17 Best Soap Brands in India for all skin type (August 2023)

If you are looking for the best Soap brands in India in 2023? then, you are in the right place. Through, this post I will show you some quality soap brands in India. Almost every household uses soap as an essential item. Brands of soap are chosen according to individual needs. Few people use soap brands that claim to kill germs and bacteria keeping them safe and healthy from various illnesses. Women, on the other hand, often use soap for skincare purposes. The soap brands they use to give their faces a healthy glow and clean their faces of dust and impurities. Also during a bath, soaps rejuvenate and nourish your skin. As we go about our daily chores, we are constantly exposed to the scorching sun, wind, dust, and dirt, and soap keeps us clean. Various luscious and fragrant body shower gel washes are available in the market, but soap still remains our top choice. It is a product that interacts directly with our skin. Thus, it is very important to select the brand carefully while selecting a soap. A branded soap will obviously be more reliable. Today, in this article you will be introduced to some renowned brands of soaps in India.

List of some top soap brands in India:

In India, soap is in great demand, and many brands offer products that keep our bodies healthy and fit by killing bacteria and germs. There are also soap brands that promise you that their products will remove impurities and give you a healthy glow. People usually trust this kind of brand and prefer buying a variety of soaps to suit their skin type and needs. The Indian market has a wide variety of soap brands offering the best products. In this blog, we will mention some of the most popular soap brands-

01. Dove

Dove soap

With its range of shampoos and soaps, Dove has experienced considerable success in India. Women in India prefer dove bar because it is a highly trusted brand. The bar leaves your skin feeling soft and glowing. With a Dove bar, your skin is moisturized and your skin is free of dryness. Women in India began using it and noticed the difference. Dove soap contains moisturizing cream, unlike other soap brands that may dry your skin. It removes all the dirt and also impurities from your face, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

02. Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy soap

One of Unilever’s most popular products is the Lifebuoy soap brand, sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. It is made in India and is available in different colours with different scents. Among the best soaps for men and children, Lifebuoy Total Germ Protection Soap Bar is the best soap in India for many people. In addition to Activ Silver, it provides 100% protection against various germs causing infections. You will also enjoy a softer feel after using this soap.

03. Pears

Pears soap

Founded in 1807, Pears created the first translucent soap company that uses natural oils and glycerine. Pure & Gentle is Pears’ oldest product. With its moisturizing properties, this see-through soap pampers your skin. Using its formula removes dirt and impurities from your skin’s pores. This brand soap smoothens the skin, leaves a soft lather, and provides a mild aroma while making you feel young. You must consider buying this soap if you are looking for the best soaps in India that can make you feel fresh during the burning summer.

04. Biotique

Biotique soap

Founded in 1992, Biotique produces Ayurveda soap and various products. Organic creams and other natural ingredients are used to make this product chemical-free. This is the most exotic soap on the list. There are products for both oily and dry skin, and they are all clinically tested. As a result, it is among the best soaps in India. Biotique is now considered and listed as one of the top soap brands in India thanks to the goodness of essential oils and natural ingredients.

05. Lux

Lux soap

The Brand Lux was inaugurated in 1929 and is one of the most luxurious soap brands in India. In the mid-1980, this was the most popular soap brand in India, produced by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Several renowned and beautiful actresses from Bollywood have endorsed the product. Lux is sold in more than 110 countries and has become one of the most successful soap brands. The brand has established itself as the highest-selling brand in this industry. It is suitable for all skin types and is available in different types such as rose, lotus, strawberries, and others. Lux soap helps kill microbes on the skin and clean your face. Additionally, it makes your skin look luminous.

06. Dettol


You can easily find Dettol soap in any home in India. It is one of the leading soap brands in the country. There is an antibacterial component to it that kills germs and keeps you from becoming sick. Reckitt Benckiser manufactures Dettol soap in addition to its health and hygiene products. Dettol soap has a pleasant smell and comes in several different colours. All the germs and bacteria that we can’t see with the naked eye are killed by it. You can also use it on every part of your body, and it suits every type of skin.

07. Patanjali

Patanjali Soap

Patanjali has become one of the biggest names in personal care in India since it debuted several years ago. With its range of organic products for your home, Patanjali is an organic Indian brand that is riding the Swadeshi wave. In addition to offering many skin benefits, Patanjali soaps are the brainchild of yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Neem, tulsi, Sandalwood, turmeric, and other natural ingredients make it a healthy and glowing product.

08. Fiama Di Wills Soap

Fiama Di Wills Soap

This soap was introduced in 2007 by ITC Limited, an Indian-based company. Offering the gentlest, yet most effective formulations, it seeks to achieve international standards. Soaps like this are soft and have a great fragrance that lasts all day long. The Fiama di Wills soap brand is very popular in India. The company’s products include shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, bathing bars, and body washes.

09. Himalaya

Himalaya Soap

Himalaya is considered one of the top soap brands in India that contain natural ingredients like almonds and rose, honey and cream, and neem and turmeric. Germs and bacteria such as pimples and acne are killed by their antibacterial properties. It clears dust and impurities from your skin and purifies it. Natural extracts give Himalaya soap its distinctive smell. Your skin will be perfectly clear and gleaming. The soap is suitable for sensitive skin, oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, and combination skin.

