15 Best Hotel companies in India 2024

Hotels are considered as the pride of a city and also the heritage of a nation. Whether it’s for work, a vacation, or another purpose, you may have to travel across the country or across the continent. There are multiple hotels brands in India that are showcasing the hospitality of India to the international stage. However, some of them are indigenous to India, while others come from abroad. Nevertheless, all of them have established many new and unique hotels so that our cities are decorated. In this blog, we will discuss the top hotel companies in India in 2024.

Various hotels and hospitality brands are available in India and are at the heart of the tourism industry. Various companies in these sectors offer high-quality services and luxurious amenities. The treasure of India is also boosted by India’s various hotel brands. So here is the compiled list of the top hotel companies in India

01. Indian Hotels Company Limited

Taj Hotel

Tata Group owns Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL) which is India’s largest hotel chain. As one of Asia’s largest and most notable hospitality companies, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is collectively known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. The Tata Group is a dominant player in the Indian hotel industry. This company owns the Taj Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels around the world. In addition to having the most hotels and resorts in India and all over the world, the Taj hotel chain is the largest hotel chain in the country. This project was initiated by the TATA group with the aim of building top-class hotels in India

02. HLV Ltd


Hotel Leela Venture Ltd (HLV) is one of the largest luxury hotel chains in India. The company owns, operates, and manages palaces, hotels, and resorts. The Leela resorts and palaces have a chain of 5-star resorts and luxury hotels across India. Leela Kempinski has properties in Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, and Kerala, including The Leela Kempinski in Mumbai, Goa, and The Leela Palace Kempinski in Bangalore. You would be amazed by the class and luxury these hotels exhibit if you examine a few of their properties, like in Goa, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The company’s current value is approximately 653 crore rupees which makes it one of the most expensive, valuable, and luxurious hotels in India.

03. EIH Ltd


The Oberoi group owns and operates EIH Ltd. In addition to hotels and restaurants, the company provides management contracts and also tours. This company also includes services like restaurant management, airline catering, travel and tour services, airport bars, car rentals, and so on. As one of the largest hospitality firms in India, EIH Ltd’s market value is about 7,123 crores. One could say that this hotel chain is the most reputable in India. There are only 31 luxury hotels operated by this hotel group in India, along with a few other properties under the Trident brand, but this group is considered as one of the finest in India. Hotel brands under its control are Oberoi and Trident, with Oberoi being a luxury hotel brand and Trident being a five-star brand.

04. Hyatt


There are few hotels that can compete with Hyatt on the Indian market. In the Hotel industry, Hyatt is also one of the best brands. The headquarter is located in Chicago. The brand has managed to maintain its excellence in all parts of the world since 1957. Luxury hotels have been built by this hotel’s chain worldwide and new experiences have been brought to the Hospitality industry by the chain.

05. JW Marriott:

JW Marriott

Another American multinational hotel chain JW Marriott with hotels all around the world, including in India, is managed by a diversified company. Their portfolio spans the globe. It is said that this hotel company was founded by Willard Marriott, whose son is now in charge. The company offers a variety of hotels and accommodation-related services. As of now, the company has around 7000 thousand properties around the world, as well as lakhs of followers.

06. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd is also known as Club Mahindra Holidays is considered one of the leading players in the hospitality industry. It was established on September 20, 1996. Powered by Mahindra Group, the company has over 2.43 lakh active members and is the market leader in its field. Mahindra Holidays has 94 resorts in Asia and Europe. Mahindra Holidays is the largest company outside of the United States offering vacation ownership. The company also includes services like holiday activities, dining, spa, wellness, etc. MHRIL is one of India’s top 10 hospitality and hotel companies, with a market value of 3,383 crores rupees.

07. ITC Hotels

 ITC Hotels

In India, ITC Hotel is the third-largest hotel chain. The hotel chain operates more than 100 properties in India, including several 5-star luxury properties. ITC Hotels appears to be one of the top employers for hospitality professionals in Asia, according to reports on Wikipedia. In 1975, the first ITC hotel in Chennai opened was the ITC Grand Chola. Today, it is on the top list of Indian hotels. It operates other top-quality properties and 4-star hotels in India through its sub-brands Welcome Heritage Hotels and Fortune Hotels

08. The LaLit

The LaLit

An Indian hotel brand called Lalit Hotels is also expanding internationally. This hotel company was founded by Lalit Suri. Suri owned around 1600 rooms across his seven hotels, making him the largest hotel owner. New Delhi’s Lalit Hotel first opened a 5-star hotel in 1988. The hotel chain now ranks among the best in India due to its rapid expansion. Mr. Lalit Suri founded this hotel chain, which now has over a dozen fantastic hotels under its belt.

09. Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd

Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd

Lemon Tree Hotels was established on June 02, 1992, making it a 25-year-old company. This company is also one of the most luxurious hotels in India. The company develops, manages, and promotes hotels, resorts, motels, and restaurants in India. It currently operates 56 hotels across 33 cities with more than 5500 rooms and recently added 723 rooms across 9 hotels across multiple cities. This hotel also had chains in many cities in India. There are 13 direct subsidiaries and 8 indirect subsidiaries of the company, with a market cap of 3,312 crores rupees. In 2021, Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd is expected to rank among India’s top 10 hotel companies.

10. Radisson:

The Radisson Hotel brand was founded in America but is now a leading hotel brand company in India as well. It is an American multinational hospitality company that offers a variety of hospitality benefits. The group has developed luxury hotels across the globe. In 1994, the brand was established. In those days, its hospitality industry served the Indian masses well. Because of the excellent service, the chain is gaining popularity globally, including in India. The chain has 140 hotels here in India. The first Radisson hotel in Denmark was opened in 1960 and was originally known as SAS royal hotel. Radisson is widely regarded as the world’s first hotel that utilizes a designer style

11. Trident


Trident, which was founded in 1934, is one of the most prestigious hotel chains in India. Generally, this brand offers its services under the brand name which is Oberoi hotels. Its headquarters are located in Delhi. By establishing a variety of luxury hotels and resorts, the Brand conducts its operations. Currently, the company owns a total of 31 luxury hotels across the globe. In addition to this, it also offers river cruises which make the Oberoi group more attractive in the floating seashore hotel sector.

12. Park

Hotel Park

The Park hotel is also considered one of the most prestigious hotel brands in India. Throughout the years, their divergence hospitality ideas have lured people to it. This brand is also exclusively operated by an Indian company, which was first established in Kolkata during the late 19th century. In the last fifty years, this particular chain of hotels has flourished with excellent service on the Indian market. In addition to Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, this hotel chain has units in every city. The hotels are known for their luxurious five-star accommodations.

13. Novatel-Accor Hotels:

Novatel-Accor Hotels

The Novatel is also a well-known hotel chain in India. As a hospitality company based in France, this brand has attracted everyone from around the world to its modern, elusive, and intuitive designs. Brand value is also continually raised by the flagship properties. There are currently 492 hotels under the Novatel brand worldwide. There were only a few hotel chains around 1990. In those days, entrepreneurs of the hotel grew their brands dramatically around the world, including in India


Oyo rooms

As the largest hotel chain in India, OYO Rooms started in 2013 and covers mostly hotels that are leased or franchised, living spaces, and homes. The chain offers budget and affordable hotels. In addition to thousands of hotels and millions of rooms in India, Ritesh Agarwal is a global entrepreneur who has cracked the hospitality market with over 10 billion dollars from China. The brand offers a range of accommodation options, including Townhouses, Homes, Vacation Homes, Palettes, Oyo Life, and Yo Help. Budget-friendliness, ease of use, and mobile applications contributed to the app’s success. In spite of allegations that the company breached customer privacy, committed rape, and mismanaged the employees, Oyo continues to cater to its popularity by investing in Hooters Casino Hotels in the United States and acquiring the Leisure Group based in Amsterdam.

15. Oriental Hotels Ltd

Oriental Hotels Ltd

A hotel and hospitality company based in India, Oriental Hotels is operated by Indian Hotels Company with assistance from the Reddy group. There are currently 7 hotels in the company’s portfolio, with 827 rooms and 42 suites. Seven hotels are operated by three hotels owned, two leased, and two licensed. All of the company’s brands are operated under the IHCL branded names SeleQtions, Taj, Vivanta, and Gateway.

Thus, we have listed some of the top listed hotel companies in India in the above discussion. This blog is intended to provide you with an overall picture of the top hotels in India. You can also decide where to stay when traveling based on this. It is evident that India is quite efficient in offering remarkable staying experiences since the hotel industry lends a large part to the country’s commendable hospitality. Among the leading hotel chains in India, chain hotels provide high-quality services not only in India’s major cities but also in many offbeat locations in the north, south, east, and west of the country. A number of the most popular hotel brands in India, including Taj Hotels, offer stays at palaces that have been converted into hotels, granting access to an unparalleled degree of luxury and a window into the lives of royals. There are, however, several budget hotels and resorts in India that provide value for money services and amenities, owing to the fact that the country caters to multiple types of travelers, many of whom cannot afford the luxury. Therefore, you can choose whether to stay in one of the above hotels which have already been mentioned above or in one of your hotel chains. It’s up to you! This is all about the best hotel companies in India.

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