5 Best Wooden center table for living room in India 2023

Are you a warm host? Do you love to welcome people to your home? If yes! You will definitely know the importance of having a well-furnished, attractive wooden centre table for the living room as the centrepiece for the sitting area. You must have heard, “The first impression is the last impression.” The phrase might sound right but is not very practical, as you can’t build an opinion on anything or anyone just once. However, that one time might have some influence on your thoughts. Well, the phrase is somehow relevant to houses, interiors, and so on, as the human mind instantly makes a judgment on a place or a house just after having one glance at it.

For example, suppose you visit a restaurant that has beautiful and unique furnishing. In that case, you will instantly consider it as an excellent place before even eating any food. The same goes for houses. Enter a house that has a beautiful interior. You will instantly judge the taste of the people living in it. That’s why how you present your house is very important. And the most essential part of your house is your living room. A living room is the first area where your guests will step in. Thus, it is very important to design your living room in the best way possible. And for that, you primarily need an attractive and practical centre table. Well, this article lists some of the most popular wooden center tables for the living room.

List of Best Wooden Center Tables for Living Room:

Finding the right center table is not easy; you must do proper research and find the best one that fits all your requirements. However, who has that much time? We have, and we believe that everyone must get the best. With that aim in mind, we have listed some of the best wooden center tables for the living room below:

01. Indigo interiors Solid Sheesham Wood Coffee Table
  • This table is durable and
    can last a long time in
    your house.
  • It is a Made in India product.
  • It comes with 4 nestle
    stools with cushions.
  • You can use it for different purposes.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • This table is not very sturdy
    and robust.

This lovely table from indigo interiors is a multipurpose option. It can be used as a center table, a coffee table, a kids’ table, and much more. It is made of Sheesham Wood and is very sturdy and durable. It comes with 4 stools in the cross-frame of the table, which you can use if you want to extend the sitting capacity of your living room. Besides, it can creep inside the table while not in use and won’t take any extra space. It has a nice and elegant design and can also fit in a small space.

Indigo interiors Solid Sheesham Wood
Coffee Table
02. Varsha Furniture Living Room Furniture Coffee Table
  • This table is made of
    solid Sheesham Wood,
    which makes it super
  • The simple and elegant
    design complements
    the look of your
    living room.
  • It can fit in both small or
    large rooms.
  • It has enough space
    and can accommodate
    food, books, magazines,
  • This is a pre-assembled
  • The weight of this table is a
    little heavy and inconvenient
    to carry.

This table is a product of one of the most popular brands in the furniture section in India. They are known for producing customized furniture. This table is made of solid Sheesham Wood and is very durable. It is a simple style center table that will elevate the look of your living room. It fits well in both small and large spaces. It has enough space to accommodate food, books and magazines, showpieces, and other items. Besides, this is a pre-assembled product, so you don’t have to struggle with assembling it.

Varsha Furniture Living Room Furniture
Coffee Table
03. Modern Furniture Sheesham Wooden Center Coffee Table
  • The natural finish makes it
    even more attractive.
  • The basic assembly of this
    product is already done,
    and you can easily do
    the rest by following
    the assembly guide.
  • Made from high quality
    termite-resistant and
    chemically treated
    100% pure sheesham
    wood, it is extremely durable.
  • It is versatile and can be
    installed indoors or outdoors.
  • It comes with 10 days
    return and replacement
  • The length of this product
    could be a little more.

This center table from Modern Furniture is made of high-grade termite-resistant chemically seasoned 100% pure Sheesham Wood. It has a very unique and aesthetic design, which can add elegance to your home decor. It is a multipurpose table that can be teamed up with sofa sets or placed individually. You can use it as a separate coffee table or dining table. It can be placed both in indoor and outdoor locations.

Modern Furniture Sheesham Wooden
Center Coffee Table
04. DecorNation Karsia Solid Wooden Drum Coffee Table with Metal Legs
  • It has a basic yet classy
  • It comes with hairpin-style
    metal legs for a stable
    grip on the ground.
  • It is a pre-assembled product
    that requires no assembling.
  • It has a polished walnut
  • It cannot accommodate
    many items on it.

This table from the brand DecorNation defines ‘simple yet classy. It is made of Karsia Solid Wood and has the most basic design possible. It fits easily with almost all types of interiors. It is a beautifully designed table that can enhance your living room’s beauty and make a great impression on your guests. It has hairpin-style metal legs for a stable grip on the ground and to give this basic table a stylish kick.

DecorNation Karsia Solid Wooden Drum
Coffee Table with Metal Legs
05. Radhika Furniture Sheesham Wood Coffee Table
  • It has a very unique pattern
    which makes it look very
  • It is made of Sheesham
    Wood, which makes it
    durable and long-lasting.
  • This product is versatile
    and can be placed in
    the dining room,
    bedroom, living
    room, etc.
  • It is not a pre-assembled
    product; thus, you can
    face little difficulties
    assembling it.

This center table from Radhika Furniture has a very unique pattern. Its design is very different and not very formal. It is made of good quality Sheesham Wood which helps it last for many years, and is crafted in ethnic designs. It is a stylish product that will add elegance to your living room. This product is versatile in nature, and thus you can set it up anywhere according to your requirements.

Radhika Furniture Sheesham Wood
Coffee Table

What are the different materials used in making a wooden center table?

