10 Best Solar Inverter in India (August 2023)

Inverters are an important appliance in the current generation. Gone are those days when people used to study, cook, and do other work under the light of a candle or burning torches. The involvement of electricity in our lives has changed many things altogether. However, with the constant demand for electricity, backing up power became more important. The supply of electricity in cities is comparatively better in comparison to the rural areas. In rural or semi-rural areas, you will often encounter load shedding on a regular basis. If you are living in any such area, investing in an inverter for your home can be a worthy investment. However, considering the wide variety available in the market, solar inverters are the best. In this article, you will get a clear picture of the current situation and will know why you should get a solar inverter. Besides, you will also find out which are the top 10 solar inverters in India.

It is best to use renewable sources of power. This is why you should get a solar inverter, which is durable, will not be very hard on your pocket, and is environment friendly as well. A solar inverter is a unique solution for power outage problems.

It works on a Photovoltaic (PV) cell that is present inside a solar panel which helps in gathering energy from the Sun rays. Next, the PV cell converts the energy collected from Sun rays into a DC supply. Later the DC supply is stored in the energy storage system of your home like a battery. Which can be used as per requirements during a power cut.

List of the best solar inverter in India:

Buying a solar inverter can be difficult for you as there are various brands available in the market that claim to be the best. However, you obviously can’t trust each one and bring home anything randomly.

Thus, this list has been prepared after doing proper research on all the products that are available in the market. All the products that are mentioned below are the best in their own ways. You can select anyone according to your preferences. So, now let us dig in and find out which are the best solar inverters in India:

01. Luminous NXG 1150 Pure Sinewave Solar Inverter with ISOT Technology
  • It has 40 Amp/12V, with
    98% efficiency for fast
  • It is very affordable.
  • It has a compact size which
    will not take up much space
    in your home.
  • It makes no noise while
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • The customer care service
    of this Home, UPS is not
    very satisfying.

Luminous is one of the most trusted brands in the electronic appliances sector in India. It has been serving the people with the best products in this industry. This is an exceptional inverter that is the best pick for your home. It has been developed specifically for household use. It is super affordable and can carry a rated power of 700 VA and 12 V. Also, with an operating voltage of 100-290 V, it is certainly going to be the best pick for you. Besides, as it is a solar inverter it can also support different battery types and can save around 2-3 units every day.

02. Luminous Plastic Solar Inverter Home UPS
  • This Solar Inverter Home
    UPS comes with dual modes:
    Eco and UPS.
  • Its pure sine wave output
    makes sure to provide you
    with a safe and noiseless function.
  • It comes with inbuilt charge controllers.
  • It has a warranty of 2 years.
  • This Inverter Home UPS might
    not be very durable.

This one is another invert from the brand Luminous. This Solar Inverter Home UPS is a 12V inverter that comes with advanced features that enhance your green credentials and will also take care of your savings. It is loaded with features such as Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT), which can charge your battery system really fast, it also comes with dual modes, which are known as Eco and UPS. While the Eco mode is used to operate lighter devices, the UPS mode supplies power for heavy appliances like mixer grinders, washing machines, etc. With this inverter, you can save up to 2 units of power consumption every day.

03. Microtek M-Sun PWM Technology Pure Sinewave Solar Inverter
  • This Solar Inverter has
    Micro-Controller DSPIC Based Intelligent Control Design.
  • It can charge in two modes,
    main mode and solar.
  • It comes with LCD and
    Graphical display indications.
  • It comes with a warranty
    of 2 years.
  • This Solar Inverter doesn’t
    have a very flattering look.

This Solar Inverter is a hybrid inverter that can handle both solar as well as grid-based technologies. This Solar Inverter can give both AC and DC outputs with a power capacity of 1135 VA and a DC output of 12 V.

Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD
04. Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD
  • This Exide inverter comes
    with a 40Amps Solar
    Charge Controller with LCD.
  • It can be charged automatically during the day.
  • It is a pure sine wave hybrid
    solar inverter, which can be changed by using both main
    power and solar.
  • The overall look of this solar
    charge controller with LCD
    is not very pleasing.

Exide is another popular electronic brand in India. This Solar Charge Controller is an exceptional pick for you if you are looking for an inverter that you can rely on. It comes with a 12V 40Amps Solar charge controller. This is a pure sinusoidal hybrid solar inverter and can be modified by solar and main source technology. The total power output of this inverter is 850 VA and DC output is 12 V. The inverter has a very high output and 95 percent efficiency.

