15 Software companies in Mysore 2024

Are you looking for an IT job in Mysore? If yes, you have come to the right place. Due to its status as an extension of India’s Silicon Valley, Mysore emerged as one of the largest IT hubs in Karnataka. Here you will find information about the top software companies in Mysore 2024. The City’s infrastructure is cost-effective, and most of its graduate and engineering students are doing graduation every year from this place. A total of 72 percent of Mysore software exports were made in 2004-2005. Presently, more than a dozen IT companies are located in the imperial city, which is a significant tech hub. Currently, Mysore employs more than 10,000 IT professionals working for different software companies. As many as 5,000 new professionals are expected to be recruited within the next few months by major IT companies in Mysore, including Infosys Technologies, Wipro Technologies, and Software Paradigm India. India’s software exports are dominated by Karnataka today, with Bangalore and Mysore playing a key role.

NRI entrepreneurs and investors are setting up software companies in Mysore, a royal city in southern India. Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Mysore to enjoy its royal heritage and magnificent monuments. One of the cleanest cities in India is Mysore, which maintains a good sanitation system. You will face a significant challenge to start a new journey of your life, once you decide to relocate to this city for the job because it is difficult to find a residential place to stay. However, Mysore is now the second-largest exporter of technology in Karnataka because of the growth of software companies.

List of software companies in mysore with address

Mysore is a fantastic destination for software firms since it is the second-largest city in Karnataka. The information technology industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. There are more than 150 software companies in Mysore. There are many companies located in Mysore, including software testing companies, web design organizations, web development, media companies, BPO companies, SEO companies, and so on. More graduates are being recruited here for software companies that already have a large pool of skilled workers in Bangalore and Mysore. We have compiled a list of software companies in Mysore with addresses so that it will be easy for you to find the right job. Check out some of the software companies operating in Mysore in this blog.

01. Infosys Pvt Limited


This company ranks among the top ten software companies in India. Business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services are all provided by Infosys. Over 50 countries rely on Infosys for digital transformation. Having overseen systems and operations of multinational enterprises for over four decades, they can guide their clients in an expert manner. Through an AI-driven core, they enable enterprises to prioritize and execute change. Managing agile digital at scale also enables the company to deliver unparalleled performance levels and customer delight. Through the acquisition and transfer of digital skills, expert knowledge, they continuously improve through continuous learning.

Address– Infosys Rd, Hebbal Industrial Estate, Hebbal, Mysuru, Karnataka 570027.



In this company, clients can better manage their projects with a number of tools and services using BIM and engineering services software. They help customers manage their projects better using different software tools and services, thanks to their technology-driven BIM and engineering services software company. To reduce project life cycle time and cost overruns, they use machine learning techniques to detect and analyze issues in the project.

Address– 338, KIADB Industrial Area Near Infosys, Hebbal Industrial Estate, Hebbal, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016.

03. Wipro


Wipro is another multinational organization and is considered one of the top IT companies in India. The work culture in this company is very good. Azim Premji founded Wipro Ltd in 1945. IT, consulting, and business process services are provided by Wipro Ltd, an Indian multinational corporation. The main headquarters is in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and have various branches in different parts of India including Mysore. They specialize in digital strategy, IT support, and business consulting. Wipro is empowering customers and communities to build a brighter future through the transition to a new normal. Wipro helps businesses flourish in a world defined by disruption and driven by transformative technology by building more adaptive “business-anywhere” frameworks and advanced technologies that power the intelligent enterprise.

Address- #146/147, Metagalli Industrial Area, Metagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016.

04. Cognizant


A multinational company, Cognizant provides technology, digital products, business consulting, and operations services in the areas of digital technologies and consulting and also operations. The Cognizant facility is located in the industrial heartland of the town, where it employs more than 900 talented engineers. Using guilds and model societies, companies can reach specific buyer segments around the world. The balance between work and personal life is encouraged in this company. Their innovative solutions empower digital societies, using various technologies, and help international clients meet mission-critical needs.

Address- 316- 318 (P), SSTP, Meenakunte, Hebbal Industrial Estate, Hebbal Industrial Area, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016.

05. Infomaze Pvt Ltd

Infomaze Pvt Ltd

Infomaze is a leading software company in Mysore, specializing in IT services and consultancy for over 16 years. From Internet-based services to high-end Internet of Things-based services, they provide IT services. According to them, their solution represents the client’s imagination. This company promises to reinvent the experience, offering consumers creative, affordable models that meet their needs.

