5 Best Solar System for home in India 2023

People believe that the Sun is the supreme energy. Well, the debate on this subject is certainly not what we intend to do. Instead, we want to provide you with an effective solution that can help you save some money that you spent on your electricity bills.

Living in India, we all are quite aware that there is no shortage of sunlight in most of the parts. Therefore, it is only wise to use that free-of-cost energy to lighten up our lives and our houses as well. As the need for clean and renewable energy has grown with time, presently, people in India have started depending more on solar systems for residential power supply. A home solar system helps cut down on electricity bills and militates against the carbon footprint.

However, with the flooding options in the market, finding the right one can be challenging. Therefore, to help you, our experts examined and tested several worthy options available in the Indian market. We judged them based on several aspects and shortlisted some of the best solar systems for homes in India for you to choose from.

List of the top solar system for home in India:

Following are the list of the best solar system for home in India

01. Genus Solar Power Solution Surja Pro 3200 with Tubular Battery and Solar Panel
  • Provides backup power
  • MPPT inverter technology
  • Long lifespan
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Require adequate roof space
  • Professional installation required

The Genus solar Power Solution Surja pro 3200 is a good solar option for residential/commercial. This high efficiency solar system uses state of the art solar technology to get maximum power from the sun and cut on grid electric.
The system is centered on high-efficiency mono solar panels and a powerful 3.2 kVA solar inverter. Mono panels are more efficient than regular poly panels resulting in higher power production from equal amounts of sunlight. In addition, their smooth black design also fuses well into the rooftops. Besides, the inverter will change the DC power from the solar panels into usable AC power for running the home appliances and devices like the lights.
The batteries are flooded, tubular and have a long life span. During grid power outages, these 225AH batteries can provide enough backup power to keep the essential loads running. Also, its tubular plate configuration gives more prolonged energy than flat plate batteries for longer.
The grid mode is one of the features that make the Surja Pro 3200 stand out. It uses solar power whenever available in order to limit the load on the grid. During the night period, the system changes to the grid power, which occurs automatically. 

The components of this compact system are easy to install, fitting well on a rooftop or open space with enough sunlight. The system, with a minimum maintenance upon its installation, offers years of green power. Moreover, you can enjoy a 25-year warranty on the solar panels, while the inverter and batteries will come with a 5-year warranty.


  • 3.2 kVA solar inverter
  • Grid integration
  • High efficiency mono solar panels (390W each)
  • Tubular lead-acid batteries
  • 225AH capacity
  • 25-year panel warranty, 5-year inverter and battery warranties
Genus Solar Solution with Surja L Solar UPS + Tall Tubular Battery + 165 Watt Solar Panel
02. Genus Solar Solution with Surja L Solar UPS + Tall Tubular Battery + 165 Watt Solar Panel
  • Affordable
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Durable battery
  • High efficiency solar panel
  • Preventive maintenance for 6-7 years
  • Heavy
  • Limited after-sales service

Genus Solar Solution provides an affordable and intelligent solar power solution for homes and business. It is a simple but smart solar solution with Surja L Solar UPS together with Tall Tubular Battery of 165 Watt Solar Panel.
The star feature is the Genus Surja L 1875 solar inverter UPS. It is built on new Solar ASIC technology that allows for prioritization of solar power input and maximum charging. Besides, solar energy is maximised and grid electricity use is minimised. It is however cheap like a normal UPS though it is called a solar inverter.
Tall Tubular Solar battery with tough, long life of 1500 cycles lead-calcium grids. Its tubular plate design is designed to withstand maximum overcharge in order to allow it to endure solar energy fluctuations. Fast charging feature keeps it fully charged. For 6-7 years of battery life, genus has preventive maintenance plans.
Quality silicon cells are employed in converting high efficiency energy within the 165W polycrystalline solar panel. It may give up to 20-25 units a day with a 12V. Moreover, the brand guarantees panel quality through the use of the best raw materials during the honest manufacturing process.


