5 Best submersible pump 1hp in India 2023

Have you ever given any mind to how easily you acquire water in your apartment regardless of the floor you happen to be on (whether it be your home or your place of employment)? Only because water pumps guarantee water supply independent of water source or number of floors is this even conceivable. Submersible pumps, a type of water pump, have become increasingly common in recent years. They are common in metropolitan locations, particularly in buildings used for living or doing business. Hermetically sealed motors are standard on submersible pumps, which are also available. It works by bridging the gap between the water’s surface and the pumps, as its name indicates, while submerged in the water. Electric submersible pumps are a common alternative name for submersible pumps (ESP). This article will find out which are the best submersible pump 1hp in India.

List of the best submersible pump 1hp in India

Previously, installing submersible pumps was considered a luxury. It didn’t fit very well in the budget of a typical household. However, with time things have changed. The demand for submersible pumps has increased, and with that, new manufacturers also made their entry into the market. With that, selecting the best one too became difficult. Thus, to help you out, we came up with a list of the best submersible pump 1hp in India, which you can install in your home and workspace:

01. V Guard 1HP 10-Stage Submersible Pump
  • This is an ideal pick for
    people who are looking
    for a durable and
    reliable product.
  • It comes with 10 stages.
  • This pump is of the V4
    series, which is extremely
  • It comes with ball bearings
    that have anti-friction
  • It might not be an ideal
    pick for bore wells of size
    smaller than 4 inches.

This product is from a very popular brand in India, V Guard. This comes with durable and high-end characteristics. This submersible pump is everything that you can ask for. This model will meet all your requirements and help you bring faith into the immense pumping power. It is a submersible ten-stage pump that can reach a height of 68 meters. You can easily install it as it has a 100 mm weight and horizontal mounts. It ensures an extremely high-security level and improves the cooling effect, improving the lubrication. It is made of rust-free stainless steel, which can handle the toughest chemicals. This pump is a great product that claims to be of high quality and can work with voltage variations that range from 160 to 240-volt range.

Crompton 1.0 H.P. SP Mini Champ I Water tipical instillation
V Guard 1HP 10 Stage Submersible Pump 1 hp 10 stage submersible pump
V Guard 1HP 10 Stage Submersible Pump with digital

Key Features:

  • It is a portable device that is light in weight.
  • It consumes a minimal amount of energy.
  • It uses 750 kilowatts of power.
  • The lifting capacity of this product is 68 meters.
  • There are 10 impellers for better pressure in the water.
V Guard 1HP 10-Stage Submersible Pump
02. Crompton 1.0HP Multicolor Water Pump
  • It is a multi-purpose machine.
  • You can easily operate it
    4-5 times every day.
  • It is counted among the
    best borewell that has
    4 inches in diameter.
  • There is no control panel in
    this product.
  • You won’t find any system
    in this product that can
    output the pipe connected.

This brand offers top-quality products featuring classic design and cutting-edge technologies to provide security and safety. Crompton has been serving top-quality products for 75 years. They are popular for producing newly engineered and durable tools, frequently keeping customer satisfaction in mind. This submersible pump comes with a V4-type waterfall pump and is one of the tops made in India. The impeller is anchored by a shaft thanks to the mechanical drive system enclosed in the motor. It is a single-phase 10-stage pump that you can fit easily into large boreholes. To generate AC flow from it, a rotor coated with epoxy is dynamically located. An oil-cool pump can operate at full capacity and pump water up to 1000 feet. It is the perfect pick for borewells as it can get deep into the borewell with an overall diameter of 4 to 4.5 inches.

Crompton 1.0 H.P. SP Mini Champ I Water tipical instillation
Crompton 1.0 H.P. SP Mini Champ I Water warranty of one year
Crompton 1.0 H.P. SP Mini Champ I Water

Key Features:

  • It has a large and sturdy exterior.
  • It has ten built-in impellers for high pressure.
  • It works in the borewell with dimensions of 4-4.5 inches.
  • It has a V4 type of motor.
  • It can carry water for up to 1,000 feet.
Crompton 1.0HP Multicolor Water Pump
03. Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP
  • It comes with a warranty
    period of 1 year.
  • Due to the ergonomically
    designed control panel
    of this product, it
    offers smooth operation.
  • The capacity of the pump
    is 1hp which makes it
    quite effective and
    strong at the same time.
  • It is not ideal for borewells
    with more than 160
    feet in depth.