05. Flin Energy Flinslim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • This Solar Hybrid Inverter
    comes with an in-built
    PWM high-quality solar
    charge controller.
  • It has a double surge
    power capacity.
  • It is light in weight, slim,
    and wall mountable.
  • It comes with a warranty
    of 2 years.
  • This Solar Hybrid Inverter
    can be expensive to some

This Solar Hybrid Inverter is an innovative approach in this segment. This is a pure hybrid sine wave inverter combined with the built-in PWM solar charging controller. It has a strong output capacity and DC output is 1500 watts or 24 volts. It is loading with many advanced features which includes voltage range, charging that prioritize to keep the balance between economical saving and energy, load priority, and many other. Besides, this inverter is light in weight, slim, and can be fitted on a wall.

Smarten Superb 2500VA 2.5kVA 24 V 50 A MPPT Solar PCU Inverter
06. Smarten Superb 2500VA 2.5kVA 24 V 50 A MPPT Solar PCU Inverter
  • This Smarten Solar PCU
    Inverter is 30% more
    efficient with a 50Amp
    MPPT solar controller.
  • It comes with a gird
    charging disable option.
  • It has an advanced LCD
    display and an advanced
    DSP controller for efficient working.
  • The post-sales experience
    with Smarten Solar PCU
    Inverter is not very pleasing.

Smarten Solar PCU Inverter is an innovative invention. It has 1800 Watts running capacity. It comes with an LCD screen, an advanced DSP controller, triple protection, and many more. It provides low-voltage charging. It can be the best inverter for your home if you are interested in bringing home a sophisticated gadget.

07. UTL Gamma Plus rMPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter 
  • UTL Solar Hybrid Inverter
    has a controller-based
  • It has a pure sine wave with
    100% solar panel tracking.
  • This inverter has different
    modes i.e., DG mode, IT
    mode, Grid charge disable
    mode, and fast charging mode.
  • It also has a Priority selection
    PCU i.e., smart and hybrid.
  • It has different charging
    stages: Bulk, Absorption
    & Flat for better backup.
  • The durability of this Solar
    Hybrid Inverter is questionable.

UTL Solar Hybrid Inverter is a very attractive product. This is an integrated all-in-one solar solution consisting of the main charger, an inverter, and an MPPT solar charger. It is known for providing an uninterrupted power supply. It comes with 3 modes PCU, smart & hybrid. It is a power-packed solar inverter. It has a multi-colour LCD display.

08. Genus Surja Pro 3200 24V Solar Inverter 
  • This Solar Inverter is a
    3-in-1 operator. It can
    operate on solar and grid,
    only on solar, and only
    on the grid.
  • It provides the best
    conversion efficiency
    from advanced DSP
  • It is a safe gadget for
    sensitive equipment.
  • With this inverter, you can
    enjoy a long battery life.
  • It is suitable for homes,
    offices, and farms.
  • This Solar Inverter may
    take up comparatively
    more space in your house.

This Genus Solar Inverter is a definition of reliability and durability. It is a made-in-India product and is very efficient. It will help you to get less electricity bill, as you can generate your own energy with it. You will be proud of yourself as by using it you are saving the environment. You can bring this home without having any second thoughts.

09. UTL SHAMSI 875/50A, 12Volt Modified Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • This Solar Hybrid Inverter
    comes with three priority
    mode selections: PCU,
    Hybrid, and Smart.
  • It has a built-in PWM solar
    charging controller.
  • It is compatible with the
    IT load.
  • Equipped with RBP, RSVP,
    OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV,
    and ILV protection.
  • It has modified sine wave
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • The look of this Solar
    Hybrid Inverter is very

This UTL Solar Hybrid Inverter can consume power from solar energy, and the grid, to charge batteries. It uses grid power only when there is no solar energy around. It is loaded with advanced features which include PWM solar charge controller, gives maximum preference to solar energy, comes with an LED indicator, has a built-in IT mode, and many more.