A centre table is the house’s second most important piece of furniture. It holds the prime focus of the room. Besides, it is practical and can be used to showcase various showpieces, serve drinks or snacks, and place newspapers, magazines, and books. Well, the requirements of every house are different, but choosing the right size and pattern for a centre table is very important. It should match well with your interior and enhance its beauty, and for that, what can be better than a wooden centre table?

01. Type of wood

There is a wide range on the market. Pick one wisely for your home. The material used in making a table not only determines its lifespan but also adds to the design of your interior. And for that, you must have enough knowledge about them. Thus, the following are some common materials that are used in making a wooden centre table:

02. Solid wood

Tables made of solid wood are durable and long-lasting if you maintain them properly. However, they are not moist-resistant and thus require special care.

03. Sheesham Wood

Tables made using Sheesham wood are famous for their wood grains and colour. This material is resistant to termites and other natural decay, which makes it last longer.

04. MDF

The full form of this is ‘Made of wood fibre, resin, and wax.’ This type is not durable or resistant to head and scratches. They are more like a fancy option and can last for just a few years if maintained properly. Although they look good but are not very practical.

05. Mango Wood

This is a popular option in India, as this type is environment-friendly and sustainable. Tables made of mango wood are robust and pocket-friendly. However, they are also not moist-resistant.

06. Beech Wood

Tables that are made of beech wood are perfectly balanced between durability and accessibility. It is water-resistant and can last for many years.

07. High-Grade Engineered Wood

This material comprises different fibres and boards. It is a high-grade engineered wood that can last for around 40 years if you maintain it properly.

08. Acacia Wood

This material is widely used in making tables prone to wear and tear. Because of its hardness and density, tables made of acacia wood are very durable. They can last for as long as 40 years.

09. Particle Board

This material is nothing but just sawdust. Tables that are made of particle board might look good but are not at all durable.

How to buy the best wooden centre table for living room: A Buying Guide?

While you think of buying a centre table for your home, nothing can compete with a wooden center table, as it can be used, reused, and refurbished quickly. Well, you can potentially get confused while you think of buying a wooden centre table for your living room, as there are innumerable options and manufacturers who offer different features.

You may wonder how hard it can be. A wooden center table comes in square, rectangular, oval, round, and triangular shapes only, and you can just select the best that fits your interior, and that’s it. However, selecting the shape is not just it. There are many other factors that you must consider before bringing home a wooden centre table for the living room. Some of the most important factors are listed below:

01. Budget

This factor is significant when you invest in a piece like a wooden centre table. The price of a wooden centre table entirety depends on its size, materials, shape, finishes, etc. The price range starts from ₹2,000 and can go above ₹90,000 as well. Select the one that simultaneously fits both your requirements and budget.

02. Identify the functionality

Next, understand your purpose in buying a centre table before actually buying it. Coffee tables are primarily round and oval in different sizes and shapes. These tables are just the right average height and can fit well if sitting around them. So, look for something like that where you can place your glass or cups and have a chitchat with your friends and family in the evening.

03. Type of finish that can complement your interiors

Well, looking for this factor is essential, as the finish of the product is helpful in increasing the durability and enhancing the look of your living room. Following are some wood finish options about which you must know before selecting the right one:

04. Matte Finish

A table with a matte finish gives a more natural wood look, which will elevate the look of your living room if you want to add a non-fleshy twist to your living room.

05. Glossy Finish

This finish is best for people who like a sleek appearance. Covered with a layer of polyurethane, it can add charm to your interior.

06. Polish

This helps enhance the wood’s natural grain, pattern, and color. It is mainly used for refurbishing worn-out furniture pieces.

07. Melamine Coating

This is similar to polish; however, it has a thin layer of resin. Tables which have a melamine finish are glossier and more attractive.

 08. UV Finish

This finish has nothing to do with the look. It is a thick coat used on furniture to protect it from wear and tear. It also helps extend the shelf life of the product.

09. Laminate

This finish is used to bond the composite wood.


A paint finish is used for outdoor furniture so that they can deal with rain and harsh sunlight.

11. Veneer

This finish is a layer of hardwood bonded on plywood.

12. Design and styles

Next, look for the design before buying a centre table, as it can make or break the look of your living room. You will find tables of different designs like traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles. Go for a centre table that can make the most of your space, with the perfect top, and has a charming style. Also, make sure it comes with storage solutions with drawers, openable shelves, and even storage bins and elevators. You can even consider the one with stools underneath, as it will save space if you have a small apartment.

13. Warranty

Now, this is an important aspect that you must consider while you are buying anything, especially an item of furniture. Because a piece of furniture will last in your home for many years, it is important that it is made of good quality materials and is of a good brand. Go for a brand that offers the best warranty policy, as it is always nice to know whom to reach if you encounter any issues related to your product. Besides, a warranty policy will also cut your extra expenditure in case any miss occurs to your table.  

14. Maintenance

I hope you have understood the importance of maintaining the centre table. However, you obviously won’t like to waste your time, energy, and the entire Sunday to clean and maintain it. Therefore, opt for a wooden coffee table that requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean.

That is everything you must know before buying a wooden centre table for the living room. Hope this information could prove helpful to you. However, we understand that you might have many other questions in your mind while shopping for a wooden center table for the living room, well as we don’t know what they are precisely.


  • Understood the importance of having a well-furnished house, especially a living room.
  • Learned about the different types of materials used to make different wooden centre tables.
  • Find the best wooden centre table for the living room that one can consider buying.
  • We’ve highlighted some of the most important factors to consider before buying a wooden centre table for your living room.
  • Lastly, found answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the wooden center table.

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