This is another prominent name in the world of submersible pumps. It is quite popular in the market and is loved for all good reasons. Kirloskar is counted among the top submersible pump brands available in India. The brand produces high-quality hardware tools, keeping the users’ requirements in mind. This pump is made of steel coated which provides cooling effects. It is rust-proof and has a thick layer which makes it super durable. You can mount it horizontally in borewells with a minimum of 160 feet and under 160 feet. It is super effective and requires minimal maintenance, so you can use it up to 3 times a day. This pump can discharge water at 2880 millilitres per minute. Not to miss, the horsepower of this motor is just 1hp. In a reclining position, you can completely rely on the pump as it will perform to its maximum potential.

Kirloskar KP4 JALRAAJ 1008S+CP 1HP Oil Filled with two controlling pannels
Kirloskar KP4 JALRAAJ 1008S+CP 1HP Oil Filled
Kirloskar KP4 JALRAAJ 1008S+CP 1HP Oil Filled with control pannel

Key Features:

  • It is an ideal pick for borewells up to 160 feet.
  • It has a very strong operational capability.
  • The design of this product is super impressive and durable.
  • It can discharge 2880 litres of liquid per minute.
Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP
04. USHA 1 H.P. Submersible Pump 
  • It is a fully automatic
    operating system.
  • It can be used with V4
    Submersible Pump sets.
  • The price of this product is
    very reasonable.
  • Due to the high demand for
    this product, it mostly
    remains out of stock.

Usha is a renowned brand in India. It has been serving the country by producing quality products for ages now. This 10-stage oil-filled submersible pump offers quality and flawless functioning. It has a suction capacity of 32 millimetres, as is the motor, constructed from heavy-duty copper. Its carbon-ceramic mechanical seal is contained in the cast iron casing. It is designed for underwater installation and has a compact and light exterior. Besides, it is extremely energy efficient and is constructed from virgin glass-filled Noryl material.

USHA 1 HP 10 Stage Single Phase with 100 % opper
USHA 1 HP 10 Stage Single Phase with warranty
USHA 1 HP 10 Stage Single Phase V3 3 Inch Turbo FLO water,

Key Features:

  • It is a single-phase water pump.
  • The motor power of this pump is 1hp.
  • It comes with a power rating of 0.75 kW.
  • The power supply of this product is 120.
USHA 1 H.P. Submersible Pump 
05. CRI Pumps Stainless Steel Borewell Submersible Pump
  • It is a product from a
    well-known brand.
  • It is bright and beautiful.
  • 120Hz refresh rates can
    match high FPS.
  • It is super durable.
  • The long throws may not be
    very efficient in small spaces.

This is a product from one of the renowned brands, CRI. This submersible pump measures 100 mm and is constructed with the most advanced impellers, diffusers, and check valves to decrease the speed and maximize output flow. This product is resistant to rust and is super durable. It is powered by two horsepower to raise the water level to 564 feet. Besides, it can handle single-phase voltage fluctuations that range from 200-240v and 380-415v three-phase Submersibles of 3 kg. This pump is among the top in India.

