Your Weekend Watch-list: The Hottest Movies and Shows Hitting OTT

The binge-watching marathon continues this weekend as the freezing winter doesn’t want to get off yet. To save you the hassle of endless scrolling, here is The Readers Time’s selection of the best new titles that hit the streaming services. Whether you want action, drama, or comedy, you will find it all.
Killer Soup:

If one is in the mood for a dark, twisted thriller, one ought to watch Killer Soup on Netflix. Talking about this boiling cauldron of suspense is about Swathi, a terrible cook and wife of her chauvinistic husband Prabhakar. Matters come to a head for Swathi during an affair with Prabhakar’s lookalike masseuse. Swathi attempts to pass her lover as Prabhakar and murder and mayhem follow. Poetic references and bright cinematography make it a spicy viewing, promising!

Tiger 3:

Box-office hit Tiger 3 can now finally be streamed on Amazon Prime. In the third instalment of the spy comedy franchise Tiger, a fresh threat is realized with Aatish Rehman Emraan Hashmi, the leader of a terrorist army who has a personal grudge against Tiger Salman Khan. The protagonist must now take a risky mission to save his family as well as the nation and prove his innocence.

Looking for a heart-pumping heist? In Lift also on Netflix, Kevin Hart tries to pull a mid-air robbery. As a crew lead, Hart conspires to steal $500 million in gold being flown from London to Zurich. Will they be able to accomplish this at 30,000 feet? Will Hart’s suspicions of identity theft ruin the plan?

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One:

Even two recent theatrical releases found their way onto streaming. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One has Ethan Hunt and Tom Cruise facing a rogue AI. Amazon Prime has extended the preview.
Break Point (Season-2): If you are interested in some real-life sporting drama, Break Point’s second season is now available on Netflix. Watch the lives of tennis stars from off-court injuries and intimate moments to looking back on their careers.
Echo: Meanwhile, on Disney+ Hotstar, Marvel’s Echo gives slightly different superhero action. Maya Lopez goes back home after the Hawkeye events, but she has to deal with Wilson Fisk’s men. At different authority levels than her comic character, can she rescue her family and clear her name?

So heat your soup, snuggle up with your blanket and get comfy! With these premieres, you will be able to get hours of great entertainment without leaving your armchair.

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