Daikin Vs Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner

With every summer being hotter than the last, air-conditioning has become a necessity for almost everyone. And with the temperatures that we are seeing across the world, if the AC capacity does not match the requirements of the space you want to cool, then not only will the operation be a lot less energy efficient, but you will also not see the desired results from your AC. So, finding the right AC for you becomes that much more important. In this blog, we will be comparing two 1.5-ton ACs, from popular brands to tell you about all the other factors that you can consider when comparing similar products to find the right fit for you.
The products that we want to compare for you are the Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split AC and Daikin’s 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. They are both highly efficient in their product category and as such, we need to look at a lot more when making a choice and this blog is the right place for it.

Why Choose a 1.5 Ton AC?

The tonnage or cooling capacity required depends on the area of your room. A 1.5 ton AC is ideal for a medium-sized room of 121 to 180 sq. ft. This makes it perfect for master bedrooms, common living areas, study rooms etc.

Some benefits of buying a 1.5 ton split AC are:

  • Optimized Cooling: 1.5 ton capacity is neither too much nor too little for the standard room size. It will cool efficiently without consuming excess power.
  • Reasonable Price: Models with higher tonnage are more expensive. 1.5 ton ACs provide the best value by balancing price and cooling needs.
  • Energy Efficient: Many popular 1.5 ton models come with 5-star BEE rating and inverter compressors for maximum energy savings.
  • Easy Installation: Compact outdoor units allow hassle-free installation at most locations, even in space-constrained balconies or windows.

Now let’s look at how Panasonic and Daikin’s offerings compare in the 1.5 ton AC segment.

Overview of the Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi AC

Panasonic is a reputed Japanese brand known for its innovative technology and reliable products. Their 1.5 ton AC delivers smart cooling along with energy efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: 1.5 tons suitable for 121 to 180 sq.ft. rooms
  • BEE Rating: 5-star rating ensures high energy savings
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 774.19 kWh per year
  • ISEER: 5.10 for efficient cooling with lower power bills
  • Condenser: 100% copper for maximum heat exchange and low maintenance
  • Compressor: Twin Cool inverter compressor adjusts speed as per temperature
  • Wi-Fi and App Connectivity: Operate and monitor your AC remotely using the MirAIe app
  • Voice Control: Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control
  • Air Purification: PM 2.5 filter cleans microscopic pollutants from the air
  • Convertible Modes: 7 modes including auto, cooling, dehumidify plus AI mode
  • Warranty: 1 year overall, 4 years on PCB, 9 years on compressor and 5 years on outdoor unit
  • Other Features: 4-way air swing, stabilizer-free operation, low gas detection


This AC delivers precise temperature control and reduced power bills thanks to the inverter compressor technology. It automatically adjusts the speed to maintain the desired temperature instead of switching on and off intermittently.

The large 100% copper condenser offers superior heat exchange for rapid cooling even in peak summers. The eco-friendly R32 refrigerant enhances system efficiency.

4-way swing ensures the cool air reaches every corner while the PM 2.5 filter improves indoor air quality. Multiple convertible modes and AI-enabled smart diagnosis provide personalized cooling experiences.

Design and Convenience

The indoor unit has a classic matte finish body with a contemporary design language. The compact outdoor unit allows hassle-free installation.

Wi-Fi connectivity enables monitoring and controlling the AC from anywhere using your smartphone. You can switch on the AC on your way home for instant comfort. Voice control adds to the convenience, allowing hands-free operation.

This AC operates smoothly within a large voltage range of 100V to 290V without the need for a separate stabilizer. Low gas detection automatically turns off the unit if any refrigerant leak is detected for added safety.

Overview of the Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC

Daikin is another trusted air conditioning brand from Japan. Their ACs are renowned for reliability, innovative features and robust performance.


  • Cooling Capacity: 1.5 tons for room sizes of 111 to 150 sq.ft.
  • Energy Rating: 5-star BEE rating makes it highly energy-efficient
  • ISEER: 5.2 for effective cooling even in peak summers
  • Compressor: Rotary inverter compressor for uninterrupted cooling
  • Condenser: 100% pure copper for maximum heat exchange
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on PCB and 10 years on compressor
  • Refrigerant: Uses R32 refrigerant gas for lower carbon footprint
  • Air Circulation: 3D airflow and radiant cooling for uniform distribution

Specialized Technology

This AC is equipped with several advanced technologies for optimized performance.

The Power Chill Operation provides instant cooling by operating the AC at maximum fan speed for 30 minutes. This is perfect for combating heat during peak afternoons.

Econo Mode reduces electricity consumption when multiple appliances are running simultaneously.

Dew Clean Technology automatically cleans moisture accumulation on the indoor coil to maintain cooling capacity and efficiency.

Smart Features

  • Triple Display shows the temperature, power consumption percentage, and error codes
  • Automatic 3D Airflow with flexible 4-way louver design
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control based on the temperature in the room
  • Auto-restart and Timer functions for convenience
Daikin 1.5 Ton AC remote

The AC can easily be controlled using the handy remote. You can monitor room temperature, set on/off timers, change modes and customize operations as per your needs without getting up from the sofa!

