. You will also see that the cycle has a sturdy structure which is surprising to find at such a price range. It has a simple mechanism and will enhance your riding experience. It is constructed using high-quality steel, making the bicycle super solid and long-lasting.

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed 18 inches Frame
Mountain Bike
08. Hercules Dynor RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle
  • This is an excellent pick if you want
    a reliable and affordable bicycle.
  • It can take up more than 80 kg of weight quickly.
  • You can quickly assemble it.
  • Along with the product, you will find
    a Stand, Reflectors, a Tool Kit, User
    Manual and Reflectors.
  • The rim of this cycle keeps touching
    the break, making a bit of noise while
    you ride on it.

This is a lovely pick for you if you like to have a funky-looking bicycle. It comes with an attractive design and a stylish appearance. It is also solid and durable, which makes it more appealing to the customer. It can take up a weight of more than 80 kg and works smoothly. The cycle has excellent features that too at an affordable price range. You can quickly assemble it by following the instructions given in the manual along with the product. Besides, you will also find tools you will need to assemble the bicycle, to help you have a better experience.

Hercules Dynor RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle

What are the health benefits of cycling?

You can receive a great improvement in your health, just by taking two to four hours of cycling a week. There are many other health benefits of cycling. Following are some health benefits of cycling:

  • Low impact: In comparison to other forms of exercise, cycling causes less strain and injuries to the body.
  • Muscle workout: It is a good muscle workout. Cycling affects all the major muscle groups as you pedal.
  • Easy: It is a very easy and fun sport. It requires no high levels of physical skill. All you need to do is learn how to ride a bike.
  • Good for strength and stamina: Regular cycling can increase stamina, strength and aerobic fitness.
  • As intense as you want: You can ride a cycle at very low intensity, in case you are a beginner or recovering from injury or illness. Later, you can build up to a demanding physical workout.
  • Fun: Most people like to ride cycles as they enjoy doing the same. The adventure and thrill you get from coasting down hills and being outdoors mean you are more likely to continue to cycle regularly, compared to other physical activities that keep you indoors or require special times or places.
  • Time-efficient: It is a mode of transport, it replaces the sitting time that is spent driving a motor vehicle or using trams, trains or buses with healthy exercise.

So, are you planning to buy a new cycle and take the initiative towards getting a healthier lifestyle? That is a great Idea and you should do it. But you don’t want to spend much on it, nor do you want to make any compromise with the quality. So, here comes an article to solve this problem of yours. Because we believe to experience the best, it is not always important to spend a big amount of money. Here we have listed the best cycle under 6000 for adults. We have tried to cover all the important details such as product description, and pros and cons which will help you make a better decision. Besides, to make your life a little bit easier, the links to the products are attached respectively.

How do buy a cycle for under 6000 adults?

Buying a cycle that too in a certain budget can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to exceed your budget or end up buying a cycle that gives nothing that you have expected. Don’t worry! Following are a few factors which you can consider while you are buying a cycle under 6000 for adults :

01. Your purpose

Before buying a cycle under 6000 for adults, always remember to figure out first what is your purpose for buying. You may have a special interest in heights or want to cycle through the city roads, or you want to do both. There are many options, such as Hybrid bikes, Road bikes, Mountain bikes, etc. Before picking up a cycle find out the reason for your love for the vehicle.

02. Size

The size of the frame and wheel is a very important factor that you must consider while buying a cycle. You must buy a cycle that can fit you right. If the frame is too large it might be difficult for you to ride it. On the other hand, if the frame is small, your legs may feel strangulated. Usually, most brands these days provide detailed analysis regarding who will be able to use the cycle efficiently. But you can still have confusion. So before selecting any cycle, look for the specifications or take a test ride.

03. Gear or gearless

Now, you have to determine if you want a geared cycle or a gearless cycle. You can’t just go and pick up whatever you get. Look for the advantage and did of both. A gear cycle becomes a necessity if there are too many bridges and steep roads. But they increase the weight of the cycle and can also be a pain in maintaining. On the other hand, if there are only smooth trails that can be peddled effortlessly, you must go for a gearless one. Besides, the single-speed cycle requires minimum maintenance and if compared to the gear cycle it is very light in weight.

04. Suspension

A suspension is required when there are incredibly bumpy roads, which can harm your bike and shock you while riding. Look for a cycle that has a front suspension. You may think that the pothole condition is extreme, go for a cycle which has both front and back suspension. Besides, rigid suspension or cycle with no suspension is best for commuting on smooth roads. They are light and durable. So, select the cycle that will work best for you.

05. Brakes

Before buying a cycle, it is extremely important to consider the type of brakes it has. Current-day cycles have a calliper, V, or disc brakes. Calliper and V are categorised as rim brakes and nearly have the same characteristics. Rim brakes are lighter, easier to maintain, and affordable too. But they don’t have an aesthetic appeal the same as the disc brakes. Disc brakes are robust and suit high-risk cycling endeavours. Have immaculate stopping powers, even on wet and slippery roads. However, these types of cycles are expensive, high maintenance, and heavier.

06. Other accessories

Consider looking for a comfortable saddle, bottle cage, robust lock, and many such accessories which come along with the cycle to make your cycling experience better. However, at a certain budget, you might not get it all. But, go for a brand that gives the maximum number of accessories along with other facilities.


You will not buy a cycle every day. So, do thorough research before buying one. This article not only aimed to help you buy a cycle under 6000 for adults but also wanted to inform you about the different features a cycle has. We hope that this article can prove itself helpful to you in making a better decision. Besides, with the help of the buying guide that has been given previously, you can have a clear idea of what to look for and which factors should you consider before buying a cycle.

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