Fans are not very happy about Ranbir Kapoor’s jokes on Alia Bhatt’s weight in live video

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are one of the top couples in Bollywood, and they have managed to be the talk of the town for quite some time now. Well, this time Ranbir is again creating a buzz on the internet, but in a negative manner.

Ranbir’s ‘Harmless’ joke on Alia Bhatt’s body weight is not being entertained by the fans very well. They showed their disgust by posting several negative comments on the same, such as ‘Disgusting thing to say to a pregnant woman’ and much more.

Ranbir and Alia were out to promote their upcoming fantasy drama – Brahmastra. While participating in a live event, Ranbir playfully joked about Alia’s body weight. Unfortunately, the incident took a serious turn and fans started to criticize Ranbir Kapoor for passing such hideous comment on Alia’s body who is experiencing several changes due to her pregnancy. The live video is making rounds on internet where Ranbir pointed to Alia’s pregnant belly and commented on her weight gain. And soon fans started questioning Ranbir’s sense of humor and stated that he was body-shaming Alia.

The couple announced their pregnancy in June this year by posting couple picture through Alia’s Instagram handle. This added extra charm to their life as they were ready to welcome a new member into their life and their big movie at the same time.

Brahmastra is the first movie that the couple have worked together in, and fans are already overwhelmed and are eagerly waiting for the movie to release. However, now, when Brahmastra is already wrapped around several controversies, will this statement of Ranbir cause further damage to its performance in the box office? To know that for certain we will have to wait till its release.

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