10. Liril


This brand is also listed among India’s top 10 brands in this industry. Because of its cooling properties, it gives you the feeling of freshness. The Liril soaps smell pleasant and exquisite. Your skin stays healthy and safe with Liril, which kills all bacteria and germs from it. It also moisturizes and fragrances your skin for a long time. Since Liril brand soaps have various soothing properties, they are widely in demand, and thus you can buy these products from online stores as well as from offline stores.

11. Nivea

 Nivea soap

Known in India for its creamy textures, it offers body lotions that moisturize your skin. In addition, it also offers soap that has mild ingredients and it contains various essential oils. The experience is similar to bathing with milk. Every skin type can use soap as it makes the skin hydrated, smooth, and soft. Its smell is pleasing and impressive. Nivea soaps can be purchased in local supermarkets and stores. This product is also available in various online shopping e-commerce sites such as Purplle, Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, and others.

12. Mamaearth


Mamaearth is another brand in the personal care category that has gained significant popularity in India. All skin lovers trust their products and use them. To give you a luxurious bathing experience, the soap is infused with herbs, organic fragrances, and natural oils. You will be left with a luscious lather, and your skin will remain well moisturized. You can use this soap brand in India for its enticing fragrance and make your day brighter.

13. Khadi Natural

Khadi Natural

Khadi Naturals was founded in 2007 which combines Ayurveda with modern cosmetics. The company offers a wide range of herbal soap products. This Scrub Soap acts as an exfoliator soap that is used to help remove dead skin cells. It has antibacterial and anti-tumour properties in addition to its glycerin content, which is a moisturizer. Oily skin types are also recommended to use this soap.

14. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson baby soap

Though the soap’s name implies that it’s for newborns, it’s also widely regarded as one of the best soaps for adults. This soap contains a quarter of baby lotion and also Vitamin E and is therefore considered to be the best soap for radiant-looking skin. Since it’s specially formulated for babies, it’s very gentle. The cream will smooth and soften your skin while keeping your skin allergies away. It is among the top Indian soap brands and is among the most common soap names in the country.

15. Medimix


It is another one of the top soap brands in India. The brand has a great reputation throughout the country. People who always use ayurvedic products including soaps for their bodies trust Medimix, which is considered the best brand of herbal soaps containing ayurvedic properties. Most women prefer medimix soaps since it helps in treating all types of skin problems, such as reducing suntan and pigmentation marks, rejuvenating the skin and enhancing its texture. Furthermore, it provides natural protection and acts as a shield for the skin. The antibacterial properties in Medimix help keep your skin’s pH balanced and kill germs.

16. Cinthol


The Cinthol brand is a famous soap made by Godrej Soap. The tagline of the brand is Alive is Awesome. The scent of Cinthol soaps is very mild and pleasant, so people tend to use them more often. It kills germs, bacteria, and odours as well as has a lasting deodorant smell. In India, Cinthol soaps are very popular, which is why they can easily be purchased from local stores, but their prices vary depending on how much is purchased.

17. Hamam

Hamam soap

In 1931, Tata Oil Mills and Co (TOMCO) launched Hamam bathing soap as an indigenous product. Hamam was traditionally sold as a bathing soap for families, and it continues to be so, despite being acquired by Hindustan Unilever. Hamam is a good soap if you want to save money. Hamam is a very mild soap that cleanses the body while imparting a subtle fragrance. It has been a leading brand for several years now.

How to purchase different soap brands that are available in India?

India has a wide variety of soap brands. Individuals have unique skin textures and qualities, and they prefer different brands of soap depending on their needs. As a result, the brand just always makes sure that it reaches everyone and uses it to its advantage. These soap brands can be easily available at your local store, grocery store, mall, and supermarket. Also, various online stores, such as Flipkart, Amazon, Purplle, Nykaa, and others allow you to purchase your favourite soap brand. It is very important to choose the right soap brand since all soap brands contain different ingredients. Some brands may contain harmful ingredients that can damage dry skin, and some can harm sensitive skin. Therefore, when choosing soap, be sure to choose one that is gentle on the skin. Our blog compiles a list of the best bath soap brands in India


These are some of the top-selling soap brands in India. Selecting the best bathing soap from the above list will definitely save you money and provide better results. Every segment of society has its own soap brand in India that meets its needs and demands. Choose one that suits your budget and needs. There are several types of soap, whose effects are determined by their constituents. An oil-based product, for example, helps remove the dirt and oil that gets on your face. It is possible to eliminate acne with the use of soaps containing salicylic acid. It doesn’t end there! Some soaps aim to reduce wrinkles or also cover up signs of ageing. As a result of improved formulas and a wide variety of soaps, nowadays soaps are even more luxurious, truly fantastic, and seriously next-level.

So, how useful was this list? Was your favourite soap included? You should start using these soaps and rating them yourself if you aren’t already doing so. The lists mentioned above are all tried and tested soaps and their prices range from affordable to expensive.

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