CRI Pumps Stainless Steel Borewell water pump with opening system
CRI Pumps Stainless Steel Borewell water pump
CRI Pumps Stainless Steel Borewell Submersible Pump

Key Features:

  • It consumes 1hp power.
  • It can pump up to 20 litres in an hour and has a decent discharge capacity.
  • It comes with a great pumping head that has a 564-foot lift.
CRI Pumps Stainless Steel
Borewell Submersible Pump

Things to consider while buying a submersible pump 1 hp in India

Innumerable options in the market might bring a question to your mind: Which is the best? Well, as we mentioned before, as the demand for submersible pumps increased, many manufacturers also made their entry. All of them will obviously claim to be the best, but you must be capable enough to judge if the product is worth giving a shot at or not. It would help if you considered many factors before making a purchase, including capacity, vertical suction lift power, and many other aspects. Well, if you are still unsure what you should check for in a submersible pump, we are here to help you out. In the next section, we have discussed in detail all the important factors that you must consider before buying a submersible pump:

01. Maximum Head Lift

The first thing you must look for in a submersible pump is the maximum head lift. It is a calculation that is made from the point of origin to the final destination or the drainage. This allows the water to move to a distance with power. Make sure that the level is high enough to fulfil all your requirements. The utmost height to the point at which a pump can lift water is known in its head. It must be ideal according to the dimensions and size of your tank. Do check for it carefully before making a purchase.

02. Price

This is an important factor that everyone must consider before buying anything. The budget or price entirely depends on your requirements and choice. Different manufacturers introduce products in different price ranges. While shopping for a submersible pump, you must research and set a budget. Make sure that you are not overspending on it and paying the right amount of money against the features offered.

03. Priming

The next important factor to consider od the priming of the submersible pumps. It should be accessible to the users. There are several types of submersible pumps in the market self-priming pumps can be a great pick because they can easily be started and feature a failsafe mechanism that stops the pump from going dry. Go for a self-priming pump, as it won’t require extra water to start and will always be ready to perform.

04. Size of the delivery pipe

Checking for the diameter of the pipe is very important. The diameter of the pipe at the outlet is known as the size of the delivery pipe and is measured in millimetres or inches. If you already have a pipeline, it becomes very important that your new pump should have a similar size as the delivery when the pipeline has been constructed. Thus, go for the correct-sized delivery pipe.

05. Construction Material

Next, you should look for the materials used to construct the product. It is highly important in determining the quality of the product, and you can understand how long it will last. Go for the one that is made of good quality materials and has a stainless steel motor body to ensure the durability of your product.

06. Cooled with Oil or Water

Submersible pumps usually have two types of motors. One has oil-cooled motors, and the other has water cooled motor. They both have different characteristics. Before buying a submersible pump, understand your requirements and select the one that fits your requirements the best.

07. Vertical Suction Lift

Well, you will find a vertical space between the pumps and the water source. Checking for the suction power is important as it plays an important role in the drainage process into the basement or a deep pond. It usually depends on the size of the tank. The height your tank is placed, the higher the required suction life. Go through the specifications minutely and buy the one that fits the requirements of your house.

08. Friction Loss

The next factor is calculating the heat loss due to the pipeline flow. Any negligence with this can cause severe damage. Fitting loss helps calculate the head’s loss to avoid any damages. Go for the one that bends and checks valves.

09. Reviews

Lastly, check for the reviews online of the products. It is the most reliable source to get genuine insights into the product. Spare some time and review the reviews posted by people who have already gained experience. By considering their experiences, you can avoid making mistakes of your own. Go for the one that has the most positive reviews and ratings from the users and obviously maintain distance from the one that owns negative reviews.

By following all these factors, you can easily be sure that you are bringing home the right submersible pump 1hp in India. Besides, it is a highly technical product; thus, it is suggested not to get fooled by any sales executive. You can go through the specifications minutely before buying a submersible pump 1hp in India.


Besides, this article has been designed to help you get the best information. Hope it can prove itself useful in serving the purpose. Also, we understand as a buyer, you might have several questions going on in your mind. Thus, in the next section, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions related to the best submersible pump 1hp in India so that you can have a clear picture of the subject before making a purchase.

  • Some pumps can be used for mixing and Axial flow.
  • Some pumps can pull out water from the ground.
  • Again some pumps contain oil.
  • A type of pump is used to draw water from deep wells.
  • There is a type of pump which is used for water coolers.
  • Lastly, some pumps are made of stainless steel and are preferable for long-term usage.

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