Address- 286A, Hebbal Electronics City, Hootagalli, Hebbal Industrial Estate, Hebbal, Mysuru, Karnataka 570017.

06. Infopine Consultancy Services


Infopine is another software company in Mysore. The integrated set of next-generation services that Infopine offers enables digital transformation for midsize and large enterprises. Integrated program management solutions are aimed at delivering value with the right personnel, processes, technologies, and technologies. They help clients achieve the best value by utilizing technology innovation and proven delivery methods, reducing costs and effort, reducing risks, and improving ROI. Infopine has a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are having experience in a variety of industry verticals including ERP consulting and implementation, product development, cloud development, design, and testing. As a global organization headquartered in India, Infopine serves clients worldwide. Hence we can say that they provide trained professionals to help businesses meet their goals.

Address– #5, 2nd Floor, Pushpa Arcade, Vishwamanava Double Road, opposite Reliance Fresh, Dattagalli, Ramakrishnanagar, Mysuru, Karnataka 570023.

07. Intlabs

Intlabs IT solutions

With the help of their IT solutions, they help companies manage their entire business by providing website development, mobile application development, software development, and web design solutions. It is a well-established Mysore-based web development and design company. Its mission is to provide clients with top-notch software and IT services. Having developed software solutions for the latest technologies in Web Design and Web Development, they are a team of highly qualified IT professionals. Intlabs Technology is basically a Software Development organization that offers innovative solutions for managing a company’s operations, including web development, web design, mobile application development, and other technology services. This company has highly skilled employees and this it can be considered as one of the best IT companies in Mysore to apply for a job.

Address- Kuvempu Nagar 1st Stage, Kuvempu Nagara, Mysuru, Karnataka 570023.

08. Excelsoft Goods

Excelsoft Goods

Excelsoft claims to be able to solve specific problems by designing custom software solutions. This company has a good working environment for employees and is considered one of the top software companies in Mysore. Excelsoft Goods’ community of Subject Matter Experts is able to identify current content material for any specific area, as well as help the customer’s organization, develop quality content. Although there are fewer IT companies in Mysore than in Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, this company understands customer needs and also delivers products as per requirements. Digital marketing and website development services from this company are among those that the company provides to its customers.

Address- Hootagalli Industrial Area, 1-B, Mysuru, Karnataka 570018.

09. Star-Knowledge


This company is also a software development company in Mysore. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and public sector organizations can rely on them for high-quality custom software development at highly affordable prices. They use some modern techniques and principles in order to develop customized solutions that will connect the companies and also teams with the customers, simplify and improve productivity and profitability, and connect co-workers.

Address- 2765, 5th Main Rd, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570002.

10. Invensoft-XBS


The company is one of those in Mysore that offer inventory management, stock storage, and third-party logistics solutions to metal, mineral, agricultural, and some goods companies. Over the past ten years, Invensoft has made its place as one of the top software companies in Mysore. This company has a friendly working environment and thus many employees try to apply for the jobs provided by this company. With Invensoft-XBS, you can offer your customers end-to-end business services for importing, source, warehousing, and also logistics. Using Microsoft Dot Net and Oracle Data Store technologies, it is a cloud-based enterprise web application. In terms of scalability, flexibility, and security, customers have the choice of different deployment options

Address- Hootagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka 570018.

11. DM Techtrix

DM Techtrix

In Mysore, you can surely apply for DM Techtrix, a software company. It is considered one of the top software companies in Mysore. The company was established in 2017. The company is known for its great talent, ideas, unique inventions and innovations, and dedication making it one of the booming start-ups in Mysore. In terms of customer satisfaction, the aim is to provide 100% based results based on customer requirements.

Address– DM Techtrix, #75, 2nd Floor, Adichunchanagiri Road, Near RMP Quarters, Mysore – 570023.

12. Aadya IT Solution


Aadya is one of the best website design companies in Mysore. Their services include creating websites for businesses, institutions, and individuals. It is crucial to have a website, regardless of the size of your business. Mysore is a great location for any software company, being the second largest city of Karnataka. Over the past decade, the IT industry has seen rapid growth in Mysore.

Address- 101, Anikethana Main Road, Kuvempunagar, Mysuru, Karnataka 570023.



The software company RRMINDS is based in Mysore and is also the best software company. It is not just a design company but also provides its clients with excellent and reasonable Website Design, Software Development, Content Development, Education Software, Web Programming, Hospital Software, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Bulk SMS as well as hosting services.

Address– # 7, 13th Cross Rd, N R Mohalla, Karunapura, Gayathri Puram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570007.

