11 Best Shirt Brands in India online 2023

A shirt can be worn for any and every occasion. An article of common clothing found across all countries and cultures shirts are the quintessential garment of any closet. Women, men, children, everyone wears a shirt and there are a variety of patterns and designs for this common piece of clothing.

Did you know the oldest shirt in history can be traced back to an Egyptian tomb in Tarkan dated to 3000 BC? And until recently. i.e. till the twentieth century, the shirt was worn and considered an undergarment. Colour shirts appeared very recently and wearing a blue shirt was unthinkable in 1860. But it became standard in 1920 and very common in 1980.

The common shirt has a remarkable history, first starting out as underwear and then becoming the staple of fashion. In this post, I have shed light on the common shirt types and some of the top shirt brands in India in 2023.

Here, is the list of formal and casual shirt brands online in India in 2022.

01. Arrow

People’s favourite Arrow is the name that reigns at the top when it comes to shirts. It is considered one of the best shirt brands for men. Owned by the PVH company arrow shirts come in different designs and patterns. They ooze elegance and every season they launch some trendy designs. From formal to casual you can find all styles of Shirts from Arrow.

02. Peter England

Peter England

It is one of the largest brands in India and is known for its fashionable styles and superior quality. Besides, it is counted among the best shirt brands in the world. You can get shirts of all sizes from regular fit to slim fit and can be worn on any occasion. These branded shirts are also available online and can be bought on Flipkart, Amazon or Myntra.

03. Van Heusen

Van Heusen Shirt
Van Heusen

Van Heusen shirts are premium shirts and are known for their quality and style. It is every gentleman’s dream to own a Van Heusen shirt. These shirts have their own flair and are a must for any formal event. There are several reasons why people consider it the top formal shirt brand. They come in all patterns like solid, printed, striped, etc. The ultimate look would be to pair these shirts with formal trousers, a brown belt, and shoes.

04. French Crown

French Crown shirt
French Crown

French Crown is renowned for producing top-quality, designer casual, and formal shirts. The brand uses only premium cotton, linen, and tensile fabrics, which are extremely comfortable in any season. The shirts come in various colour options like black, blue, brown, grey, bright white, pink, and red. Also, they are of many types such as solid, prints, stripes, checks, and textured and all are available in regular fit and slim fit. The shirts are super stylish, pocket friendly (price range: ₹997 – ₹19,997). The shirts are designed to complement your personality and will help you look sophisticated in every situation.

05. Raymonds

Raymond Men's Regular fit

Who doesn’t know about Raymonds? An age-old classic that is still going strong to this day. For any occasion, people have always preferred a Raymonds shirt or dress material. It is the most premium and top shirt brand in India. Raymonds means quality and elegance and it goes with their apt tagline ‘The complete man’. No list is complete without the addition of Raymonds to it.

06. Zodiac

Recently, zodiac shirts have taken the fashion world by storm. These well-printed and well-designed shirts relate to the modern youth and many young professionals buy these shirts to make a style statement. Zodiac blends the latest trends with classic designs melding the best of both worlds together. Zodiac shirts are even available online.

07. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe Jeans Men Casual Shirt
Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe Shirts are very famous shirts and don’t let the foreign name fool you. Yes, this is an Indian shirt brand that is owned by the Aditya Birla Group. These shirts are not only elegant but give off a sophisticated look and making them highly sought after. These shirts can be worn to formal and casual events and can be paired with any type of shoes.

08. John Players

John Players

This company belonging to the ITC group has become quite famous because they exuberate fun into their shirts. They also have casual wear shirts which are extremely comfortable. They aim to satisfy their customers by providing an amazing fit and a pleasant experience. You can pair these shirts with accessories that match your style and completely customize it.

09. Park Avenue

Park Avenue black shirt
Park Avenue

Another famous brand is Park Avenue owned by Raymonds. Launched in 1986 this brand completely won the hearts of the people with its delightful range of beautiful shirts. The elegance and comfort exuded by these shirts made it a well-liked brand. They have a huge collection of shirts with bright shirts just right for every occasion.

10. Wills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle

This is another popular brand owned by the ITC group. Their premium shirts aim to give customers a delightful shopping experience. Their eccentric designs combined with amazing quality have won the hearts of all fashionistas. If you are new to shirts maybe you would want to check them out.

11. Allen Solly

Allen Solly shirt
Allen Solly

It is a famous brand and a market standard for shirts. They cater to every age group and bring high-end style shirts to the market. These shirts are bright and beautiful and can be paired up with any shoe or belt making them just right for any occasion.

I hope the list I have compiled above acts as a good guide when you go shopping for shirts. A shirt can be worn on any occasion and if paired with the right accessories it can certainly make heads turn.

Common types of Shirt

There are many types of shirts with new designs being invented every day. But you will find most shirts in the market belong broadly to these 3 categories: The Polo shirt, The Henley shirt, and the T-shirt.

The polo shirts were originally used by polo players in India hence the name. Polo shirts have stiff rounded collars, a placket neckline, 2-3 buttons on the shirt, and an optional pocket.

USPA Shirt

The Henley shirt is a pullover shirt without a collar and a round neckline having a placket about 3-5 inches with 2-5 buttons. Sleeves can be long or short and pockets are optional.

Henley T shirt

A T-shirt got its name because of the T-shape of its body and sleeves. T-shirts lack a collar and are made of light, stretchy material. Also, do comment if you want us to come up with a dedicated list of the best t-shirt brands in India.

White T shirt

Now that you have an idea regarding shirts and can probably classify all your shirts in the closet you will be pleased to know I have also discussed the different types of shirts to wear for different occasions. It is not enough that you know about shirts, you also need to know when to wear which shirt as this is the whole point of dressing.

Shirt types for all occasions

If you are going for the business casual look and don’t want to look too formal then the Oxford Button-Down Shirt is right up your alley. This shirt has a button-down collar and is made from a thick material. It is perfect to wear to the office and can also be worn to a wedding.

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The dress shirt is strictly formal and is worn for black tie events. Always paired with a tuxedo this shirt has a pointed collar with double cuffs. The dress shirt also goes well with a 3-piece suit and is the preferred shirt of James Bond himself!


Another comfortable shirt is the flannel shirt. Also called a plaid shirt. Made of thick fabric and several buttons this shirt is the best choice for winter. It is usually worn in casual settings and you can pair it with a T-shirt to make a style statement.

Flannel shirt

Now you have a fair idea about shirts that you can buy and wear for different occasions. To make your search easier I have listed the top shirt brands in India where you can buy the shirt of your choice and dress for the occasion.


The journey of shirts has been long and interesting. It has come a long way from being worn as underwear to the main garment worn on the torso. There seems to be an ever-growing market for shirts even major apparel companies have started their own brand of shirts.

In India, a shirt is considered a style statement and shows your seriousness towards something. For example, a nice formal shirt will give you a serious disposition in an interview and help you clinch the deal. I hope this post guides you in buying good shirts that can be worn on multiple occasions.

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