Nari Sikhsha Doctors’ List 2024 in Silchar

Are you looking for the Nari Sikhsha Doctors’ List, then, you are in the right place. Nari Sikhsha Doctors are working nationwide for the welfare of women’s health and childcare. Not only do they provide services at a very nominal rate, making sure that the services are accessible to everyone, but also are a set of doctors who have been professionally working for decades. This ensures the best service is provided to the population at a very low rate. People from far and near come to this hospital, not only for the affordability of the doctors, but also for the expertise they hold. Women have trusted complicated deliveries in the hands of these named doctors. And the services do not end at deliveries. From dentists to gynecologists, this hospital caters to endless services. Apart from serving the people, the hospital also holds educational drives, dental campaigns, blood donation campaigns, and much more for making people aware of their own health.

Read on to know about the specialists in Nari Sikhsha Silchar, as we have provided the Nari Sikhsha Doctors’ list in Silchar for your convenience. While preparing this list we have considered a number of factors, including the footfall of the clinic, the level of satisfaction of clients, the interiors of the clinic, and the reputation of the clinics in the local community.

Here, is the Silchar Nari Sikhsha Doctors’ List:

01. Dr. Tilak Upadhyay

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Dr.Upadhyay has been working for over two decades promoting the need and importance of mental health, not only in women but also in men. He is known for his warm gesture towards his patients which make them comfortable around him. He has devoted his life for the betterment of females mostly which has gained a lot of appraisals nationwide. Apart from Nari Sikhsha Hospital, he also visits his patients at Silchar Medical College and Hospital and Midland Hospital.

02. Dr. TS Aphy

With his expertise as an Obstetrician & Gynecologist, he has been setting milestones far and near Silchar for his philanthropic works. Focusing mainly on women’s healthcare, he has been dedicating his time to the betterment and upliftment of women and children’s healthcare. Patients have reviewed very positively about him, which is why he has a popular name in the town. He visits the needy not only at Shiva Sundari Nari Shiksha ram hospital but also in various other hospitals like Fatima Medical Hall and Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

03. Dr. PP Dutta

Dr. Partha Pratim Dutta is a renowned Urologist, which means he has been treating people with disorders and functional problems in their urinary systems. He is also an expert Transplant Surgeon who has gained his knowledge in Endo-urology and Laparoscopy and Uro-oncology. He looks after patients with Kidney stones, tumors, prostate, and urinary-related problems for over years now. He has been devoting his service in Nari Sikhsha Hospital to the upliftment of women who fear embarrassment in front of their own families for such health problems. He has been working far and near, teaching women to normalize UTIs and other infections. His works have been highly praised and talked about among the people, not only in Silchar but also elsewhere.

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04. Dr. Arijit Paul

Women in Silchar can get comprehensive gynecological treatments from Dr. Paul Arijit Kumar in Rangirkhari. He is among the most renowned gynecologists and obstetricians in the city. The gynecologist provides complete care and treatment for women with regard to various gynecological conditions as well as regular examinations to keep a tab on their health. Rangirkhari is a convenient place to find this healthcare center. With its location at Public High School Road, the clinic can be easily found without any hassle.

The doctor’s office is conveniently located in the area and is accessible to patients from other parts of the city. With a well-equipped healthcare facility in Rangirkhari, Silchar, Dr. Paul Arijit Kumar can treat his patients in the best possible way. Patients can wait comfortably on the premises in separate waiting and consultation areas. Dr. Paul is a gynecologist who specializes in helping women understand and treat various gynecological conditions. In addition, the doctor suggests ways to handle stress and live a healthier lifestyle, keeping in mind that it has a direct impact on health. The doctor offers a variety of medical services, among them Treatment For Diseases In Pregnancy.