14. MDBS Tech


MDBS Tech is a Mysore-based company that develops mobile and web applications. They design and develop applications across all industries. Their R&D team includes creative and proficient minds that strategize, plan, design, code, and test. Their team is made up of young, inspired, tech-savvy, millennials who are doing their best – staying current on trends. Based in Mysore, reaching the world is the motto that drives them every day.

Address– IC-4, SJCE-STEP SEED Building, JSSTI, Campus Roads, Mysuru, 570006.

15. ITChamps Software Private Limited

 ITChamps Software Private Limited

Since 2005, IT Champs Software Private Limited has offered end-to-end enterprise solutions to all the customers and is awarded as a well-established company. Serving customers globally to their utmost satisfaction, they have operations in Mysore and Bangalore, India’s IT Capital. Their team has grown over the years, and they are proud of it. Throughout the years, I.T Champions have continued to work hard to provide easy solutions to complex and difficult business challenges. Their repeat business and customers’ references is a clear testament to that

Address– No.219/1, Hebbal Industrial Area, Belavadi Post, Mysuru, Karnataka 570018.

How many IT companies are there in Mysore?

Mysore has emerged as one of the top IT hubs in Karnataka in recent years. The city is home to over 450 IT and ITeS companies as of 2023.

Number of IT/ITeS companies in Mysore (2018-2023)

YearNumber of Companies

The biggest growth started from 2018 to 2021, when the number of IT companies increased from 250 to 425 – a growth of approximate 70%. Even during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, Mysore saw new IT companies opening offices.

The prime factors that have led to this IT boom in Mysore are:

  • Availability of talent: Mysore is home to over 50 engineering and technical colleges that produce over 15,000 graduates every year. This provides a steady talent pipeline for companies.
  • Infrastructure: Mysore has 3 dedicated IT parks spanning over 500,000 sq ft area. These parks offer plug-and-play infrastructure for companies at affordable rents.

Major IT Parks in Mysore

NameAreaNumber of Companies
Infosys Campus250,000 sqftInfosys, Wipro
Mysore Hi-Tech Park150,000 sqft115
Cyber Park100,000 sqft78
  • Cost and Lifestyle Advantages: Operating costs in Mysore can be 25-30% cheaper for IT companies compared to bigger cities like Bangalore. It also offers better quality of living, attracting more talent.

The Karnataka government has very proactive policies to promote the IT sector in cities like Mysore by offering incentives, rolling out talent development programs, and building infrastructure.

With its rapid growth over the last 5 years, Mysore has established itself as an IT destination for companies. Mysore today competes with other tier-2 IT hubs like Mangalore and Hubli in Karnataka.

Which is the fastest growing area in Mysore?

Several parts of Mysore have seen major growth in the information technology sector in recent years. However, Hebbal has emerged as the fastest growing IT zone.

Hebbal is located along the outskirts of Mysore city, about 5km from the famous Mysore Palace. Its strategic location along the highway to Bangalore and availability of large tracts of land are major reasons for the rapid development of Hebbal. Some key indicators of the high growth rate of IT in Hebbal are:

Employment Generation

The IT sector has generated thousands of jobs in Hebbal in the last 5 years. The major companies located here have hired locally, providing jobs for the youth in Mysore.

IT Employment Generation in Hebbal

YearJobs addedTotal IT jobs


Several IT and business processing (ITES/BPO) companies have established offices or development centers in Hebbal. The total estimated investments in the last four years directed towards Hebbal is over ₹2000 crores.

Investments in Hebbal IT Sector (in ₹crores)

YearTotal New Investments

Infrastructure Development

The area has seen development of several technology parks and special economic zones to facilitate the growth of IT companies. The Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation (KEONICS) has already developed two software technology parks in Hebbal. These provide modern infrastructure and facilities for IT companies along with connectivity. The creation of physical infrastructure has been instrumental towards Hebbal emerging as an IT destination.

With the availability of resources, talents and infrastructure, major and small IT companies are expected to continue to set up operations in Hebbal. Further private and government investments in enhancing connectivity to Bangalore and upgrading amenities will also assist sustainable growth of Hebbal as the top IT growth center in Mysore.


The companies on this list are always among the Top 15 IT companies in Mysore. The high number of work opportunities in Mysore keeps most people in the city for years. With many newer age companies making their way to Mysore, Mysore’s IT juggernaut seems unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Large retail firms like Wipro and cognizant operate large teams from Mysore. There isn’t a bigger work field in India than Mysore and Bangalore if you are looking for opportunities in the IT industry.

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