  • 1875VA solar inverter UPS
  • 165W 12V polycrystalline solar panel
  • 175AH Tall Tubular solar battery
  • Genus Smart ASIC charging technology
Servotech Solar PCU 1kW + 40AH Tubular Battery + Solar Panel 2 Pcs
03. Servotech Solar PCU 1kW + 40AH Tubular Battery + Solar Panel 2 Pcs
  • Efficient renewable energy system
  • Maintenance free
  • Maximize benefits from solar power
  • Long durability and ROI
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Limited battery backup capacity

The Servotech Solar PCU 1kW + 40AH Tubular battery + Solar Panel 2 pcs (165 Watt Solar Combo, Double solar panel combo) is a great solar solution for the homes which want to use renewable resources. It has MPPT and entire system of sustainable home power through solar energy.
One significant characteristic of this solar panel combo involves its compact yet convenient installation. It has durable and virtually maintenance free components, hence households get the most out of solar power generation. Besides, this entire solar power system is specially designed for effortless integration into any residential property.
The system comprises a 1kW PV inverter with modern photovoltaic technology that converts DC electricity from solar panels to AC electricity for residential use. It automatically switches to solar and grid power depending on availability to operate smoothly. Also, the 40AH tubular battery can store excess solar energy for backup in the efficient solar battery system.
Moreover, the product consists of two high-efficiency 165W solar panels based on the newest solar technology to transform solar energy into useful electricity. It has efficiency grade A+, which guarantees maximum efficiency of panels. Besides, it connects via a USB connector type to generate renewable solar energy at 12V.
With the Made in India label, Servotech solar combo lets the homes adopt the indigenous solar tech into their household sustainable energy requirements. 


  • 1kW Solar PCU inverter
  • 40AH tubular battery
  • 2 x 165W solar panels
  • Made in India
  • Compact and safe installation
  • Complete solar power system
04. Luminous NXG1400 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 160Watts Solar Panel 2Nos (Poly)
  • Reduces electricity costs
  • Battery provides off-grid power storage
  • High efficiency inverter
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof solar panels
  • Suitable for most households
  • Requires ongoing battery replacement

The Luminous NXG1400 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 160Watts Solar Panel 2Nos (Poly) is a complete solar system. It comprises a potent NXG1400 inverter, a high capacity 150Ah LPTT12150H battery for energy storage, and two 160w polycrystalline silicon solar panels to capture.
The 320 watt power generation will be from balanced 15% efficiency with the solar cell made from polycrystalline silicon material. Each panel has MC4 connectors for the simplest hookup into the corresponding charge controller. The accompanying 150Ah LPTT12150H battery stores the energy extracted by the solar panels. 

This is a high-performance unit with the tubular plate technology and advanced battery management that offer long lasting energy storage for off-grid use. Its capacity to be charged by the solar panels and to provide power overnight in most cases for home requirements.
However, the real star of the system is the NXG1400 inverter that is packed with features. This unit efficiently converts the DC power from solar panels and battery into readily usable 230V AC power suitable for home appliances and device. It features a 1400W peak power output with integrated MPPT solar charging and a smart battery charge algorithm for efficient energy capture and storage. This has a bright LCD display which gives power usage statistics in real time and updates on the battery. Moreover, safety features such as overload, short circuit and high temperature protections make this product a great option. 


  • 1x NXG1400 inverter, 1x 150Ah battery, 2x 160W solar panels
  • Polycrsytalline silicon solar panels
  • 150Ah tubular plate battery
  • Powerful 1400W inverter
  • MPPT and USB ports
  • LCD
05. Sun King Home Solar Home System with
Modern Solar Lighting
  • Affordable solar lighting solution
  • Reliable off-grid power source
  • Bright, modern LED lighting
  • Mobile phone charging
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Long-lasting components
  • Easy to install and use
  • Limited wattage capacity
  • Cannot power larger appliances

Greenlight Planet’s Sun King Home 200X is its top end entry level solar home system that provides modern solar lighting and mobile charging solutions to off-grid households. The Home 200X is a good sustainable solar power source for homes not connected to the electrical grids and is affordable and reliable.
It has 3 LED tube lights of 200 lumens each that can be used to illuminate any given space with the combined lighting of 600 lumens. Besides, lighting control is conveniently achieved by individual wall-mounted light switches. It also has a USB port for charging mobile phones and other devices. The panel is made of industrial-grade aluminum and supports a durable 11-watt polycrystalline photovoltaic solar panel that generates power.
The product is known for its good construction quality. The solar panel and LED lights have tough polycarbonate body for resistance against harsh impacts and scratches. They are quality tested to ensure super durability when used in rural areas or household accidents. Moreover, they have successfully dropped down wells or stomped on them without causing the lights to fail.


