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Gastroenterology is one of the focal medical treatments of recent times. As the world is evolving, harmful chemicals and unhealthy diet has unfortunately become an integral part of our lives. Whether you avoid junk food or are a fast-food lover, there are slim chances that you do not suffer from stomach related diseases once in a while. Since it is difficult to find gastroenterology doctors in Imphal, you might ignore your medical condition. But luckily, there are doctors who can treat you.

India is one of the best countries when it comes to gastroenterological care. Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (Hyderabad), Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (New Delhi), Manipal Hospital (Bangalore) and Fortis Memorial Research Institute (Gurgaon) are amongst some of the best gastroenterological care units in the whole country. Along with general physicians, gastroenterologists are tirelessly helping patients in getting better care. When it comes to doctors, Dr Subhash Gupta, Dr Debashish Banerjee, Dr Vivek Raj, Dr Aabha Nagral, Dr Pankaj Dhawan and many more have been trying to create a better medical facility for you.

There are various gastroenterological diseases that can disrupt your good health. Some of the popular ones include celiac disease, lactose intolerance, irritable bowl syndrome, internal haemorrhoids, chronic diarrhoea, etc. It doesn’t matter how serious your symptoms are, it is very important to visit a doctor. By consulting with a doctor in the initial stage, you can potentially decrease the risk of developing chronic illness.

List of Gastroenterology Doctors in Imphal

Out of every medical field in Imphal, gastroenterology is the most untouched on. There is a serious lacking of specialists in the region, making getting the right treatment difficult. However, not all hope is lost in the field. There is one preeminent gastroenterology doctor in doctor in Imphal who can help you get the required treatment. Let us take a look at her profile:

01. Dr Goldie Longjam

Dr Goldie Longjam

Qualification/Degree: MBBS, MD in Gastroenterology

Experience: 6+ years

About the doctor:

Dr Goldie Longjam is one of the best gastroenterologists in the entire Manipur. For more than six years, she has been tirelessly and proficiently treating her patients. You can visit for minor gastric related diseases like acid reflux or major diseases like oesophagus ulcer. Known for being very kind and caring towards her patients, she has till now treated numerous patients and helped them in leading a healthy life. Dr Longjam is expert in treating diseases fatigue, acid reflux, loss of appetite, ulcer, unintentional weight loss, vomiting and nausea, heartburn, bloating, constipation, stricture, gallstones, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer, etc. Taking her esteemed services can help you in getting better faster and steadily. Most of the patients who she has treated till now are happy with her caring nature and prominent treatment.   

Clinic: Dr Goldie Lonjam consults with her patients in the OPD department of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute

Timings: She visits her patients on Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 02:00 pm.

Practice location: Meitei Langol, Lamphelpat, Imphal, Manipur 795004

Contact number: 0385 205 5584

What conditions would be treated by a gastroenterologist?

Gastroenterologists are the physicians who are specially trained to treat GI tract diseases and disorders of liver. Some common conditions that gastroenterologists diagnose and treat include:
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) GERD is the medical term for the situation in which stomach acid repeatedly travels up into the oesophagus. This results in heartburn, regurgitation, and trouble with swallowing. Gastroenterologists can prescribe lifestyles modifications, OTC medications or prescription drugs to control GERD. In the case of severe problems, it may be suggested that they undergo surgery.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)Heartburn, regurgitation, difficulty swallowingLifestyle changes, medications, surgery

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
IBD refers to chronic inflammatory conditions of the GI tract such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, weight loss, and fatigue. Gastroenterologists create customized treatment plans which may include medications to reduce inflammation and suppress the immune system, nutrition therapy, and surgery.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)Abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding, weight lossAnti-inflammatory medications, immune suppressants, nutrition therapy, surgery

Gallstones are hard concernments that originate in the gallbladder. Patients may take pain medications as suggested by a gastroenterologist during an attack. In the cases that are chronic or severe, the gallbladder may have to be removed by surgery.


Since gastroenterologists are masters of the digestive system, they diagnose and plan the integrated treatment for various gastrointestinal and liver conditions. The ability to provide a high-quality care for both the common and complex problems affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients is the reason why they are trained in a specialized way. Among the key tasks of a gastroenterologist are evaluating symptoms, performing endoscopic procedures, examining test results, and designing individualized treatment plans.

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