Flin Energy FlinInfini Lite MPPT 4kW-48V Smart Solar Hybrid OnGrid Inverter with Battery Backup
10. Flin Energy FlinInfini Lite MPPT 4kW-48V Smart Solar Hybrid OnGrid Inverter with Battery Backup
  • Flin Energy Smart Solar
    Hybrid inverter can
    enable and disable
    grid feed-in.
  • You can customize the
    inverter, as it has more
    than 30 settings.
  • It comes with an inbuilt
    solar power generation meter.
  • It can simultaneously
    connect with 6 systems.
  • It has a load-sharing capability.
  • This Smart Solar Hybrid
    Inverter can be expensive
    for some people.

This Smart Solar Hybrid OnGrid Inverter with Battery Backup from Flin Energy is the most economical inverter on this list. It can be a one-time investment. You can store energy and sell surplus solar power back to the grid. The inverter is automatically disconnected from the grid to supply solar power and battery. instantly whenever a power cut occurs.

Benefits of Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is an eco-friendly way of availing power as per the requirements. It is more like a sustainable approach at a micro level. You can get many benefits from installing a solar inverter in your home. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is economically advanced. A solar inverter is best for long-term usage. It also consumes less power and uses sun rays to charge the battery.
  • A solar inverter is environmentally friendly. It utilizes the energy of the Sun and helps you receive power at home and increases your green credentials. With less consumption of electricity, the main power supply is used less. This, you can reduce the pressure on power generation facilities by using a solar inverter and can simultaneously bring down the chances of a power cut as a whole.
  • With a solar inverter, you can always have power in your home. The Sun rays will never finish and you will get power in the most natural way possible.

Types of Solar Inverters:

There are different types of solar inverters that are available in the market. Although rooftop solar is the most common and convenient type of inverter. Let us know about the different types of solar inverters now.

String Solar Inverters:

It is one of the most common types of solar inverters. These types of inverters are mainly connected to a string of solar panels that are linked together one after another. It is popular in the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, etc.

Hybrid Inverter:

It is a battery-ready inverter and is very similar to the string solar inverter. It is directly connected to a battery storage system making it self-sufficient using solar energy. Besides, most hybrid inverters are capable of providing a regular level of backup power during a blackout. However, they are not generally designed to serve during a continuous power cut. This type of solar inverter is more expensive. However, with time it is getting more cost-competitive.

Off-grid Inverters:

It is a stand-alone power system. It usually needs more powerful battery inverters with inbuilt chargers. However, you can also use modern off-grid inverter chargers to make a highly advanced hybrid grid-connected system.

Micro Inverters:

These types of Inverters are very small in size and can be attached directly to solar panels. As every micro inverter and panel works on their own in this type, it is considered one of the best options for people who have complex roof layouts or are staying in locations that have less sunlight. In fact, even after being slightly on the expensive side, it is still popular because of its several advantages.

How to buy the best solar inverter in India: A Buying Guide?

Buying a solar inverter in India is a big decision to make. You won’t buy a solar inverter every now and then. Thus, you must be very conscious while you select an inverter for your home. Following are a few factors that you must look for before making a purchase:

01. Features

Firstly, look for a solar inverter that offers proper and advanced features. It should have all the required features, which will help you in the long run. Go for a solar inverter that can charge on both electricity and solar, so that you can always have a backup.

02. Warranty

We get inverters with the hope that they will stay for a long time. You are not going to buy it every day. Go for a solar inverter that offers a long-term warranty policy. A warranty will help in cutting down your expenditure if you encounter any kind of damage or fault in the gadget.

03. Price

You must consider looking for a product that offers the best. However, money is an important part of all our lives. Thus, set a budget ensuring that the price you are paying is worth the product.

That is all you need to know about solar inverters in India. This article has been constructed with a vision of providing all the required information related to the solar inverter to the buyers. I Hope, the article could stand by its claim of providing the best information to its readers, which will help in improving the shopping experience.

Besides, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below, if there are any other questions that are revolving around your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is UTL better than luminous?
Surprisingly, UTL has been rated higher for work-life balance in comparison to Luminous.
How do I choose an inverter?
Selecting an inverter is a three-step process:
Step-1: Know your power requirements.
Step-2: Check the VA rating of the inverter before buying.
Step-3: Select an appropriate battery that fits best with your inverter.
Can AC run on solar energy?
Yes, you can easily run ACs on the grid, a solar inverter, which has a capacity between 3 kW to 10 kW.

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