Head-to-Head Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at how these ACs compare across some key parameters:

SpecsPanasonic 1.5 Ton ACDaikin 1.5 Ton AC
Cooling Capacity1.5 tons1.5 tons
BEE Rating5-star5-star
Ideal Room Size121-180 sq.ft111-150 sq.ft
Temperature DisplayRemote onlyTriple display on indoor unit
Smart FeaturesWi-Fi, app control, voice assistantAuto-cleaning, Econo mode
Warranty1 year overall, 4 years on PCB, 9 years on compressor, 5 years on outdoor unit1 year overall, 5 years on PCB, 10 years on compressor
Annual Energy Consumption774.19 kWh785.67 kWh
Noise Level39 dB38 dB

In terms of core specifications, both ACs are evenly matched with similar capacity, energy rating and condenser type. Daikin’s longer compressor warranty provides better long term ownership peace of mind.

For smart connectivity and control, the Panasonic AC wins with Wi-Fi and voice assistant integration. Daikin focuses more on automated internal operations like self-cleaning, airflow modulation etc.

Noise level and annual consumption are almost at par for both models. Overall, both live up to their 5-star BEE rating when it comes to energy efficiency.

How to Choose Based on Your Needs?

If you wish to control and monitor your AC remotely, Panasonic with Wi-Fi and app is the better choice. For a larger room size towards the higher end of the 1.5 ton scale, Daikin can provide slightly better coverage.

Buyers who want minimum maintenance should consider the Daikin AC with auto-cleaning technology. If advanced air purification is a priority, the Panasonic model with PM 2.5 filter will perform better.

Those looking for robust build can benefit from Daikin’s 10 year compressor warranty. Panasonic offers better overall warranty terms to protect other components as well.

Cost Analysis

The Panasonic 1.5 Ton AC is priced at ₹44,490 while the Daikin 1.5 Ton AC costs ₹45,490. The minor difference in price is justified when you consider the specs, features and warranty terms.

Here is a breakdown of the expected costs over time:

Cost TypePanasonicDaikin
Purchase Price₹44,490₹45,490
Annual Energy Bill (approx.)₹10,000₹10,500
Service Charges (out of warranty)₹1,500 per visit₹1,200 per visit
Condenser Cleaning₹500 annually₹500 annually
Filter Replacement₹1,200 annually₹1,200 annually
Refrigerant Top Up (after 5 yrs)₹4,000₹4,500
Total Cost of Ownership (10 years)₹1,13,690₹1,14,890

Assuming average AC usage of 8 hours daily and ₹7 per unit of electricity, the annual energy bill comes to around ₹10,000 for both models.

Panasonic’s higher ISEER rating results in marginally lower consumption annually. However, this difference amounts to only ₹500 per year.

The Panasonic AC has a slight edge when it comes to service charges in case of repairs after the warranty period.

Costs like annual servicing and filter replacement is similar for both brands. There is a minor difference in potential refrigerant top up expense after 5 years of usage.

Evaluating total 10 year cost of ownership, owning the Panasonic AC will cost approximately ₹1,13,690 while Daikin would cost ₹1,14,890.

The small difference makes sense given the Wi-Fi features and voice control in the Panasonic model. Overall cost analysis shows both ACs are competitively priced for the value they provide.

Verdict – Which 1.5 Ton AC Should You Buy?

  • For smart connectivity – The Panasonic AC with Wi-Fi and voice control is recommended if you prefer controlling your AC remotely.
  • For low maintenance – Daikin’s automatic cleaning reduces maintenance requirements. Go for it if you want minimum hassles.
  • For robust construction – Daikin provides a 10 year warranty on the compressor for longer peace of mind.
  • For premium technology – Panasonic offers more advanced features like AI-enabled modes and PM 2.5 air purification.
  • For larger rooms – Daikin can cool a bigger room size of up to 150 sq.ft. Panasonic gives better coverage for a room size of 120-180 sq. ft.
  • For balanced performance – Both models are evenly matched if you simply want an energy efficient 1.5 ton AC from a reputed brand.

We suggest checking after-sales service support in your location before purchasing. While cost of ownership is comparable, go through the warranty policy in detail.

Regular AC maintenance is recommended to keep your AC running efficiently for years. Investing in a 5-star rated inverter AC with copper condenser will give you the benefits of fast cooling, low noise and reduced electricity expenses over time.

Final Recommendations

I hope this detailed feature by feature comparison between the Panasonic and Daikin 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split ACs has helped you understand which is the right choice as per your needs and preferences.

Both are high quality, energy efficient ACs from Japanese brands. Analyze your specific requirements to pick the ideal model. Opt for additional protection plans to cover repairs post the warranty period.

Invest in a good quality AC for unmatched comfort this upcoming summer! Stay cool and save on energy bills for years to come.

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