  • 3 LED tube lights
  • 11W solar panel
  • USB port
  • Durable polycarbonate shell
  • Aluminum-framed solar panel
  • Wall-mounted light switches

Top Solar System for home in India compared:

Features / ProductsGenus Surja Pro 3200Genus Surja L Solar UPSServotech Solar PCU 1kWLuminous NXG1400Sun King Home 200X
Inverter Capacity3200 VA1875 VA1000 W1400 VA
Battery TypeTubular (2x 225AH)Tall Tubular (175 AH)Tubular (40 AH)LPTT12150H 150Ah
Solar Panel4x Mono 390W165W2 Pcs of 165W2x 160WModern Solar Lighting
Ideal forHome, Office, Commercial SetupHome, OfficeHome, OfficeHome, OfficeHome Lighting, Charging

Your unique needs will determine the “best” option for you. However, on neutral grounds, Genus Surja Pro 3200 can be a good choice if you prioritise high power capacity and versatility for larger setups. But to some extent, Sun King Home might be suitable to smaller-scale residential use with a focus on reliability. 
We suggest considering the amount of energy needed, the available space for the panels, your budget and the intended purpose before settling on any product.

Things to consider while going to buy a solar system for home in India:

Think about the wattage and the size of the battery that match your household’s energy needs. Determine viable configurations, their appropriateness for various usage scenarios, and the most effective approach to implementing them. For example, systems like Genus Solar Power Solution Surja Pro 3200 provide for different configurations to suit specific needs.
Charging Preference and Source Detection:
Consider looking for the charging preferences. This aspect maximizes the efficiency of solar energy utilization. For instance, Genus Solar Power Solution Surja Pro 3200 is engineered to make solar power as the primary charging source that is followed by grid power. 
Warranty and Longevity: Try and identify systems with warranties on solar panels and batteries. The Genus Solar Power Solution Surja Pro 3200 has, for instance, a 25-year warranty on Solar PV Panels, and all other warranties ensure that the solution is reliable for a long time.
Installation and Maintenance: You must make sure that the installation of the product should be easy and safe. Consider buying simple and safe to install systems like Servotech Solar PCU 1kW and virtually maintenance-free.
Cost-effectiveness: Assess the balance between affordable solar benefit and high solar benefits. Intelligent Solar Solution with Surja L Solar UPS from Genus is smart and cheap.
Brand Reliability and Made in India: Pick up brands that are known for reliability, like Genus and Luminous, which are reputable in the market. Moreover, solar solutions like Servotech Solar PCU 1kW may be preferred, considering that they are made in India.
Comprehensive Solutions: Check if the product provides a total solar solution for your home requirements. For example, Sun King Home 200X has lighting and USB charging which is a personal power grid.
Technical Specifications and Connectivity: Examine the technical details such as panel efficiency, the type of the connector, and maximum voltage. Servotech Solar PCU 1kW with A+ efficiency grade and USB connector types are highly efficient.
Specific Use Cases: Think specifically about systems built for specific applications.  The Sun King Home 200X is an entry-level solar home system for basic lighting and charging.

If you aim to tap into the Sun’s boundless energy supply, you’ll need to invest in the best solar system possible. However, we didn’t overlook the fact that, finding the perfect solar solution in the sea of competing products can be extremely confusing.

Therefore, we took the responsibility on our shoulders and considered several aspects like power efficiency, charging preferences, warranty longevity, installation ease, cost-effectiveness, and much more while compiling this list. All the products are great in their own ways. However, the one that will be the best for you will depend on your priorities and requirements.
We believe that greener and more sustainable tomorrow is beckoned by the solar systems, as the radiant Indian Sun beckons. So, make a wise selection, while we will be hoping our detailed guide and the recommendations will help you get a lead to your search journey for the Best Solar System for home in India.

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