Formalin Detected in Imported Fish Sold in Nagaon: Urgent Need for Stricter Regulations

Fish markets in the area of Nagaon have been receiving imported fish with at least 15% formalin, causing public concern and underlining the need for the state fishery agency to enhance its testing procedures.

Formalin is a toxin often used in the fishing business as a preservative. However, its usage in food items is strictly restricted since it may cause several health issues, including cancer and in severe situations, even death.

According to sources, the state department of Fisheries lacks the tools necessary to undertake preliminary tests to detect formalin in imported fish. In addition, the fishery department in Guwahati city has not done formalin testing on imported fish due to a lack of equipment.

Nonetheless, a group of study students from the Department of Biology at Nowgong College discovered formalin in fish market samples from around the area. Despite these findings, a fish vendor in the Barabazar neighbourhood of Nagaon asserted that imported fish did not contain formalin.

The public’s heavy reliance on fish as a source of protein has been one of the main reasons behind the need for urgency around reports sparked by accusations of formalin contamination in imported fish. To safeguard the safety of the food supply, many are advocating for stronger regulations to check imported fish.

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