Bobby Deol says his sons will be ready to join film industry in 3-4 years

As Bobby Deol is basking in the glory of success of his latest film, Animal, he is also optimistic about the film careers of his sons in the acting field. In an interview with a media outlet, Bobby discussed the potential of his sons, Aryaman and Dharam Deol to enter into the film industry.

Aryaman has already made several public appearances with his father and caught the media attention, especially when he accompanied Bobby during the Gadar 2 success party. He has also been part of paparazzi videos with Bobby during the promotional tour of Animal.

When asked about the passion for film making of his sons, he said that while Ayushman has potential, he needs to work hard and train before entering the industry. On his younger son, Dharam, he said, “He (Dharam) loves everything about filmmaking.”

“There’s no business like show business and my sons will come into this industry, but they’re too young right now especially my older one is just 22 years old and the younger one is 19 years, so another 3-4 years time they will enter the industry”, Bobby said during the media interaction.

The actor was also asked that if he, like his brother Sunny Deol did with his son Karan with the film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (2019), would also launch his sons into the industry. He said that he dd not have any such plans, at least for now. “No, I haven’t planned any of that right now. I just want Aryaman to train and really work hard on himself. He just graduated from NYU Stern with honours. He is one child who puts all his mind and really works hard. Both my boys have different qualities. My youngest son during Covid (Covid-19 pandemic began) himself filmmaking on his own. The photographs that you see on my Instagram, most of them, are by him. He loves everything about filmmaking, from editing to background, visuals, all things. When we are watching a movie, he will talk about the technical side, and I’m like ‘OK’, ‘I don’t know any of that. So this is how it is. Every child is especially special, so let’s see what the future holds for them. I mean I can’t predict anything. I just want them to be happy and successful”, he said.

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