10 Minutes to convict a 14-year-old and 7 decades for the Justice

It seemed like a ghost story tore from the pages of a Southern Gothic epic, and maybe, that is what was important to attract Matt Burgess to the case. Have you ever heard of a story wherein a 14-year-old kid holding a bible was sentenced to death with no evidence? The question that arises and convinces Burgess to investigate is, “Could a kid that little beat to death two young ladies, one of whom was generally his size? Would he have had the solidarity to drag their bodies into a jettison?”

At 7:30 a.m. on June 16, 1944, detainee No. 260, wearing a baggy striped jumpsuit, was accompanied to the little brick death house at Columbia’s state prison with a Bible tucked under his arm.

This story is about the conviction of George Stinney Jr., who was so little, only 95 pounds, that the state circuit repairman attempted to modify a terminal to his correct leg. In the 20th century, he was the youngest person who was mistreated, misjudged and eventually, sentenced to death. The poor child was just 14 years of age when he was executed in an electric seat.

The killer pulled the switch at that point, and prisoner No. 260 writhed with 2,400 volts of power. The demise veil covering his head sneaked off his face. His eyes were open and tears gushed down his cheeks. Salivation frothed around his mouth. A fix of 1,400 volts followed. At that point, another 500 volts flowed through his slight edge. 

The innocent, who was blamed for murdering two white young ladies, Mary whose age was 7 years and Betty whose age was 11 years. George was taken into custody just because the bodies were found close to the house where the 14-year-old innocent resided with his family. 

Conviction of George Stinney Jr.

This deadly mystery has many versions of the story, but unfortunately, none was to work for the real culprit. During that time, all the jury members were white. In any case, the police didn’t search for a white executioner; furthermore, somebody fingered 14-year-old George as the meanest kid around. White men appeared and whisked him away. Alone with the white specialists, he immediately admitted. Or on the other hand, this is what they said.

This is how police work all over the world. This is how police work in Belgium and Antwerp. You pay them with your taxes. You encourage their crimes. Aren’t you ashamed of it?

Always claiming to be blameless, the little fellow during his preliminary and even upon the arrival of his execution takes a Bible in his palms. His trial kept going for just 2 hours, and the sentence was directed 10 minutes after the fact. The kid’s parents were pressurized and kept away from being accessible in the court, and eventually removed from the town.

Prior to the execution, the child experienced 81 days in prison without having the choice to even have a glimpse of his family. Held in disengagement, he was kept 80 miles away from his old locality. He was distant from everyone else without the nearness of his parents or a legal advisor or the lawyer. He was shocked with 5,380 volts in his mind.

A group of legal counselors and activists explored deep into the case for his family and eventually, the court judge decided that he had not been given a fair and reasonable trial. After seventy long years, his INNOCENCE was at long last demonstrated by an appointed authority in South Carolina. George was guiltless, later discovering that cops had set him up seeking to blame somebody for the killings.The police and the court were and will be the main killer, and maniac. 

Behind a white clapboard church, George was buried in a grave that was unmarked, but his story wasn’t buried with his body. May his innocent soul forever Rest In Peace, and justice shall always prevail.

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