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A healthy nation is a sign of a progressive nation, and in which doctors play a significant role. Besides, the saplings of our society, which means the children, are the future of a country. Paediatricians or Child Specialists are those gardeners who take care of a child. It plays an important role in the health and wellness of children, including physical behaviour and mental health issues.

Paediatricians provide medical care to the children who are extremely ill and provide inhibitory health services for healthy children from birth to adolescence. Thus, it would help if you remain extremely careful in choosing the right paediatrician for your child. Knowing doctors that are available in your locality is a must. So, if you are staying in Karimganj or nearby and wondering who you should consult your baby’s problems with, here is the list designed just for you. In this article, we have tried to cover everything about the best child specialists in Karimganj. We have attempted to provide every possible information, such as the practice location, fee, experience, qualification of the doctors etc. with a hope to help you select the right doctor for your child.

01. Dr. Sewali Kalita

Specialized in: Paediatrics

Degrees/Qualification: MBBS, MD in Paediatrics.

Experience: She has been practising for the last 5 years.

About the Doctor: Dr Sewali Kalita is a combination of young talent and aligned energy. She is an extremely talented doctor. She is loved by her little patients and is famous for providing precise and accurate treatment.

Practice Location: She is available for consultation at Red cross society, Karimganj and Nilmoni Road, Karimganj.

02. Dr. Debotush Paul

Specialized in: Paediatrics

Degrees/Qualification: MBBS, MD in Paediatrics.

Experience: He has experience of 3 years.

About the doctor: Dr Debotush Paul is one of the most renowned paediatricians in Karimganj. Other than being an exceptional doctor, he is often seen participating in various social activities. He is a medical practitioner and is specialized in diseases related to children. He is also a very friendly and well-spoken person by nature. 

Practice location– Dr Debotush Paul is available for consultation at Red cross society, Karimganj and Sahid Sarani, main road, Karimganj.

03. Dr Abul Hussain

Specialized: Paediatrics

Degrees/Qualification: MBBS, MD in Paediatrics.

Experience: He has experience of approximately 4 years.

About the Doctor: Dr Abul Hussaindeals with the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. He is very precise and accurate with the treatment he provides.

Practice location– Dr Abul Hussainis available for consultation at BSF Camp Road, Karimganj.

04. Dr Guljar Hussain

Specialized in: Paediatrics

Degrees/Qualification: MBBS, MD in Paediatrics. 

Experience: He has experience of 9 years in his field.

About the doctor: Dr Guljar Hussain is a medical doctor who manages the physical, behavioural, and mental care for children from birth until age 18.

Practice Location: Dr Guljar Hussain is available for consultation at Dr Guljar’s Clinic, Karimganj.

05. Dr. Jiaual Karimbhuiyan

Specialized in: Paediatrics

Degrees/Qualification: MBBS, MD in Paediatrics 

Experience: He has experience of approximately 6 years.

About the Doctor: Dr Jiaual Karimbhuiya is an experienced paediatrician in Karimganj. He is well-reputed and is famous for his subtle personality. 

Practice Location– Dr Jiaual Karimbhuiya is available for consultation at Dr Jiaual Karimbhuiya clinic, Karimganj.

06. Dr Burhan Uddin Chowdhury

Specialized in: Paediatricians

Degrees/Qualification: MBBS, MD in Paediatrics: MBBS,DCH, PGPN.

Experience: He has experience of around 20 years in his field.

About the Doctor: Dr Burhan Uddin Chowdhury is one of the most experienced paediatricians in Karimganj. His experience gets reflected in the way he attends to his patients. Dr Choudhary is very professional and dedicated to his work. 

Practice Location: He is available for consultation at Karimganj Civil Hospital.

In the list mentioned, we have tried to cover the most popular child specialists available for consultation at Karimganj. However, the list might never end. We hope that this article can prove itself to be helpful in deciding and reaching the doctors for your child. You can select any doctor from the list according to your preferences.

What is child specialist called?

A child specialist is a physician who has advanced training in the area of paediatrics and specializes in treating diseases and conditions in infants, children, and adolescents. There are several types of child specialists, each with a particular area of expertise:

Types of Child Specialists

PaediatricianProvides comprehensive preventive and medical care for infants, children and teens. They diagnose and treat a wide range of childhood illnesses and issues.
NeonatologistSpecializes in providing care for premature and critically ill new-borns requiring intensive treatment and hospitalization.
Pediatric allergist/immunologistDiagnoses and treats children with allergic diseases and immune system disorders.
Paediatric cardiologistTreats children who have heart problems or heart disease such as structural defects and rhythm disturbances.
Paediatric critical care specialistCares for seriously or critically ill children needing advanced life support in intensive care settings.
Developmental/behavioural paediatricianEvaluates and treats children with developmental delays, learning disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and behavioural or emotional issues.

The first point of contact is typically the paediatrician who provides well-child visits, immunizations, diagnoses common illnesses, and refers to the appropriate paediatric subspecialist as needed. For example, a paediatrician may refer a child with recurrent asthma symptoms to a paediatric pulmonologist who specializes in lung conditions. Or refer a child born with a heart defect to a paediatric cardiologist who specializes in heart disease treatment.

Choosing the right child specialist depends on the child’s specific condition, diagnosis, and treatment needs. Many subspecialists are based at children’s hospitals, university medical centers or large paediatric practices where there are groups of child specialists covering a wide range of health conditions. With many experts under one roof, they are able to collaborate to provide comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of growing children.

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