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Navi Mumbai means new Mumbai and it is a planned city located on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. This city is divided into 2, North Navi Mumbai and South Navi Mumbai, and is a robust city with a solid infrastructure. Mumbai is a city that is heavily congested and is growing at a very fast pace.

Mumbai City

To decongest this city and provide economic opportunities the creation of Navi Mumbai was started in 1971. Navi Mumbai comes under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and Marathi is the official language. This city is less polluted compared to Mumbai and certainly offers better facilities.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region

The culture of Navi Mumbai is a testament to the resilient people who live in this city. Come what may this city never stops or breaks its promises for that matter. It continues to deliver on its commitments time after time. Hence this clean and well-maintained city is home to many companies and special economic zones.

It is also a manufacturing hub and constantly attracts many investors who wish to invest in this region and open their offices or manufacturing units. I have listed the top IT companies that are operating in Navi Mumbai and I hope you find this information handy.

IT companies in Navi Mumbai

  1. Capgemini is a French multinational company headquartered in Paris. It provides services in technology, engineering, digital transformation and consulting. This company has offices everywhere all over the globe and is at the forefront of innovation. They are constantly on the lookout for Software engineers, business analysts, and accountants to provide a range of services.
  2. TCS owned by the Tata group of companies is the world leader in IT services. It is considered as the bellwether of IT stocks in the stock market and is the best company to work for. They are operating in more than 190 countries and have offices in Navi Mumbai as well.
  3. L&T Infotech is a famous company and a subsidiary of the L&T engineering firm. This company is located all over the world and has offices in Navi Mumbai. Giving stiff competition to companies like Wipro and Tech Mahindra L&T infotech is a good place to start a career in the IT industry.
  4. IBM is a company that needs no introduction. The oldest software and hardware company in the world it was started in the year 1880 and has since moved on to become a global giant and a true multinational company. One of the top IT companies in the world they also have offices in several locations in India including Navi Mumbai.

IT companies in Vashi Navi Mumbai

  1. Panzer IT company is one of the top IT companies in Vashi, Mumbai. They specialise in all kinds of software and their robust customer service is unparalleled. Their project costs are low and the development of software is fast with a quick turnaround.
  2. Netweaver Technovations Pvt Ltd is a famous company located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai that provides world class solutions to all IT related problems by using next generation software. They work closely with their clients and provide high quality services.

IT companies in Belapur Navi Mumbai

  1. Fermion is an IT company located in Belapur Navi Mumbai that has a very talented and dedicated team of engineers who make the best software and are into web development, and mobile development. They will guide you from start to finish when it comes to strategizing and creating software. They are a one stop solution to all your software needs.
  2. Maxvel is the best solution provider when it comes to all things related to IT even though they don’t claim it. They provide solutions and have projects that cater to all clients ranging from government organisations to private start-ups. Their core philosophy centres on customer satisfaction and leaves no stone unturned to achieve it.

The list above is not exhaustive but you should get the picture of how enterprising Navi Mumbai is and how many companies are operating. There are several well-known companies like Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, etc. that are operating in Mumbai and this place has great connectivity to Navi Mumbai.

How many IT companies are there in Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai has emerged as a prominent IT hub in recent years, with many top technology companies setting up offices in various nodes of the planned township. As per industry estimates, there are over 450 IT companies operating out of Navi Mumbai as of 2023.

The growth of IT companies in Navi Mumbai has been steady over the past decade, driven by affordable commercial rentals, good connectivity to Mumbai and Thane, and availability of skilled technology talent. Many engineering colleges in the vicinity also provide a robust pipeline of qualified candidates.

Below is a table showing the number of IT companies in key nodes of Navi Mumbai:

Area/NodeNo. of IT companies

As seen above, Vashi leads with over 100 IT companies, followed closely by Airoli with 95 companies. Belapur also houses over 60 IT companies in its commercial complexes. Most companies are located in the commercial hubs, business parks and SEZ zones of these regions offering efficient infrastructure and connectivity.

The table below profiles some of the major IT companies in Navi Mumbai with a large workforce:

CompanyLine of BusinessApprox EmployeesLocation
Tata Consultancy ServicesIT, Business Solutions3,500Airoli, Belapur
AccentureIT Services, Consulting2,800Belapur
Tech MahindraDigital Transformation2,500Airoli
InfosysIT Services1,900Airoli
HexawareIT Services1,200Vashi

As evident, Indian IT majors like TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra along with multinationals like Accenture and Hexaware have major delivery centers located across Navi Mumbai catering to global clientele. Apart from these large players, there are also hundreds of mid-sized and boutique technology companies serving domestic and overseas clients.

The future outlook for IT companies in Navi Mumbai looks robust. Various infrastructure initiatives like the upcoming Navi Mumbai Airport and continued focus by the government on improving digital connectivity and providing incentivizes makes the region an attractive IT destination. We can expect as many as 600-700 IT companies to operate out of Navi Mumbai by 2030 according to industry projections.

Navi Mumbai is a planned city located to the east of Mumbai across the Thane Creek. It was developed starting in the 1970s to help ease the pressure on Mumbai, which was facing challenges with population growth, congestion, and lack of space to expand. As Navi Mumbai has continued to grow over the decades, efforts have been made to incorporate “smart” features and technology. But how smart has Navi Mumbai become?

Basic Infrastructure Development

Navi Mumbai has seen significant infrastructure development since it was founded. This includes (statistics as of 2022):

Transportation Infrastructure

Total road length1,500 km
Railway stations9 major stations
Proposed metro stations26 stations planned

Other Key Infrastructure

Access to piped water85% of households
Sewage connectivity72% of households
Solid waste management90% of waste collected and processed

This data shows that Navi Mumbai has come a long way in laying the basic infrastructure groundwork required for a functional, growing city. Wide roads, railway connectivity, water and sanitation systems, and waste management are in place to support over 1 million residents.

Smart City Initiatives

In recent years, Navi Mumbai has begun prioritizing digital technology and ‘smart’ solutions. Some key initiatives include:

  • Smart electricity systems with advanced metering infrastructure for robust energy management. Over 50,000 smart meters have been installed so far across the city.
  • Plans for intelligent traffic management systems using sensors, cameras, signaling, and analytics to improve mobility. A centralized traffic control center is to be set up.
  • Deployment of telemedicine services using digital health technology to improve healthcare access across city hospitals and clinics.
  • Digital payments adoption in administrative services to enable paperless and cashless transactions.

Navi Mumbai still has a long road ahead to realize its full vision as an integrated and citizen-friendly smart city. But the building blocks and alignment to smart city goals put it on the right path.


Navi Mumbai is a vibrant and dynamic city that routinely attracts huge amounts of investment. It is a great hub for many start-ups and according to recent data around 500 start-ups are registered every month. This magnetic city provides the ideal business climate for start-ups and other established companies as well to set up their offices.

People living here have great facilities that they can use. It also has good schools and colleges. It even has its own International cricket stadium that hosts many cricket matches like the IPL. So, if you are looking to invest, need to apply for a job in the IT industry or want a company to provide you with IT solutions, then certainly don’t give this city a miss.

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