05. Dr. Debanjana Dutta Mazundar

She has been serving to provide holistic gynecological treatments to women as one of the most renowned gynecologists and obstetrician doctors in the city. Providing comprehensive care and treatment to women suffering from different gynecological conditions and monitoring health on a periodical basis, a gynecologist provides a comprehensive service. A convenient location can be found in Silchar Medical College where this healthcare center is located. With its convenient location at Shibbari Road, Ghungoor, you will obviously notice the clinic without a hassle.

The clinic’s prominent location makes it convenient for patients from the surrounding neighborhood, as well as from elsewhere in the city, to visit and consult with the doctor. A modern healthcare facility with well-equipped equipment is available at Silchar Medical College, North Cachar Hills, under Dr. Dutta Debanjana Mazumder.

Separate areas for waiting and consultations allow for a comfortable waiting experience for patients. She is a gynecologist specialized in helping women understand the actual cause of their gynecological problems, as well as prescribe the best treatments. Additionally, given that stress is directly linked to health, the doctor lists ways and means to manage stress in order to live a fitter lifestyle. A doctor offers a variety of health care services, including Treatment for Diseases In Pregnancy.

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06. Dr. Suchita Kochar Shand

Dr. Suchita Kochar is one of the city’s leading gynecologists. Among the clinic’s clients are several celebrities, aspiring models, and international patients. Seeing its success over the past few years, they intend to expand their business and provide services to more patients. The clinic makes sure the patient’s comfort, well-being, and needs are of upmost importance through its efficiency, commitment, precision, and compassion. There are highly advanced surgical instruments and modern equipment at the clinic that enable patients to undergo meticulous procedures.

In Silchar, Dr. Suchita Kochar provides high-quality treatments and procedures to her patients that treat their various ailments. Among the numerous services offered here, the clinic provides treatments for Uterine Fibroids or Myomas, Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urinary Problems, Vaginal Discharge, Subfertility, Menopause, Gynaecological Cancers, Abnormal Pap Smears – Pre-Invasive Cervical/Vaginal Disease and Vulva Conditions. Listed as a Gynecologist & Obstetrician as well. Additionally, there are also tests for HPV and biopsies conducted at our clinic for our patients.

07. Dr. B Das ( Child Specialist)

Dealing with children and infants, Dr, Das has earned a clientele in Silchar for his ultimate professionalism and diverse advice. He has been working for over two decades now and has earned milestones throughout his journey. People trust him with their kids, right from their delivery to the time they grow up because of his immense knowledge. He is also known to win children’s hearts by playing games and listening to them instead of hushing them up when they throw tantrums. He is widely respected for his course of work. He visits his patients exclusively at Nari Sikhsha Hospital Silchar.

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Why do we need special health care facilities for women?

Health services are used by women more than by men, according to studies. Men had significantly higher mean income and higher education compared to women. On average, women accessed diagnostic services and primary care clinics significantly more frequently than men. In addition, women need more health care and have greater access to it than men do. The reason for this is partly due to their reproductive and sexual health needs, but they are also more likely to suffer from chronic respiratory ailments, cancer, mental illnesses, and diabetes.

Due to biological, social, and behavioral differences, women experience health and disease differently than men. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”. Comparatively, to the general population, people with varied biological characteristics carry unique risks for ill health. A specifically defined population is designated as a population, such as women’s health is an example. 

Pedagogically, Nari Sikhsha examines the social and cultural structure of gender by focusing on the lives and experiences of women while emphasizing feminist and interdisciplinary perspectives. In addition, we discuss how power and gender divide other identifiers and social positions, such as race, gender, socioeconomic class, and disability. Within the field of Nari Sikhsha, many concepts are considered popular such as feminist theories, standpoint theories, interpolicy, multiculturalism, transnational feminism, and social justice.

A wide range of research methods are utilized in women’s research, including ethnographic, autobiographic, focus group, and survey research, as well as speech analysis and critical theory. This project examines caste, class, and sexuality as well as other social inequalities as they relate to gender.

Hope your search of Nari Sikhsha Doctors’ List ended here.

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